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[Among the murmurs of strange localized weather conditions around Garden and crying over vanished hotdogs, some of the SeeDs, staff, and older cadets are looking worried, their heads together in discussion and newspapers in their hands. Some people have left clippings of two different articles around Garden, and around lunchtime, native cadet Dominique Krefft (Mean Trepie #2) takes the liberty of typing them up and posting it on the BBS:]

President Loire Suffers Cardiac Arrest; Defense Minister Named Acting President

Esthar President Laguna Loire, hero of the Sorceress War and president of Esthar for forty years, suffered a heart attack which rendered him comatose yesterday, appointing Defense Minister Raguel Stern as acting president before collapsing.

The news came as a shock to government staffers, opposition leaders, and Esthar citizens alike, as despite his advancing age, President Loire has always been given a clean bill of health during annual examinations. Preliminary reports blame a heart attack brought on by the stress of a high-stakes political meeting between Loire and several political leaders known to oppose his pro-offworlder stance, including Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom.

"Unfortunately, while negotiating with President Loire on certain key platform elements, he collapsed and began writhing," General Strom said at a press conference held in the president's manor, where she and the other leaders remained to ensure a smooth transition of power. "I regret that we all believed President Loire was simply being himself to avoid a serious discussion, which delayed our efforts to seek treatment for him until we realized his condition was serious." When questioned about her black eye and reports that she had been treated for injuries, General Strom replied that, "President Loire continued to thrash for the duration of the event, striking me several times as we attempted to restrain him to perform first aid."

According to the statement released by Acting President Stern, President Loire regained consciousness just long enough to name him as acting president, and state his own intent to retire, before collapsing. No hospital responded to queries seeking the location of President Loire and his current condition is unknown.

Esthar Declares War on Balamb Garden

The nation of Esthar has declared war on the independent state of Balamb Garden.

One of Acting President Raguel Stern's first acts as leader of Esthar was to formally sign a declaration of war, which specifically names Balamb Garden as "the enemy of the nation" and calls for its immediate surrender or destruction.

In a statement originally read on Esthar radio and consequently published in the Esthar Post, the government calls for its citizens to "take arms against the off-world Sorceresses and those brainwashed into standing by them".

It accuses Balamb Garden of plotting to take over the world in these times of chaos and appeals to the international community to condemn its support of off-worlders and use of child soldiers.

Despite the conciliatory nature of President Loire's government towards the SeeD forces, anti-off-worlder sentiment has risen in Esthar since Balamb Garden forcibly acquired Galbadia Garden from Sol Invictus two weeks ago. Vlas Colban, Estharian Special Envoy to Balamb, publically spoke out against Balamb Garden after his son, a cadet at the school, was killed in the battle. This current move came as no surprise to political watchers, as Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom had been meeting with President Loire to advocate this position at the moment of President Loire's collapse.

Esthar has reactivated all of its defense mechanisms such as the cloaking device hiding the nation. Train services between Fisherman's Horizon and Esthar, which have been running thrice a week since July last year, have been stopped.

[Domi won't be replying, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves on the post or in person.]
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[His head's pounding, and for once, it's not because he woke up with a nasty hangover. Tom carefully sits up, clutching his head as he takes a careful look at his surroundings. For some reason, he's in the Infirmary...


He's back at Garden. Those memories felt so vivid that he thought he'd been sent back home, and that he was finally able to finish what he'd started with the JSA - only to get into some kind of fight with his dad and join the All-Stars instead. It'd been a rough few months, and Tom wanted nothing more than to---than to go back to Shar, to Touma, to Chase, and to pretty much everyone he knew here. Time Compression comas sucked, and he really didn't mean to worry them.

He sighs, glancing around the room before he closes his eyes again and flops onto his bed. So much for actually being back on Earth.]


Time Compression's a bitch. Sorry if I worried any of you - I was in the Infirmary for the past week, give or take a couple of days. Never would've guessed that I was gonna go through one of those weird memory-induced comas. :/

If I missed something important, can you take an IOU? I'll make it up to you guys later if I can.

Good luck to those Cadets taking the field exam - hopefully you'll do well. I'd offer extra Boxing lessons, but I've been told to take it easy for a couple of days. Just audit my class next Quarter if you're curious - I don't really care as long as you remember to show up.

- Instructor Tom Bronson

[ooc | backdated to September 20th!]
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Cadets, staff, and faculty! It is time to celebrate! And of course, there is only one proper way for a humble Home Ec teacher to go about this:

Tonight, a feast on the lake shore!

