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Okay. So... I know this place has some really weird stuff going on sometimes. But I turn around for one second and it's apparently over a year later, Sol Invictus is taken care of, and now Esthar turns out to be evil? Am I up to speed on everything?

Apparently my sponsor is also giving me a Chocobo. I'm kinda surprised that they knew I'd be back for that. I think Piyomon might be a bit jealous about that part though, but he's cute and probably strong if we're supposed to be using them to fight. But does anyone know why we're getting them and barely getting any instruction on how to ride them? This doesn't seem like it'd really go all that well with some people.

Also, umm... for those who don't know me, hi. My name's Chika Daimon. I hope everything goes well if we end up in battle together.
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[The day is a bit cloudy, and wind on the water is around eighteen knots. The harbor is bustling with townspeople and visitors. Temporary stalls have been set up selling mostly food and drink or merchandise for the three Raha Cup yacht teams.

[You might need to shove a few people to get right on the waterfront, but the view of the boats in the harbor is well worth it. Once the race begins and the boats are clear of the harbor, remote control boats are available for rental; the race is expected to take two hours.

[At the nearby Balamb Hotel, there is a large TV screen set up outdoors with seating available. Hotel staff are running an outdoor bar for the occasion.

[Throughout the area and within a couple of blocks of both the waterfront and the hotel, a combination of SeeD, Cadets, and uniformed Balamb militia and police are posted as security, in response to threats received by the town council. Normally this event only has police security, so the townspeople seem to resent the need for this increased show of force rather than the fact that they're around at all.]

(OOC: Free-for-all! Feel free to make your own threads as well as using the location threads. NPCs may hit your characters up. You may have your SeeD/Cadet character hired as security if you choose; they will be in uniform, and will be on for half hour shifts so they have time to enjoy the event as well.)

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Jul. 6th, 2013 10:55 pm
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hey guys. guess i must be the latest transfer student from somewhere far far away
or something like that. name's yosuke hanamura. nice to meet all of you.
sorry for the rushed intro but actually i was just hoping to ask a quick question about settling in. a burning urgent quick question.
i overheard some people earlier talking about this star who's doing a gig in town tonight
and i'm new in town so i gotta know, i don't know where else to look
does anyone have pics?
any pics. i'm not picky. i won't judge.


May. 20th, 2013 01:47 pm
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[It takes Chika a little while to decide to make this post, because honestly, she was a bit shocked that something like this was even something that could happen in the first place. It wasn't until Piyomon had pointed out her class schedules and stuff that she realized what had happened.]

Hey everyone. Umm... I kinda have a question for all of you.

Just how common is it for a cadet to basically, well, accidentally end up with four majors? Not four declared ones, but I was looking over the major requirements and the classes I took so far and what I'm planning on taking...

Well, basically, by just taking classes I thought were interesting in addition to the ones for the Martial Arts and Para-Magic specializations, it looks like I have three of the five classes for the International Business one already. And I'm taking WRT-201 because I figured learning that would be cool, but I only need another class in that and two in the International Business, and the Advanced class for Paramagic and then I'd be all set for all of the majors.

It's kinda... really weird. I mean, I wasn't even a super-studious student back home either. I wonder what happened...


May. 1st, 2013 11:57 pm
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... Well, it looks like I'm here again. It's funny, it barely seems as though I was home for very long at all, but here it looks like a lot of time has passed.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Fujieda Yoshino. My partner Lalamon and I are from the same world as Touma Norstein and Daimon Chika, who I'm sure several of you already know...

Let's see here, what else? Oh, um, does anyone know a "Koriand'r?" She's apparently my roommate, and I wanted to introduce myself...

I suppose that's all. Thank you for your time.
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Hey there. I have a quick question for people who've been here at Garden a bit longer than I have.

When we're assigned missions as cadets to go retrieve Guardian Forces, what should we expect? Is it just like fighting a really powerful monster, or is it different? Do missions like this even happen all that often in the first place, or would most of us here be going in mostly blind?

