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[Bright and early in another day of Garden's airborne evasive maneuvers, the intercom chime heralds the cheerful voice of Garden Master Loire booming through the mobile fortress.]

Just so you know, this is entirely planned!

[After a full three seconds to ponder that particularly ominous wording, Balamb Garden shudders violently as an immense crash splits the air, drowning out everything else for an apocalyptic moment. It sounds like a hundred thousand mirrors had met unfortunate ends at the hands of a hundred thousand burly lumberjacks, and the sound just seems to go on and on.]

[The Garden turns, quickly for it, a rotation that sends unsecured objects to the floor and causes furniture to slide across the floors. After half a minute or so on this new heading, that hell-noise finally comes to an end.]

[Then the intercom chimes again.]

Okay, I think that ought to tell Esthar that we don't plan on surrendering, and damage the OCS all at once. While they're rushing to do repairs, we're heading back to pick up Galbadia Garden. I need a pilot and two or three others to climb aboard and help wreck the OCS up. Smash it a few times, various places.

Once we've got the OCS weakened in a bunch of places and Esthar's response forces are spread out, we're going in and piling straight for Esthar City. Both airships, both Gardens. Teams of two to four, final goal of getting into Dr. Odine's lab and figuring out how to stop this wreck. I know he's got some experiments in there that might do the trick, and now's a better time than any I can think of to test them.

Form up your teams, get ready for war, and -- uh, can someone bring some paper towels up to the helm? Spilled some coffee...
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[It's been a while, Laguna thinks to himself, casually strolling the main level of Balamb Garden with his arms over his chest, a curious expression on his face, boyish eagerness. The Headmaster was too kind, inviting him for the weekend to discuss in person the events between the Gardens, Esthar, and Galbadia.

As casually as he's strolling, he's dressed as equally as casual in a pair of beige khakis and pale blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The past twenty years have been, surprisingly, good to him. He still thinks he doesn't look a day over twenty-seven!

While he knows Balamb Garden like the back of his hand, he still stops at the navigation to page through it, and then looks towards the elevator. The very same one that would take him to see his son on the 3F. But Laguna shakes his head.

No. He can see Squall later.]

Poor kid's probably bogged down with work anyways.

[mod note; Because Laguna wasn't affected by the Time Compression - instead of being 44, he's actually 64. He doesn't look at all like it, but he is. :(]
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[Laguna's holed himself up in Esthar, refusing to speak with anyone. That anyone included Kiros and Ward who were stationed just outside the main doors of his offices, one impatient and the other as patient as a wise, old man.

Twisting the chair to face the window, the President of Esthar balances the phone between his jaw and shoulder while it rings, scrambling around for some particular documents.

Important phone call coming your way, Headmaster Cid. On a heavily-encrypted line.]


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