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[During her time at Garden Mae has developed a habit for wearing her hair in either a bun or a ponytail on a daily basis. Right now; however, her hair is back in the more complex braided-loop style that she'd worn all the time in Ferelden. It's not a big thing really, but it's her own little way of rebelling against the idea that she's stuffy.]

[Because she's not stuffy! Honest!]

[Spotting Tom under their tree, a traditional meeting spot really, she smiles and wave at him before hurrying over there.]

Tom, hi! Thanks for coming out here like this.

[If he's read the gossip post at all, he might even be able to guess what all is on her mind.]
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Instructor Cousland,

Could I ask a favor of you?

Lieutenant Commander Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A
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I need some help! I think I really need some help. I'm. I was in the training grounds earlier trying to. Hone my skills. But, I actually kind of stink and I can't do anything against these animals and I really need some assistance attacking them! So if it's not going to be any trouble, could someone please come down to the training grounds and help me?

It's kind of urgent, because I drank some water--okay, actually I drank a lot of water the past few days, I totally forgot about the 'stuff' inside it and I think I'm starting to feel the effects! I--I feel kind of funny and out of it and oh god

I'm scared

I'm so scared right now

How fast does this stuff take effect?

Okay, I'm going to try to go back into the training grounds and get some animal--um, maybe it's not too late still.

If anyone can make it here soon, I'd be so, so grateful.

[And this? This is Danny, frazzled and panicked, clutching to a dinner knife in the middle of the training grounds like it's his last lifeline. As far as he's concerned, it very well might be. Any moment now, he's sure that an animal is going to creep up behind him and kill him, but. But he has to do this, or else he'll be dead anyway. In all the ways that matter.

So if you were kind enough to actually head down there and help the poor kid having a meltdown, you might want to be careful approaching him.]
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[Old habits never die hard. Despite the fact that it's been years since he spent hours poring over book in the library, trying to learn every bit of information he could possibly need to know for that upcoming exam, the feeling naturally returns. It's a comfort to him, being able to adjust to his old learning habits just like that. Granted, Percy's never actually taught a class, but he's confident in his experience - his old Professors have been more than adept at indicating behaviors and mannerisms expected from his students.

With two classes to teach (relatively interesting ones too, he supposes), Percy's scrambling away, trying to adjust to a lesson plan that hopefully will touch upon all the necessary information and engage students in taking a more political approach instead of well... an aggressive one. So Percy's in the library, browsing through the history section for perfect examples to lead the class.]

Another country destroyed by intense warfare. How am I supposed to promote a peaceful solution when there's nothing but constant aggression?

[OOC: Backdated to just before classes began?]
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[This has been a profitable afternoon.

If by profitable you mean 'full of cats and catching them'.

Greece and Nepeta are returning to the Garden from their raid on town, cats and kittens alike either stowed away in huge cloth shopping-bags or under their clothes -- Greece's pockets especially are full of them.

But now they have to deal with the problem of hiding them all. Neither Greece nor Nepeta want to put them back where they came from, nor do they have the living space necessary to keep all the kitties happy.

Help a cat-lover out, would you?]

(OOC: Exactly what it sounds like. You can run into either Greece or Nepeta around campus, looking for spare rooms, and they'll try to give you a cat or three! Instructor-types will be distracted by Nepeta foaming at the mouth or something while Greece gets the fuck out of there with the payload.

Instructors who are trustworthy and want cats will only get foamed at for a couple of minutes :Db)
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[For once, Alistair had it together. He'd dropped his bags off in his room, and had decided to people watch. Hands resting over his stomach--those hot dogs had been even better with cheese--one can find him waving as students pass, as if he were a king making a public appearance to his beloved subjects.

In some realities, it might even be true. But today, he's only a SeeD back from assignment.]

Hey! How have you been? Lovely day we're having, isn't it?
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[It had been a while since Nepeta had been brought to this world. In all honesty she was not sure she could say how long it had been, something bordering a month if she had to venture a guess. A month full of a lot of time spent in the hospital, recovering from the brutal beating that Gamzee had given her, a month spent trying and failing to come to terms with the death of her moirail, and a month full of questions and paperwork by humans urging her to come to this strange place.

It really was enough to send any troll's head reeling, especially one so young as her. She wanted to get back up on her feet, she wanted to try and move on and make the best of her situation, but it was so hard to do when she couldn't even get herself oriented. She had always been the cheerful one amongst her group, the one others came to when they needed to get something off their chest but that was because she had always had Equius by her side. It wasn't even so much as what he did, as was just his presence that helped her stay strong through all their troubles but now he was gone, she was mysteriously in some world inhabited by humans, and no other troll in sight.

She had just come from a meeting where she had been told the rules of this place, and where she would be staying, but after that she'd been left to her own devices. At first it had seemed like a refreshing idea, it seemed she had not been allowed much time for peace of mind since she arrived in this world but now as she stood awkwardly in the lobby, watching people walking to and fro from whatever destinations she had in mind it didn't seem quite so grand.]

((ooc; no one saw that...sob))
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It was, in all honesty, not a profession Cid had ever thought he'd be able to add to his resume. It wasn't because he lacked the skills necessary; he could rally and lead men to battle--surely teaching students could not be any more difficult than that. No, it was simply that Cid had had more pressing matters then, matters that tied to him to a certain fal'Cie. For this reason, he turned down multiple offers from the Academy, citing his duties on board the Lindblum as his excuse.

But here in the Garden with his brand burned white, Cid had both the time and leisure to teach.

Of course, teaching based purely on his own experiences in leadership and political science was somewhat different from instructing on what was found in a textbook. Prior to leaving on a string of missions for the Garden, Cid had started on a syllabus and toying with the course curriculum but had had little time to work on it since then. With a mind to finish what he had started, he found himself a bench in the quad, a small pile of texts at his side and a notebook in his hands.

It wasn't the prettiest day outside, but for a man who had spent so much time in the air, there was no better place for him than under the open sky. Besides, it'd be easier for him to see old and new faces out here in the open instead of hiding away, lost behind rows upon rows of shelves in the library.
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[Garden was certainly busy today. As Mae looks around her at the hustle and bustle of cadets walking by she can see why they had asked her to return and take up a teaching position. There hadn't been nearly this many cadets here when she'd left! Smiling, she hefts her bag over her shoulder and starts to walk towards her goal, the cafeteria. After such a long trip she's earned the right to a nice warm meal surely.]

I just hope the cafeteria has something that isn't hot dogs. [While many claim they are the peak of the food Garden has to offer, she's not very fond of them.]

[Feel free to bump into her as she heads to the cafeteria, once she's eating, or even afterwards as she heads towards the dorm! A little later, once she's gotten time to hit the bbs she leaves this message.]

I'm glad to see that the Garden is doing well. It's a little surprising at how quickly the cadet population has grown while I've been away. I've heard the reports, but that's nothing like seeing it in person.

I look forward to meeting everyone that I've not had the pleasure to meet as of yet. My name is Mae and I'll be teaching Leadership 101 and Advanced Bladed Weapons when the quarter starts up again. This will be my first time in an official teaching capacity so please be patient with me. I'm sure I'll learn as much from you as you learn from me!

It's certainly good to be back.



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