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[Remy was lucky enough to actually get a hotdog today. He'd pulled it off before and they weren't half bad, but Abel has one of those very tasty T-Rexar steaks he'd cooked after their foray in the Training Center.  It's making Remy's mouth water, which would explain why he pulls out a deck of cards from the pocket of his trench coat (he always seems to have one on him, but this is Gambit we're talking about) and slaps the as yet unopened pack down on the table in front of him.]

D'accord, mon frere.  That sho' looks mighty tasty.  Three hands. Best two outta three. De game's Blackjack. House wins, we trade lunches. If de table goes to de player, we keep how we are and we like it.  Those sound like fair odd to you?

[OOC: If your characters are interested in cards (not just poker. Remy hasn't heard Triple Triad yet), feel free to poke them!  Remy makes a lot of his money hustling cards.  Also, my dear, sweet Disciplinary Committee, if you want to punish him, GO AHEAD! (Not sure if gambling is against Garden Policy or not, but leBeau doesn't care.]

day 1.

Jun. 22nd, 2010 03:50 pm
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[ if anyone's passing by the Garden's library, they might catch Riku coming out with a few--uh, well, few is an understatement--books underneath his right arm, and a few in a canvas bag. he's a hard studier, especially during the first few weeks. he's starting to walk back to his dorm, before--


his tote rips open. ... aww shoot. he sets his other books on a nearby bench and goes about picking the ones that fell up, readjusting his black scarf around his neck so no one steps on it as they pass by. ]
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[ This is all a bit overwhelming for Nill. A new place- more than a new place, but a new world- a school, classes... she's excited and scared, and trying to navigate the halls and find her dorm.

Feeling a little (a lot) lost, she takes a seat on the edge of the windowsill. Maybe if she could just rest for a few minutes, she would be able to get her bearings and reorient herself.

Nill puts the books and papers to the side, examining the school uniform curiously. She holds the blouse in front of her, checking and double checking both sides.

Looks like she's going to need to borrow some scissors. ]


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