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[Jet’s walking around, only half paying attention as he scans the letter in his one hand.  It’s about the third time he’s done this now, and nothing seems to be registering.  Which frustrates him more than worries him.  They can’t explain how he got here or how he got back, but they could leave a letter just to inform him of it, huh?  How convinient.
A little more aggressively than he intends to, he stuffs the paper into his pocket and lets his hand linger there.  He lets his other hand find the other pocket as he quickens his pace.  A thousand thoughts are racing through his mind, and by now he's practically jogging in hopes of a familiar face.  Were the others here?  He’d been fighting (with?) Aang, right?  Maybe he got sucked into this place or whatever.
Walking along the Fisherman’s Horizon, Jet goes to call out the names of his friends but stops.  What use would it be?  What if it would endanger them or somehow lure them here or--
Temptation gets the better of him and he ventures out more, frowning and pursing his lips.]

Guess this is home.

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[ He's new still, but you may have seen him. He did have a punishment round on his very second day, after all. Though Jet laid out of the first few days of his classes, citing his concussion as his excuse, he's attended at least a few of them, and he just has one of those faces. Very tanned and boy-next-door, not unpleasant and not one-in-a-million. You may have seen him. ]

[ And you may see him now, as he's scouring the girls' dormitory looking at the name placards beside each door, laboriously trying to read the "sounds" written there. He's not yet to the second floor but is making his way toward the stairwell, deep in concentration.

It doesn't for a moment occur to him that only girls are supposed to be in the girls' dorms.
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[Within an hour into his 'training' Zuko could feel the sleeveless green tunic wrap moving with his body, drenched in perspiration and stuck to him. At first he had gone out into the courtyard to go through the basic movements of firebending without actually using any fire. Then he had stepped up his game to flips and mid-air spins and kicks, twisting his body this way and that, his mind straying to the waterbender and Jet and the fight they'd had before the Faculty members had interrupted. To anyone who'd been out there at the time must have thought he was nuts, but to Zuko. It was routine. Practice. And his mounting anger was only fueling it.

From the flips and kickspins, Zuko had taken to the training center only to exterminate under ten beasts before walking out. Simple monsters, nothing more. And what a joke it had been. So much that he had walked out and headed immediately for the showers to call it a day, muscles taut and sore.

Just as he enters the men's locker room, there's water already running in the background, the showers in use. He barely glances towards the foggy figure that can be seen through the fogged glass sides as he heads to the stall next to it. Off the tunic comes. Zuko doesn't think about it or the semi-lack of 'privacy' as he kicks off his shoes outside of a stall and steps in, closing the door behind him. He turns on the water and waits a moment before he undoes his pants and slips out of them and under the scalding hot spray with a quiet groan of approval.
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[Though Katara has insisted over and over again that she could heal her own wounds just fine with her water bending and that she could also tend to Jet (conveniently leaving Zuko out), it seems as though the Doctor is adamant about treating them by traditional means to this world. A thick layer of ointment has been applied to the burns across her ankle, abdomen and neck, and the wounds are now bandaged so they can heal within the next several days.

Katara is sitting up in her bed now, where she's unfortunately situated right between Zuko and Jet. The fabric curtains which separates the beds are now drawn back for the time being, which allows the three to converse face to face. She has her back turned slightly towards the fire bender, though, and instead she faces Jet.]

I can't believe they're making us stay overnight for such simple injuries-- I mean, this isn't anything I can't fix with just a bit of water. [And while it's easy for Katara to simply use the water from the jug for healing, she doesn't want to get herself into anymore trouble, and resists the urge.]
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[Here's Zuko stomping around the main level; he's done a full circle around the center of it twice now, and he's clearly not happy. He's pissed and he's on edge. Two reasons - obviously he's not in his own world (that in itself is pretty alarming), and the other reason is he was pulled to this world in the middle of a battle. Against the Water Tribe girl, Katara, and the stupid Avatar, Aang. If he had the power to command lightning like his sister did, it would practically be jumping around in his fingers.

So here he is, angrily stalking the area, eyes narrowed, a scowl twisting his lips and looking around for the two of them. Anyone he knows that might also be there. But mostly Aang and Katara.

They have unfinished business after all.

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[After a day of training, Link makes his way to the Quad. He's gotten fairly acclimated to the change of scenery, at least as much as one can when everyone else speaks gibberish without the aid of a translator. That and of course, the gawks he gets from having pointed ears.

It's not all too strange, so he picks a quiet spot and plucks a little plant that looks somewhat like something back home.

He looks it over for a moment or two, then presses it to his lips and manages to produce a melody with it]


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