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Jan. 18th, 2013 09:02 am
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... Hey. I guess I'm not the only one here who's a bit concerned with what we're going to be doing. I mean, they're throwing us to the strongest monsters on the planet, right?

I mean, I just completed my first quarter here. I barely have any of the training. It was a just a good thing that I decided to take PMGF 101 first thing.

And, the commander said we're not allowed to use "otherworldly powers"? Or can we use them if we have to, and we just won't get recognition for it?

[She sighs.]

I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. I mean, what if your limit break involves BOOSTING "otherworldly powers"?
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Cafeteria... cafeteria...

[Today, the large directory in the lobby has a captive audience - not literally, but it's easy to infer that from both the distressed look on her face and the length of time she's been staring at it, almost motionless.]

Ah... Ah! Okay, I got it! If the map says it's here, that means it's gotta be [she points] this way!

[Just as suddenly as it blossomed, her confidence wilts.]

Or... maybe it's this way? This way?

[Slowly, her attention wanders from the map in front of her to the crowds bustling past her in all directions, down to the slightly oversized cadet uniform she's wearing, and finally up towards the ceiling.]


[She tries to stifle a yawn, unsuccessfully - but then keeps her eyes closed, her expression turning into one of utmost concentration.] No way! There's no way I'm givin' up here! I can do this! I just gotta focus...!

[After a couple more minutes of her standing there, a keen listener might be able to make out a tiny snore.]
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I've recently acquired my music player from home, thanks to Time Compression I think. While it came with a cord to recharge it via our laptops, I can't do much more than play music. There are other files on here I wish to utilize, but I don't have the proper programs.

Are there any computer science specialists, or those that know their way around a computer, that could help me open up and use these files? I'm not even going to bother trying to figure it out on my own since I'm quite terrible with computers.

SeeD #28262
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[ Last thing he remembers is the fight. How much his injuries hurt, how hard he'd tried, and then how amazing Gaara had been.

When he opens his eyes, Lee expects to find himself in the hospital room once again. But... this is no hospital. It's some sort of bedroom.

Not his.

He's careful not to disturb anything in the room as he takes a look around. It seems one other person lives here. Where that person is, Lee does not know. The person owns many things that seem to be a completely different language.

He's not happy about this sudden change in atmosphere. What could have brought him here, apart from very strong Genjutsu? He'd thought the battle was over, but perhaps it's only just begun. He's still bandaged, and he can still feel the dull pain left over from the previous battles. However, this is not something he can -- or ever would -- turn away from.

First, he'll have to locate the reason for this jutsu.

Cautiously, Lee steps outside the dorm room and glances around. Where to? How would he even go about this? ]

[[ ooc: just a note, I wrote his native language as Japanese, so unless someone's speaking in Japanese to him or gives him one of those fancy translators, he probably won't understand. Everything spoken in Japanese will be in italics for now /o/ ]]
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Well, this was more than a little unexpected, but I need to introduce you all to someone.

[Something offscreen pipes up, saying only:]


I'm getting to that! Anyway, Time Compression seems to have brought me a... research assistant of sorts from home for Hearth's Warming.

[She turns her head to the side and nods, waiting for a small owl, who is by no means wearing a bejeweled bowtie, to rest on her back.]

I'd like you all to meet Owlowiscious.


You, you silly owl!

[And, turning back to the camera once more:]

...He does that sometimes.

[OOC: tan text is the owl.]
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Okay, very funny. Which one of you switched out my clothes? It looks like a unicorn threw up in my closet... no offense to any unicorns still on campus. As I'd prefer not to screw up my good eye by wearing orange you can see from space, I'd really like them back. Just leave them in front of my door, and I won't hunt you down.


Chase Kelly
SeeD ID#73197 Para-Magic Weapon Specialist Operative, Firearms Platoon and Magic Operative, Attack Platoon, Level 3

[Well if that BBS post wasn't odd enough for Chase, it's even odder if you happen to run into the kid. First, there's the fact he's wearing his SeeD Uniform (mainly because "his" clothes hurt his eye). Second is the fact that he's wearing his hair long and well groomed for a Tuesday with no formal event or mission coming up. He's even showing a little scruff for a change. Finally, and probably the most glaring changes are the scars on his face, one beside his left eye, one cutting through his right, leaving him blind in that eye, and the fact his left sleeve is pinned to his elbow, revealing anything below said elbow is no longer there.

Chase seems oblivious to the changes and can be found at various parts of the campus:
  • In the mystery section of the library, looking for something to read.

  • In the cafeteria having lunch.

  • In the quad reading whatever mystery he picked from the library.

  • In the training area, using Grats for shooting practice.

Finally, a word of warning: Don't sneak up on him unless you want to get a gun pointed at you. He's now touchy like that.]

[OOC: I made a little AU writeup here if you're interested, but be warned it's kind of depressing.]
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Monster, resource, and supply list )

[The Ragnarok lands briefly on the Nectar Peninsula, dropping off the group with nothing more than their Garden-provided packs and a "good luck!" from the pilot and accompanying SeeDs. Centra, we've headcanoned, is in the southern hemisphere of Planet VIII, so it is summer for this field trip. Have fun!]