[Private to Rainbow Dash, Selphie, and Twilight Sparkle]
And speaking of this mission, when do you think we should go and do it? I mean, it's pretty crazy here with more people appearing and vanishing all the time.

But it's not like we have any idea if this is going to stop or not, and it's not like any of us have gotten pulled anywhere else. So I think we might be safe to go ahead.

... Well, as safe as going after a Guardian Force to capture it can be, anyway.


[And after putting both of those messages on the BBS, Chika's going to be busy at the library, intent on getting some of her work done before answering. Piyomon's around as well, a few books being carried around in his wings.]

You're sure really into this stuff. Do you really think you need to read up on this that much?

Yep! I mean, Paramagic can be dangerous if you don't understand it. And even if it wasn't, how often would I get a chance to learn anything about anything remotely magical like this.

[Piyomon drops the books on the table.]

But you're not like Touma. I don't think you need twelve books on the same thing.

[Chika just shakes her head.]

Maybe not, but I'm sure to find one that won't make this all sound boring that way. Maybe you should read one of them too.

[Piyomon just shakes his head.]

I'll pass. I'm only sitting in on the classes so I'll know what you're talking about anyway.

[Chika gives a bit of a soft giggle, before turning her attention to one of the books.]
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[She was certain everything was going to be certainly-


Twilight's eyes snap open in the now-familiar sight of Garden's infirmary. Quickly coming to the conclusion that she was just dreaming (after all, Princess Celestia would never really release Discord, right?), she silently thanks whoever brought in her laptop with her, and...

...wait, what's this feeling she has in her oh.

Welp. Let's try to break this one slowly. At least she was only out for three days.]

I'm not quite sure what that was about, but it's over. I'm just going to adopt the usual stance of "blame Time Compression aftereffects" for the fact that I've been asleep for three days.

But on that note, has anyone here ever woken up and known that their dream had to have actually happened?

~Twilight Sparkle

[ooc: Action taggers, her wings literally grew like five minutes ago, so if you're rushing over there ASAP, you won't have seen them.]
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[Hey Garden! Guess what. You get to hear a teenage girl and a giant pink bird arguing today! They're at the cafeteria, and Piyomon's glaring at his partner.]

Why did you sign up for that class!? I'm not some sort of pet!

[Chika sighs, leaning back in her chair.]

Because it's probably a good idea for us. I mean, we kinda fight similar. The only difference is that you're sentient. And probably a lot stronger.

Still! Everyone's going to think I'm some sort of thing you pet!

[... Piyomon, she was pretty sure that everyone thought that.]

Well, it's kinda too late now. You'll just have to suck it up.

[Piyomon huffs, but doesn't say anything else.]

BBS voice

Jan. 18th, 2013 09:02 am
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... Hey. I guess I'm not the only one here who's a bit concerned with what we're going to be doing. I mean, they're throwing us to the strongest monsters on the planet, right?

I mean, I just completed my first quarter here. I barely have any of the training. It was a just a good thing that I decided to take PMGF 101 first thing.

And, the commander said we're not allowed to use "otherworldly powers"? Or can we use them if we have to, and we just won't get recognition for it?

[She sighs.]

I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. I mean, what if your limit break involves BOOSTING "otherworldly powers"?
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[While Garden proper heads off for the festivities, the Ragnarok and its squad of noble orphan lovers crosses the mountains into Esthar, over the ruins of the OCS towards Esthar City. The transit takes no meaningful time; soon, the airship lands in the outskirts of the City, which is slowly sprawling out to become a suburb.]

[(Yes, Espio got to fly it.)]

[The orphanage is a modern-looking building that resembles a dormitory more than anything, but clearly it has some funding behind it, because the grounds it occupies are, if not huge, at least well-appointed and include a sports field and a playground. The children that come piling out look reasonably healthy and well-appointed, more like a boarding school roster than a crowd of children without family or real homes. Look closely, though, and you might see hints of the latter.]

