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A couple of days after Garden Master Laguna's first order, preparations for war are well underway wherever one looks, and many a non-combat or medical instructor is excusing cadets who claim they are helping with the war effort.

All throughout the building, building checks and last minute repairs are still underway, and the Garden Master himself is out and about and ready for a chat.

In the training center, some people have taken to offering free spar sessions. Sometimes instructors and SeeDs can be found offering fighting tips to the less experienced.

For those who would rather train against monsters, the Fire Cavern is open and supervised. It's a good place to draw Fire and Thunder spells, too.

The infirmary is offering first aid refresher crash courses and small medpacks to bring into battle. They also need help making said packs and sorting their hastily purchased supplies.

Speaking of supplies, the 2F supply rooms, normally only entered for missions and relevant classes, are doing an inventory of the weapon and spell stocks still available after the Battle of the Three Gardens. Magic stocks are being topped up by refining spells from other items.

Considering someone used a carrier vehicle in said Battle, people are also checking all of Garden's vehicles in the garages (as well as the small fleet of boats kept at Balamb Harbor). Mechanics would be much appreciated.

Though several of the lesser trained cadets have been pulled out of school by their parents following the declaration of war, those left are being subjected to evacuation and lockdown drills in the dorms.

(OOC: Despite the prompts being in prose, please feel free to action tag!)
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[Amidst all the chaos going on, the only one who seems right at home with it all is none other than Pinkie. She is acting as a crossing guard for a family of spoons in the cafeteria. One tablespoon and five little teaspoons all walking in line. How cute!

She sees some people approach from behind and blows her whistle at them.]

This is a no crossing zone! You have to wait for the green light!
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[In the afternoon of the 17th, without warning, Garden lurches dramatically, rapidly swiveling on its vertical axis -- flinging unsecured items to the floor, toppling overeager students in the library and the chatting congregation in the cafeteria from their seats. An uncharacteristic whine vibrates through the first floor as the sub-basement engines spin faster, accelerating the mobile fortress along its new heading.]

[A moment later, the intercom chimes.]

This is Commander Zabala. Galbadia Garden will intercept us in around fifteen minutes. I repeat: Galbadia Garden will intercept us in fifteen minutes. In our current position, and with Galbadia Garden's advantage in mobility, we can no longer hope to outmaneuver. Nor can we hope to resolve this diplomatically. We are moving away from them as fast as we can, but they will intercept us just as we cross onto the southern Trabia coast. There, we believe they will attempt to board -- there, we will fight.

All of Garden must now prepare. Do not press the attack into Galbadia Garden. Balamb Garden is our stronghold, and we have the advantage of defenses; we can force them to withdraw through attrition. Remain aboard Balamb and inflict what casualties you can. Barricade the lobby, the second floor hallway, the ballroom, and the dorms. Junior cadets are ordered to take shelter in the dorms; senior Instructors are ordered to withdraw to the dorms and protect them to your utmost ability. Defend the hot dogs if and only if time allows. [Oh boy, she's going to catch some flak for that one.

There's an anticipatory pause.]

If Sol Invictus defeats us here, nothing and no one is left to oppose them. They know that. Make sure they do not achieve their goals.

[The intercom cuts out, and the clock's ticking.]

(ooc: Sol Invictus is on Balamb's doorstep, and they're not here for a tea party. After fifteen IC minutes, the first phase of the January 17th invasion will begin, with armed SI members pouring in seemingly without end from the main entrance and the roof. More details on this plot arc are in the OOC post on B3G.

Subthreads are provided; they are intended as loose prompts, so you are welcome to treat their locations fluidly or come up with your own scenarios / top-level comments. You may also NPC your own SI members and monsters, but bear in mind that, as the OOC post says, this is not an easy fight. Sol Invictus members are off-worlders of varying species and abilities, with training.

As ever, feel free to contact the mods through the usual channels for additional details or to request NPCing.)
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[In the Quad, there is a large, pink chocobo sitting amongst colorful presents. Each present is shaped like a giant piece of candy with shimmery wrapping and ribbons. The presents are filled with only the best treats she could make! There is a sign hanging somewhere visible, stating that all the presents are free to take, but only one per person! OR ELSE!!