Mod note: Be sure to be on the lookout as surprises may pop up in the thread. Each group is given one signal flare that should only be used if they require the immediate retrieval by a nearby SeeD squad sent to discreetly watch over them. Good luck!
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[She usually did this sort of thing in her room, but... well, at this point, isn't she the only person left in Garden who uses gunblades? She has a proud legacy to uphold, a duty and an honor.]

[So today, the polyspecialist SeeD has camped out in the quad, with her weapons case open next to her. One of her gunblades still sits in it, as picture-perfect as anyone could ask; the other is lying in front of her in pieces, as she carefully examines and cleans each part of the revolver mechanism. She may be concentrating on her work, but not to the exclusion of the world around her -- there's something open about her, that encourages questions.]
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[Locke, being a treasure hunter, naturally has a lot of experience with opening jammed locks, but not like this.


So apparently the key to his room isn't working. The reason why? An errant blob of flying fruit-paste smacked right into his door the day before. So know Locke is kneeling down in front of his door, a small set of lockpicks opened up on his knee, along with a red-stained cloth or two - looks like he's having to work out the literal jam a little bit at a time.

All while looking incredibly suspicious to anyone that doesn't recognize that this is his dorm he's going at with those metal jimmies.]


Nov. 18th, 2012 11:23 pm
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[Espio is... bored. He was training in his much weaker human form during Galbadia's attack, trying to better familiarise himself with fighting with it, and took nasty injuries to his shoulder and leg that wouldn't have been anywhere near as bad if he'd been in his usual, durable chameleon form at the time. Add the limitations of para-magic and complications arising from the magical fun of shapeshifting, and lizard boy has pretty much been out of action for a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks of lots of reading. Fiction and cookbooks and recapping on Indirect Para-Magic and all sorts. It led to a few discoveries, the best of which was black forest hot chocolate - basically the world's best cake in hot drink form. And... less delicious things Espio has no intention of eating any time soon. Or, you know, ever.

He's back on his feet, but still needs to take it easy, much to his continued frustration. Here, BBS, have a taste of Espio's reading materials.

Okay, you lot seem to think eating bugs is disgusting and gross and whatever, despite the fact everyone's from different worlds and cultures. Can't believe how multi-universal the "bugs are icky" train of thought is. But you know, there's worse things out there than bugs - worlds are full of very different countries and cultures and stuff.

So, here's another one of those good old "tell us about your world" BBS posts. Natives included.

Subject: Disgusting foods.

Disgusting foods, yay. )
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[This morning, Twilight woke up with an inexplicable urge to practice a particular subschool of magic.

Ordinarily, she'd be concerned about showing off with a spell like this one, but since there was bound to be little-to-no reading material about the theoretical applications of gravity manipulation around Garden, she has no choice but to resort to practical use.

So, you might be seeing a purple unicorn on the ceiling today.]


Nov. 12th, 2012 06:48 pm
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[Some people might have noticed the lack of a certain redhead in the fight and reconstruction as well as in general. The usual loud-mouthed antics and explosive tendencies having tapered off since they'd been at the lake.

There was good reason for it, tucking his tail between his legs from the embarrassment of getting the snot beaten out of him by a girl with a chainsaw and then getting his butt saved by another girl really did a number on him. Though the majority of it had been healing, even if he still believes it's forever shirtless o'clock when it comes to the bandages.]

Listen up, kiddies, I know I've been away for a while due to some physical things that kinda kept be confined to a bed. I know that there was that fighting shit going on and fixing all the damage, sure, whatever. But I'm coming back to teach my classes again, meaning you little snots better be up to par with my standards.

Covert Ops classes you better be able to sneak around some security I'm setting up and better be able to tell me what the most common mistakes are.

Explosives classes... We're gonna have a nice long discussion and quiz on how to handle dangerous components. Bring gloves, a helmet, and safety goggles, you're gonna need them if you screw it up.

- Instructor Reno
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Greetings, valiant warriors of Garden! I require most skilled assistance with the art of needle and thread. As I cannot obtain my chosen dresses from merchants of this world, I must make my own clothing. Before the great battle of Balamb, I was well stocked with the perfect tools, but after, I seem to have lost them, either to repair or slothful negligence, I am unsure.

I would be most grateful if someone were to perhaps lend me some needles and thread. In return, I will happily make you any fabric of your choice, whatever the design be.

The threads I require are the colors orange, black, and red.

-- Sigyn Freyasdotter


Oct. 26th, 2012 08:29 pm
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[You know what's a good reason for signing up for the Photography classes? Because you find the subject enjoyable.

You know what's not a good reason for it? Free access to cameras so you can take pictures of all the attractive women around Garden. That's what you might spot this idiot doing outside of classes; rather than helping out anywhere, he's lounging around various parts of the grounds, eating candy and unashamedly snapping photos of any good-looking women who pass by.

(If you're particularly sharp-eyed, you might also spot him casually taking pictures of strategic locations and exit routes, but that's just a coincidence of where the hot girls are. Right?)]


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