[OOC: For now this plot is for mingling and general RP. On Monday, December 31st a second thread will be added for plot stuff, so please be sure to look at it then!]
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[People up early may spot a panicked looking Gaomon running from the dorms to the infirmary, and then running back with a wheelchair. He's not about to stop, so if you want to chat, better keep up...

[While he's doing this, the following post goes up:]

I realize some of us have been undergoing some odd changes lately, but stealing a disabled person's wheelchair and asking his digimon partner to play along is low.

If you return my wheelchair before first period, I won't push for a court martial.

Touma H. Norstein

[Later in the day, Touma's at work in the infirmary. Business as usual, right? Except that he's in a wheelchair and has Gaomon on a ladder getting the high stuff for him. Gaomon looks utterly bewildered at having to do this.

[Gaomon's also helping him get food come lunchtime, and he insists on carrying the tray. Touma may occasionally be spotted standing for very brief periods to get something, before all but falling back down into the chair. He looks resigned to this frustration.]
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[The pegasus pony that cheerfully flies across the lobby to the quad, this morning? There's a few odd things about her.]

[For one, she's flying about walking speed, just a couple feet over the ground. In fact, she may only be flying because of the easel and art supplies case she's got gathered in her hooves.]

[Second, she's singing. Not with words, but she's just in such a good mood that she's cheerfully using her voice as an instrument. (Yes, it's the theme song, if you were wondering.)]

[Third, her mane is noticeably longer than ever, brushed to a sleek shining flow of color that streams around and behind her like a waterfall.]

[Rainbow nods and smiles happily to those she passes as she makes her relaxed way to the quad. Once there, she spends a moment surveying the scene, one hoof to her chin appraisingly, before dropping lightly into place by the stage. With a casual motion of hoof and head, she nudges the easel upright and open, then opens up the art supplies case to pull out her palette and paints.]

[A few quick strokes of a pencil on canvas later, just to set basic scene and proportions, and the pegasus pony is happily mixing paints, still humming as if everything is right with the world.]
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What languages do you speak, besides whichever Old language you may have taken or may be taking in LAN 101?

I've found it interesting how some of the 'Old' languages that used to be spoken in some countries on this world seem equivalent to languages from my own world. For example, Japanese and German, my native languages, are much like this world's Old Shumi and Old Trabian. (So if anyone who took LAN 101 in a quarter offering those languages would like to practise their conversational skills or continue their studies, I may be able to fit you into my schedule. Twelve weeks is a short time to learn a language.)

I also ask because if we know how many native speakers there are of other languages, we could suggest that the library supply more non-English language books than just beginners' textbooks and low vocabulary level graded readers. Of course, I understand the library and the foreign language department's budgets may not cover new additions, but it's worth a try.

Touma H. Norstein

[Inspired by Chika's example of dragging Piyomon around with her, Touma actually has Gaomon out in the open today. Maybe Those Three Girls some of the more xenophobic cadets will get more used to more non-humans around if a SeeD, and their apprentice doctor, at that, has a non-human friend around.

[So here they are sitting across from each other on a bench in the lobby, a 3x3 gridded mat with one card on it between them. Both of them have a hand of monster cards before them.]

Try to play a card with a higher number than those on my card.

These really aren't drawn to scale.

[Touma smirks.] That's a little beside the point, Gaomon.

Dream event. )
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[This morning, Twilight woke up with an inexplicable urge to practice a particular subschool of magic.

Ordinarily, she'd be concerned about showing off with a spell like this one, but since there was bound to be little-to-no reading material about the theoretical applications of gravity manipulation around Garden, she has no choice but to resort to practical use.

So, you might be seeing a purple unicorn on the ceiling today.]
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[A rat-a-tat of gunfire down by the quad precedes a bright blue pony running into the lobby. Or rather, half-running, half-flapping, because she pumps her wings furiously, enough to lift her raggedly off the ground every few steps or so, like a short leap. Why so weak? Perhaps the long streak of bright red matting her fur beneath her right wing is a clue.]

[She'd cast a Cure spell and mended the damage -- wisely, given where she'd been struck. But paramagic can't actually expel the bullet that's lodged in her joint, making every wingbeat agony and yanking a small yelp of pain out of her.]