Meanwhile, the chocobo seems to be writing a letter with a navy quill. Anyone is welcome to approach the majestical creature in its natural habitat.]
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Whats up garden? Hope yall had fun here in sweet dollet town. Gonna be shipping off before too long and who knows when we'll sail this way again. So how bout we say goodbye in style? Dj fishbros got the tunes! Wheres my plannin peeps? Someone bring food, someone else bring drinks. Invite the local friends you made over the break and we'll make it a night to remember!

[A little while later, an IC edit goes up.]

Warehouse down by the wharf. Party starts when people show up. Ends when they shut us down.

[At about the same time this post goes up, certain people will also be receiving PMs individually, though the PM is identical to each person:]

[PMs to Marco, Thatch, Grell, Ace, and Espio]

So weathers shitty and that means the beach is out. One of you guys find us a place to party with a roof overhead and we're set.

[Yes, that's all the context he gives. Let's see if this thing happens, huh?]
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[Pinkie is wearing a dark brown, bob cut wig and wearing her cadet uniform around Garden. Today, she wants to see how well she can blend in with everyone else. Playing the part of a newly transferred student, 'Diane' will be looking around at her 'new' surroundings. Those that truly know Pinkie may recognize her, but she won't be acting like her usual self!

She looks at her map, as if trying to decide where to go to first.]


[There is a lure attached to a fishing wire dangling in front of your face. What will you do?

Yes, Pinkie, out of her disguise, is fishing for...people? Ponies? Sharkmen? Who knows.]
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[Someone has been absent from class all week. Why?]

i was hiding for a WEEK. you guys suck at finding people.

[Nate is much easier to find now, though: He's in the library, catching up on the CUL 101 classes he missed by copying photos of Shumi from a textbook and annotating these drawings with cultural information. You can bug him! Or perhaps he will bug you when he tears out a page from his notebook, crumples it up, and throws it out - without really looking up to properly target the bin.

[Yeah, he might have hit someone.]
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[The moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived! Pinkie has set up the game of Hide-and-Seek for everyone, and the whole playing field is the Garden! There are extra bushes all over the place. In the halls, cafeteria, near the entrance, just about anywhere that's ridiculous enough for a bush to not be there.

On various walls, there is a sign:

Find people and have THEM sign their name on a piece of paper. Any paper will do!
Whoever finds the most will get the grand prize! There's a second and third place, too!
Everyone participating will get something!

[She's hiding in a tree, eating a slice of pie with leaves covering her whole body, ready to pounce!]

[PM to Champloo]

I don't need the pies anymore. Do you have time before the game? I'll be in the kitchen!
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HEY EVERYONE! We should really get together and have a big Hide-And-Go-Seek game, so this way if anymore people-eaters turn up, they'll have a hard time finding us because we're so CRAZY GOOD at hiding!!

And if that doesn't work, we can simply kick some butt!! :D


EDIT: Maybe only a few people heard the news???

People Eaters=Some loonie eating off-worlders! Just because!! How awful and really, really, really gross!! He was caught, though, but there could be more!! D:


Aug. 2nd, 2013 11:42 am
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[Settling in for a long run on the BBS means Rainbow's actually kicked back with some Polymorphus, so today y'all are getting capital letters because she actually has fingers to hit the shift key with.]

So... what do people think about becoming an Instructor? Something you wanna do? Or if you are one, why'd you become one? What's it like taking the classes for it?

Is it worth it?


Jul. 6th, 2013 04:16 pm
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[Saturday means no classes if you've worked hard and made sure you got your school shit done. An acquired boombox means unending music. And a fishman in the mood to celebrate means that passersby will learn something about Namur that they may not have known before now.

Specifically, Shark's Got Moves.