[To call this a feast is to undersell it significantly. On the beach that evening is a massive spread of food laid out on every cafeteria table, normal table, classroom desk, or other horizontal surface that Champloo could get his hands on. Soups and samplers; steaks and fowl; stews and curries; baked fish, baked potatoes, baked Alaska; Spicy Netherdactyl Wings that actually distort the air above them from pure capsaicin concentration; vegetables, stir-fried, saladified, or simply steamed; cakes and cookies, ice cream, pudding and mousse...]

[It goes ON like this. Whatever you may think of Champloo's personality or teaching style, there's no denying that the man can cook.]

[In the center of this chaos, serving and answering questions and keeping order, such at is it, Champloo just can't stop grinning. Which has described him ever since Homecoming.]

[Dig in.]
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Has anyone seen a monkey in the forest?

[Unsigned, unusually for Touma, because this feels insane.]

Hello Danny,

The results from your allergy test have finally arrived. Please come to my office at your earliest convenience so we can discuss them in person.

Touma H. Norstein

[ACTION for Tom and Chase, hideously backdated to August 29th]
[Three boys plus Wednesday night in Balamb plus booze. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?]

I'm flattered, and thankful, but one's twenty-first birthday isn't a big deal in either of my cultures. [He has said this many times.] Or even here, considering the legal age for most things is eighteen.

[He whines, but Touma is actually having a pretty good time! Despite being a wine guy (#euro life) and thus making faces at every beer they make him try.]
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[The two missions were launched at the same time and set to more or less coincide -- the theory being that Galbadia forces, should they elect to respond, would be slightly delayed and less effective if they had two concurrent events to respond to.]

[The SeeDs assembled at the Garage at 0700 hours on Saturday for transport to Balamb by van. There, they split into two groups -- one taking the train, one taking a transport ship.]
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[The video attached to the bbs post this time might be a bit odd. The subject? Is a solid black figure with glowing eyes. And he seems quite chipper!]

Good evening, everyone. Some of you may know me, some of you may not. So I would like to introduce myself. I am Ardos, your Advanced Programming instructor. I recently returned from a mission, so I'm sorry for my absence. Like many of you, I'm from another world. I am quite good with computers, so if you require any help with them, you can seek me out and ask me.

[The voice is like spoken through an almost digital filter, like someone cranked up the autotune on him. But that's where the video ends, and instead goes to text.]

I seem to have missed quite a bit. Would anyone like to fill me in on recent events?

- Ardos
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[Guess who is jumping the bandwagon to try out that potion? Nepeta certainly is. She had been certain that her skills in Covert Ops were all for naught because of her appearance, but then this was presented to them.

A potion, in of itself a perfectly fine and even useful thing, but for Nepeta it was perhaps now the best time to bestow her with such a thing. not when she was questioning so much of her species, and not when she had been harboring so many unspoken desires--desires to be human. Or at the very least anything but a troll.

It really did work. Amazingly so. Her usually gray skin was instead a dark brown. Her yellow sclera had become white, gone were her fangs, horns and tail. Looking into a mirror gave her the most surreal feeling in the world...and another she couldn't quite discern. One that made her both happy and sad. She didn't allow herself to think too much on it, and decided to give it a whirl--see how many people would recognize her.

So she sat in the cafeteria with a large glass of milk and her laptop propped open as she browsed the network. Whenever someone passed by that she knew she would smile and wave at them]

Picture under cut )
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Well, wasn't that assembly a waste of everyone's time? I suppose not for any of you that got demoted, but for the rest of us. Regardless, the Commander's announcement does come at a perfect time.

If you want to work for someone who can actually manage their finances, I have started up my own company, Wayne Enterprises, which is modeled after my family's multi-billion dollar corporation back home.

IC cut for length )

Specifically, I need engineers, accountants, business-oriented individuals, and anyone that may have prior pharmaceutical or medical experience, but I suppose I can find jobs for anyone interested. However, if anyone shows even the slightest hint of slacking I will not hesitate to fire them. Hours can be flexible so as to not interfere with schooling or SEED missions.
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Got a question for you all out there... at least, the ones I've never asked this of before.

What's magic like on your worlds? Did it exist? Could anyone use it, or was it in the hands of just a few? Did it terrify people, like it does here? Was there a substitute for it?

No deep reason, just curious. My own world has a lot of similarities to this one, that way. Makes me wonder what other ones are like.

-Instructor Snow Villiers
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[Sharpay is on a mission. Not an official SeeD mission, but one much nearer and dearer to her heart.


[A hot pink tote bag full of plays and her laptop on her arm, she marches to Princess Luna's office and knocks on the door. THEY HAVE A PRODUCTION TO PLAN.