[For once, Rainbow Dash isn't bragging, or putting on a strong front, or taking on impossible odds. She's hurt and terrified and wants to get somewhere safe. But right now, those seem in very short supply.]

[She stares mournfully at the upper walkway, then grits her teeth, shuts her eyes, and leaps into the air. Her wings thrust her raggedly forward, just enough to wrap her hooves around the railing. With a herculean effort, she pulls herself up and over, flopping bonelessly to the floor with a shriek of pain. Then she just lies there, gasping.]

[Somehow this adventure had suddenly stopped being cool.]
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[Anyone in the girls dorm, might notice what looks like a young boy hovering around the door for room B115. This supposed young man seems to be pacing and just generally glaring at the door in general distrust.]

Awe man. I can't do this. Share a room with a girl?

[Tugging on her unruly hair, Masaki can't help but frown. Maybe it'd be better to request a new room. The last thing she needs right now is some stranger to start screaming because a boy came into her room without knocking. Geeze. Thinking she hears something coming from inside the room, she turns and bolts down the hallway at top speeds.]

Forget it. I can't do this!


Oi! What's someone got to do to get a room change around here? I need to know asap. I can't share a room with a strange girl.
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[As if no one knows who 'me' is.]

Got any ideas for...whatever you guys call Nightmare Night! You know, where we dress up in costumes and get ALL THE CANDY!

Here's an idea: lets dress as the things we think we taste like! I think I'll be a banana this year!

Anyone else?!

[Bananas are ruined forever?]
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Hey Garden,

Is it weird to think about making a will for when you go back home? We're all twiddling our thumbs until Compression randomly takes us back - except that's the thing. It takes us without warning. So has anyone thought about what they'd do for the people they'd leave behind?

I know we won't be here forever, but it feels slagged dumb to know that our friends may not necessarily get a proper goodbye. Or our stuff. I've still got some of my old roommates' things, since no one else wanted them, though it feels kinda weird.

If you guys haven't planned one, is it because you think you won't be here long? Or for some other reason? I'm just curious, I guess.

[His post is unsigned, since hell if he'll admit to writing this, but most SeeDs and Instructors should be able to figure out it's him.]


[Sometime after he makes the BBS post, Day's back in his room, playing video games as usual. He's on break, so he's decided to start a playthrough of an old Batman-based video game.

After half an hour of playing, he irrationally throws the controller at the screen and glances over at Ahki's room. He's not sure if his twin's in at the moment, or if he's still at Obel Lake, but... if anyone can (unknowingly) make him feel better about his life and his choices, it's his twin. The game's still on, and he's not particularly sure he likes watching Batman die thanks to an ill-placed batarang, but video games - for once - have lost their appeal.]
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[If Mulan ever thought she had been confused or worried in the past it was nothing compared to this. She's found herself in a strange place and she has no idea how she even got here. Some sort She read the letter that she had been given more than once, just to try and get her head around this whole thing. It hasn't helped much. She's been wandering around the gardens for a while now, calling out the names of her friends and family. All she wants is to see a familiar face, someone that she knows...

So, that's where you'll find her, wandering around the Gardens looking extremely lost and confused. Come and talk to her won't you?]

Father? Shang? Mushu? Ping?

[There's a pause before she speaks in a quiet voice]


Sep. 11th, 2012 03:06 pm
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[Today, the quad has a new resident.]

[This is not necessarily a good thing.]

[You can ask all sorts of questions: like how did it get here!? Or what does it want?! Or even why is it here in the first place?! And these are all perfectly good questions (with perfectly good answers, mind), but not ones you're going to get an answer just by asking.]

[Because whatever the answers might be, the fact remains that there is a very, very large red chocobo sitting contentedly in front of the quad's stage -- right in the middle of everything, in other words. At the moment, it has its head tucked back and its eyes shut -- it's napping.]

[Then again, who knows how sensitive its hearing is? (There's another good question, and this one might be answered quickly and directly if you care to ask...)]


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