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[ Izaya sighs looking over his paperwork. So he had a roommate and was going to be going back to school. He wouldn't say he was excited, but oh well, at least now he could learn how to eliminate get Shizuo out of his hair-- maybe. He set the papers down and groans with a hint of irritation. ]

I need to get out of here! This is so irritatingly boring! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ Can't anyone just die so I can get some kind of entertainment out of my situation?!

[ He pulls back a layer of his hospital gown and pokes at his wound, ouch... it's still tender. He goes to tie his robe shut again but decides to say screw it for now, no one was looking at him anyway... ]

((OOC: In the infirmary after the fall? Just want to visit? Please keep him company ^^~~))
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[ Blood... he could smell blood. Whose blood was it though? Izaya wonders this thought as he sits up, wincing in pain. He suddenly remembers what's going on, blood gushing from a deep wound on his side. He had just been stabbed moments ago-- how long ago? He felt disoriented-- from blood loss? No, from something else... ]

Shit... Well at least he didn't twist the knife.

[ He laughs hollowly before his form falls back to the ground, that sarcastic smile fading from his lips. Where was the noise of the city, he suddenly thinks-- everything seems so quiet. Where...? He lets his head drop as his hand moves to hold his side, slowly fading from consciousness.

He lay still in the quad, bleeding as the lunch bell rings. ]


(OOC: Please don't let him bleed to death XD)


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