He records himself through a couple songs, and posts it to the network as if everybody in Garden wasn't already aware of what he's doing. Those inclined to jump in, feel free! He likes watching as much as he likes showing off. So come on down, be amazed, maybe give a high five. It's his birthday, after all, and instead of angsting over getting older, Namur wants to revel in the fact that holy shit, it's been 37 years since his Ma spawned him, and he's not dead yet!]
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[The days after the Lunar Cry and subsequent battle had gone by in a blur for Selphie. She remembered the end of the battle before she'd collapsed in exhaustion. She'd pushed herself too hard in the battle and had been unconscious for a couple of days before coming around and simply staring at the ceiling. She didn't know how long she'd been staring before an assistant came and started asking her questions that she couldn't recall answering before falling back asleep.

She was too tired at that time to do anything besides sleep. It had been the same as when she'd come back home after being lost in Time Compression for so long. Little by little, she'd become more aware of her surroundings and had done her best to be a model patient. Staying there for a prolonged period of time leaves her a bit unnerved and jumpy before she's informed of the study on those affected by the Gate and volunteered for it as a result.

She hadn't been affected nearly as bad as some of the others but she wanted to know what had caused it. She may have been secretly hoping that maybe there was a way to make her grow a few more inches but she wasn't about to hold her breath. In the end, she'd been barred from her laptop and could manage to weasel a book out of the library after the begging of yet another aide to go get one for her. Overall, there'd been lots of rest, tests and blood work that earned everybody a good long pouting session.

About a week and a half later, Selphie's just chilling out in FH on a quiet dock enjoying the sunshine and not having to wear pajamas. She's got a pair of sandals beside her as she dips her feet into the water, daydreaming about anything and everything. Leave her alone, she's earned some quiet time. Or don't and keep her company?

Eventually though, it turns up to be the present day and Selphie pops up on the BBS with an idea. She doesn't care that it's not time for another Garden Festival, she just wants to do something to boost morale for everybody living in Garden. You're all about to be greeted to a video post with a sunny smile and Selphie's good cheer. She dares you sourpusses to ruin it; double dog dares you to even try and ruin her good mood.]

Hey guys!

So yeah, it's been kinda... tense around here lately? I know that everybody worked super duper mega hard on all the stuff with that dumb Mage but hey, we need a little something to boost morale right about now, I think.

I've already run this by the GFC -- which you should all join by the way -- and they're on board for this! So my fellow Gardener's, who's game for a little barbeque and some fun at the beach? Think about it! All the hamburgers and hot dogs you can eat, a little volleyball or fun in the ocean and a great big bonfire at night!

It'll be fun for everybody!

[She gives everybody an excited look as she anticipates this being a big hit.]

So! Who's game?
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[Time Compression, in its purest form -- a tangled ball like a naked singularity, where space and time are points rather than dimensions, and no standard laws of reality apply.]

[The Gate of Truth: a portal between this world and another, the means by which alchemical energy comes into this world, capable of separating those who cross it into body, mind, and soul.]

[Mixing the two might have been a bad idea.]

[From a circle on the ground in the very depths of Tears Point, a yawning void opens. From it pour hands -- hundreds, thousands, millions of tiny shadow-hands on endlessly long, shapeless black arms. Though nothing seems to be guiding them, they unerring seek out everything and everyone living nearby. Slash them, cut them, burn them, blast them -- they simply reform and redouble their efforts to seize living beings.]

[Suddenly the flow shifts. Whereas before the circle disgorged Cthonian nightmares, now it pulls with unearthly strength. The shadow-hands wrap around their targets, seize them, and pull them in fast and hard.]

[All is blinding white.]

[The scene abruptly resolves into coherent shapes and images again. Where before, they had stood under a sky red with monsters, now the heroes stand beneath a sky full of clouds, whose whiteness is the same ominous density that grey-blackness would be in a normal world. Lower in the sky, nearly blotting out those clouds, hung Lunatic Pandoras, countless Lunatic Pandoras, limitless temporal repetition of the same monolith.]

[In the center, where the Time Compression Distortion had touched Tears Point, now all that was visible was the bloated, decaying husk of a spider. A massive spider, whose sprawled legs stretch far off into the distance. Atop it, a spider that was miniscule only in comparison to the titan frantically weaves another line into a great web that seems poised to catch a descending crystal as it lurches laboriously groundward from some far-off point in the sky.]