[When this little meeting is done, she retreats to her room and busts out her wallet and a spreadsheet, shuffling receipts for a while before posting on the BBS.]

Two questions, Garden: What do you spend your allowance/salary on?

And if you wanted to save up for something big, what would you cut back on?

[Unsigned? Oh, yes. She's trying to be anonymous, or as anonymous as you can be with your ID number still showing (rendering a change in typing style a bit useless). At least not too many people would really know her number off by heart.]
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[Some time after a certain thread, pictures of a certain purple haired SeeD start showing up all over Garden. They're in a myriad of different poses, but the style is all the same and it's obvious someone's put far, far too much time into this little prank.]

[Feel free to catch her in the act of hanging one of these glorious pieces of art?]


[Later, on the message board, there's this simple message.]

Who's taking it too seriously now, hmm?

[Rinoa, you are beyond ridiculous sometimes.]
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[For a few days, Espio has been all over the place, and always doing something or other. He hasn't been doing his usual thing when he's not busy, which is sitting around somewhere high up with a book - nope.

For example, the fake blood in the training centre corridor the other day? That was him.

Today has involved challenging random people to Triple Triad (a game at which he's pretty much awful), playing guitar (somewhat decently) in the Quad, arguing with more random people on subjects he has no clue about (like chocobos), standing outside the home ec room in tears and cursing the very existence of onions, sneaking turnips with smiley-faces drawn on them into odd places, and casting silence on unsuspecting passers-by when certain nobody can see him.


He is really, really bored, and has no idea what to do about it.


Okay, two things:

First, "superhero" count. How many of you idiots are there now?

Second, I need swimming lessons. Not from the swimming instructor, either - ignoring the fact he's insane, I'm not a cadet, so I can't take that class.
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Option A

[Grell can be seen walking about Garden, angrily. Her face is set in a scowl and most native cadets she passes by creates a five foot radius around her. She doesn't have her entourage this time since power walking would just leave them in the dust.]

Such a sham! [She stomps her heeled foot once, denting the ground with her strength.]

Option B

[To vent her frustrations properly and with freedom, Grell takes to the training center with her chain whip. Using her chainsaw is too easy, and a challenge was necessary to work out that pent up frustration. She winds up her weapon gives it a resounding crack at a few useless grats. No, not challenging enough.

She looks around for another distraction, but anyone who knows Grell knows she has a one track mind most times.]
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[At 0900, the announcement bell chimes and a youthful (not to mention pretty familiar) voice begins to speak over the intercom:]

How's it going, Balamb Garden? If you don't know me by now, I'm Instructor Bronson, and I teach Boxing and Statistics. Headmaster Cid's been fantastic enough to allow me and SeeD Norstein to chaperone a field trip to Winhill in two weeks. That's right: we leave Friday, July 13th after lunch and come back early on Sunday, July 15th, so mark it on your calendars if you're interested!

This is open to all Boxing students, whether you're taking the class now or you have in the past, as well as any other SeeD that're interested in going. And well? Even if you're not enrolled in my class, come talk to me if you really want to come. I think we could arrange for some extra room if you're willing and able. Also, I'll remind everyone, but we need all Cadets to sign permission slips before we go. No slip? No can do.

My office is over at [location], so stop by sometime after classes're done for the day! I'll hand out slips during class, but there'll be extra ones by my door just in case I'm not around.

Thanks, everyone! I'll hopefully hear from you soon!

[The announcement ends, and the intercom clicks off.]

[ooc: This post acts as the official sign-up sheet for the Boxing Field Trip! Tom and Touma are officially the chaperones, so your characters are free to PM them with questions. If you wish to sign your character up, just respond to this post with a comment and we'll add your character to the list. (If you want to send PMs to them and are too lazy, you can also use this post for that; just mark it in the subject line.)

ICly, your character MUST have taken Boxing at some point, but OOC, we don't really care. Your character can still show up; they just have to work it out with Tom at some point beforehand. That kind of thing can be handwaved, so don't worry about it too much!]
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Actually, I've just thought.

[Yes, the Doctor is just going to make a post as though he was already half way through a conversation.]

You off-world lot aren't exactly doing a very good job here, are you?

Look at you, all special and powerful and even magical, some of you, and what's Garden got to show for it? Not a whole lot! This time compression business might like to try to attract all the weird people, but you're all rather insistent on being this world's standard of normal. Which, you know, isn't actually all that normal.


Actually, that's another one.

Why do your special, off-worldy, other universe completely different laws of physics powers still even work here, because that shouldn't happen. If it's impossible here, it should really stay impossible here, unless NO! Ignore everything I just said! We already know that time and space is all squished and useless! Let's not get on the subject of realities slipping in and out of each other. Just don't be surprised if you go home and suddenly there's GFs.