[And if all that is strange, wait till you look around...]

[But there's still a job to be done.]

[OOC: Discussion post is here, and you really ought to read it before you post! Again, no tag order, multiple locations.]
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[Balamb Garden surged forward through the black predawn hours, racing across the Great Plain of Esthar. 22 years ago, mobile Gardens had no access to the continent, but in the course of the decades and the increased goodwill between Balamb and Esthar, a large portion of the rocky cliffs had been demolished and graded, making an access ramp for the academies.]

[The night was completely black. The moon was new, and thus not out, and clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon. In the distance, though, a sickly white-yellow light illuminated the low-hanging cloud cover.]

[The Time Compression distortion above Tears Point lanced into the sky past the clouds, a mighty finger of warped light that stood literal miles high. At its base, Tears Point faded in and out of view like a mirage.]

[The Ragnarok and the Chaotix docked with Balamb as the academy shuddered to a halt just outside of the projected worst-case scenario blast. Already loaded with supplies and ready for transport, the two airships held motionless just long enough for the combatants to board before lifting off, as the first rays of dawn ran across their hulls.

[Visible to the south, on the opposite side, three other airships raced to Tears Point: two literal sailing ships with propellers in place of sails, and one mighty large enough to engulf the other two a dozen times over. They landed in formation, and the army of Sol Invictus -- not just foot soldiers, but mighty vehicles and weapons of war -- emerged from its depths to form lines.]

[Not intentionally, but simply as a matter of the ebb and flow of the tides of war, Balamb Garden and Sol Invictus struck at the same time.]

[At first it was to no avail: the machinery of Tears Point, meant to repel the Lunatic Pandora, had been resurrected and repurposed; the mighty field they formed served as a mighty wall, repelling all efforts to breach it. But as Lunatic Pandora had ultimately overwhelmed it, so too did the field seem vulnerable to the massed might of its foes. From the SeeDs, blows, spells, and an abundance of rockets smashed into the field, weakening it with each impact, while on the other side Sol Invictus unleashed an astonishing fusillade of technological and magical might of their own. The generators whined and hummed in furious protests, their engines straining to counteract the onslaught. A couple of ranks in, the first machine to fail popped in brilliant flare of light, electricity arcing across its neighbors and smoldering metal shotgunning outwards.]

[As if signaled, a wave of monsters -- almost literally, the way they surged outwards between the protective devices -- passed through the one-way field effortlessly, smashing into the assembled lines. Though numerous, they were comparatively week; the might of Sol Invictus, and the training and discipline of the SeeDs and cadets, met their attack and repelled it with minimal loss. The monsters, however, seemed endless. Time Compression continued to surge and write, depositing wave after wave of foes to harry and harass those who opposed the Time Compression Mage's ultimate goal, and though those monsters could not dispatch his enemies, they accomplished their purpose nonetheless.]

[The great Time Compression Distortion abruptly shuddered, then without warning, disgorged a massive shape all at once, more like that great form had always been there than as if it had in some sense emerged from the distortion. Three miles tall, one and half wide; a gargantuan metal structure than shone as if with veins of light, almost obscuring the symbol of Esthar on its side.]

[Lunatic Pandora.]

[At once, the field machines short-circuit in a pyrotechnical display that would have been awe-inspiring if not for the appearance of the Lunatic Pandora itself. The sudden shift of tidal forces was gut-wrenching, enough to drive weaker people to their knees from vertigo and nausea. In the sky above, the new moon burned a brilliant red, a long finger stretching from its surface towards the earth.]

[The field is down, but the monsters continue to surge forwards. Somewhere inside, the Time Compression Mage harnesses the massive tidal forces generated by the Crystal Pillar for his own ends. An army with a common goal fights on the opposite side of the pillar, but is the enemy of your enemy your friend?]

[The Lunar cry has begun.]