What I was trying to say is that you lot need to raise awareness, and what I want to know is about your powers, and more importantly, how and why they work where you're from. Because it can't be a "they just do."


You know.

Just type stuff in.

OH! And if you don't want to talk about your special what-have-yous because of the xenophobia business, just talk about someone else's.

[Disjointed rambling is now over! Anyone who didn't get incredibly annoyed/confused/headachey, answer! Anyone who did, complain!]
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Did everyone have a good time in Dollet? I know I certainly did ;) The beaches were fantastic! Was there anything that we should've avoided? Or was there anywhere that I should've gone? It wasn't my first time in Dollet, but the place seems different every time.

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be offering extra Math tutoring this Quarter, just in case anyone needs it (and trust me, some of you actually will. This isn't me being mean so much as me remembering Cadet days). I'm Instructor Tom Bronson, by the way; I teach Boxing and Stats most of the time.

My office is
[location] so I expect to see you eventually.

- Instructor Bronson

[For some reason, Tom looks... happier than he does, and that's saying something considering he's practically overflowing with excitement. It's obvious from the get-go: the guy's happy just reading the syllabus this week in both BOX 101 and STAT 101.

He's even thrilled while grabbing breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the cafeteria - and he's practically skipping as he passes through the Quad on his way to classes. He'll probably spill the beans if someone asks, but his happiness is certainly contagious.]
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[There's an odd-looking girl wandering around Dollet. With indigo hair and a small horn protruding from her forehead, it doesn't take a genius to guess she's one of Garden's resident off-world students... if a rather small one.

But she seems to be getting into everything.

Poking her nose into the bar, demanding that the Triple Triad artist guy makes her a special Mog card, jumping waves at the beach, staring in awe at the rental cars, running back into town after wandering out and being chased by monsters...

This is a weird place, guys.

Eventually, Eiko settles down in the square, eating a sandwich she pilfered from somewhere and talking to a stray dog.

Aw, why do you have to stare? You hungry?

[Shakes her head. Nope, doggy, this is not your sandwich. Even if you do have big, brown, sad eyes...]

Oh, fine. Okay, here you go.

[Gives the dog the sandwich filling, but immediately realises that now she either has to go get another or go back to the Garden cafeteria. Hmph.

She hops up onto the fountain and starts looking around for someone she recognises from Garden, ready to pounce. A lady should be escorted back, right?
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[Raven has been fairly busy as of late. Now that she's become more familiar with this place, collecting and buying materials for her work has become easier. If she were to be completely honest, she's much more interested in working with accessories and jewellery than she is on weaponry, but weapons are not outside of her range of skills - she was trained by an obsessive but genius blacksmith, after all.

Since Garden is clearly a place where weaponry holds more importance than it does in Sharance, Raven has taken it upon herself to learn how to customise and remodel some of the more commonly used weapons here. The only problem is, she favours a simple one-handed sword, and lacks other weapons to remodel.

So? She has taken her sponsor money and bought a Blaster Edge to play with. Customised with m-stone pieces and firebird feathers (supplied by herself) for what she expects will grant it a small but junction-free fire elemental boost, it's currently taking out a few Grats.

Problem, though: Raven likes monsters.

Sorry... I'm sorry.

[She knows that the monsters of this world aren't like the ones of her world. She knows that they're mindless, aggressive beasts. But even so...

She feels kind of bad.


[It's not very often that Raven takes her other form around here, but today she just feels like flying. While she can't feel the heat, the sun is shining bright and the sky is clear, allowing her to see everything clearly and enjoy the views of the pretty, coastal area.

She doesn't think she'll stray too close to the town, though. The natives probably wouldn't really react favourably to a large multicoloured bird flying about. At least in Garden, she figures, people are used to this sort of thing.

Every so often, she settles down to rest, in random places around the Garden, watching as people go by. As far as she knows, nobody knows it's her, and somehow... it's kind of a relief.

And if people think she's one of their sort of monsters? Well, there's other "animals" around here. All she needs to do is say something and prove she's a cadet, right?


In Balamb Garden, we are taught to augment our defenses through the use of junctioning. However, appropriate use of certain accessories can also aid our defense and general performance in battle. It would free up junction slots. Crafting such accessories is also a relaxing activity.

If you want to learn, I will do demonstrations during the upcoming break. I also have my own work to sell.

Respond here if you're interested.


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[Danny finishes the last question of his homework and shuts the book. He stands up and opens his door, walking next door to A110. He hesitates for a moment, but then he knocks.

Time to go try these 'popsicles'!]


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