[OOC: Post to the threads below, or start your own if you have a scene you wish to do. There is no tagging order; respond as you see fit. Mod tags may come at any time. You may also NPC monsters or encounters yourselves if you desire. If you are specifically requesting a mod tag, please put some indication in the subject line of your comment. The OOC planning post is here!]
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[Pinkie Pie is awake and about, bouncing on her pogo stick. Not surprising that she has her usual amount of energy. She's looking all about while loudly shouting one name:]


[Really, it would be easier just to send a PM, but this way is much more effective.]
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PM to Twilight and Pinkie )


[Today Edward is sitting in the library with an enormous paper bag full of baked goods on his lap and no idea what to do with it.

He doesn't object to free food. That's the last thing he'd ever object to. What he objects to is it coming in a bag too large to fit in his pocket, and too blatantly overflowing for him to sneak out under his arm with any pretense of discretion. It's not so large that he wouldn't be able to empty it in ten minutes under the best of circumstances, but the best of circumstances wouldn't involve sitting just yards away from a stern-looking librarian who almost caught him industriously chewing on one of the bread rolls earlier and didn't sound at all convinced when he protested his innocence.

That would have been a decent cue to up and take his research elsewhere, except... he's so close. He's sure he's close, surer than he has been for a long time. He's got a good feeling about this particular enormous textbook on the theory of paramagic, and he's barely scratched the surface. If he shuts his eyes, he can imagine he already has one hand on the front of the Gate.

...Dammit, who in their right mind just drops something like this onto a table in the library and rushes off without even a transparent excuse?! Okay, Rainbow doesn't quite fit that criterion, but still!

It's a dilemma. When all of this is finally over, he thinks, he'll have to hand his brother an invoice for the trouble.

But for now, if he sees anybody passing by who doesn't appear to have too big a stick up their ass, of course he's going to wave them over, shoot a furtive glance to either side and then quickly proffer the open bag.]
Hey. Happy birthday.
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[Pinkie is done with Spring cleaning, and now has an important announcement, which she will attach as a video message on the BBS system:]


[FWOOOOOOOOT! That's the sound of her party blower. She's also wearing a party hat that's shiny and sparkly. There are various balloons and decorations all about her, and Gummy is chewing on a balloon, with little success in popping it.]

Today's my birthday, and how can I celebrate it if I'm teaching?! [She pauses, then realizes something.] Oh! Only my Home Ec classes are cancelled. Not ALL classes! Sorry, guys! But for those of you who cannot live without assignments, feel free to come down to my room and show me how many ways you can wrap a present!

But remember! All assignments will not be returned! [She giggles before she waves at the camera, reaching forward to turn it off.]

(ooc: Feel free to do action comments if coming to her room, but I may do a log later on for a party!)
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Am I the only one who thinks that recipe in the newsletter needs a SERIOUS boost?! It seems kinda...bland! Where's the five cheeses?! The peppers?! The FUN?! They should include a video at least!


[Anyone could see Pinkie run in and out in a hurry, taking out bags and bags of trash while muttering about:]


[Well, it was more like muttering loudly...]
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So, like, is there anyone in the recent flood of unwanted guests who knows what a Gundam is?

[Following her talk with Pinkie Pie, Nena goes outside and just shouts out:]


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[The air is full of excitement (at least according to Pinkie) as the beloved MC for the date auction takes the stage. Dressed in a queen of hearts costume (with full red bodysuit beneath), Pinkie hops onto the stage with the brightest smile she has in her arsenal.]

WELCOME TO THE EIGHTH ANNUAL… uh… SECOND ANNUAL… No, that's not right either…

[Just how many were there?! Pinkie does some math in the air before batting away at the imaginary numbers.]


All proceeds from the auction will to towards making a fun space filled to the brim with FUN! Doesn't that sound…FUN?! [Is that silence?] Yeah, I'd rather the money go to orphans, too! But we can work on that later, right?! [She looks to the GFC. Well, it's more like a 'WE-HAD-BETTER-OR-ELSE!!' kinda stare. Pinkie looks back to the audience with her brightest smile again.]

So let's get this show on the road! [Pinkie gives a sly look to the audience.] The road to love~!

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