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[Heading into town this afternoon to get away from the worst of the chaos around Garden? You wouldn't be the only person with that idea. Yosuke likes to think he's built up a decent tolerance for weird by now, but this morning he happened to reach under his bed and found nothing there except a hot dog that promptly skittered out the window on spindly legs, which was the last straw.

But when he steps out of a shop and happens to spot a rotund white chicken pecking at the pavement opposite, a different idea starts to form. Actually, it's more like a recollection. When he first overheard something about people wanting to repopulate the Training Centre, he hadn't really thought it was relevant to him, but... come to think, did they ever specify what qualified as a monster? This chicken sure looks out of place as far as he can tell, so it could have been zapped in from who knows where five minutes ago, and a quick fumble tells him he can Scan it, although he doesn't yet - is there anything stopping him from bringing in something like this, which has to be less dangerous than the honest-to-god dinosaurs they used to have in there? As a public service, it's worth a try.

Dropping the bag in his hand, he edges closer, flattening himself against the wall with exaggerated stealth. He keeps a close eye on his quarry all the while - and on nothing else, which might not be the wisest decision while he's standing in the middle of what is after all a high street. But hey, it's a mission! Of course he's serious about it!]

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Dec. 20th, 2013 10:23 am
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well holidays are cool and all [...and would be cooler if they came a bit earlier and let him skip finals, but never mind that!]
tacky decorations and murderferrets aside
u all know what the important part of the sesason is right?

SO? whose got plans already??
dont be shy now!
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  • Links go to images, except for the Tri-Face link, which goes to FF Wiki.
  • Mods will not be NPCing monsters unless requested; please feel free to NPC your own.
  • On a scale of one to ten for strength, one being Training Center Grats and ten being the Island Closest to Heaven, most of these monsters fall around seven or eight.
  • All monsters are, on occasion, vulnerable to Card, Devour, and the various one-shot spells.
  • Monsters are finite and do not respawn.
  • IC-ly, we expect this to be over in a day or two.
  • These locations aren't strict, just intended as starting scenarios; both characters and monsters may freely move around.
  • Questions, clarifications, NPC requests, comments? Tell us here or by the usual channels.)
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    [There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee have been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

    The directory has been reprogrammed slightly:
    It also has a piece of paper stuck underneath:

    Kissing booth: Turn around
    Food booths: Around 1F main circle
    Triple Triad: 2F bridge
    Carnival games: Front gate area
    Chocobo rides: Road to Garden

    Each stall/booth has free, more elaborate maps:
    Large image! )

    Have fun, Garden!]

    Each attraction has its own thread. We've listed the people running shifts in the top comments as a reminder to those who signed up; feel free to make your character a thread for their shift even if you missed OOC signups.

    Characters have different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For the dunk tank, kissing booth, food booths, and talent quest it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread indicating their shift/time onstage.

    Proceeds will be split between further events and building and furnishing a student lounge for fun stuff, so most attractions cost money:
    Kissing booth: 2 gil per kiss
    Chocobo rides: 5 gil per person
    Carnival games (archery, throwing/shooting X at Y, water gun race, whack a mole, skee ball, Ring the Bell, etc): 1 gil per game
    Face painting: 2 gil per person
    Food stalls: Snow cones 3 gil, cotton candy 3 gil, and funnel cake 5 gil; "food from your home world" up to individual characters
    Dunk tank: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
    Fortune telling: 3 gil per reading
    Marriage booth: 5 gil a couple
    Balloon animals: 3 gil an animal
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    Good morning, Balamb Garden! I'm Russell Drake, on your screens on behalf of the GFC, here to remind you all about the Garden's first beauty pageant! We'll be in the quad this afternoon bringing you uniform, formal, and swimwear modeling, a talent show, and personality questions to get to know our potential Miss and Mr. Balamb Garden. We've got quite a few signups, including most of your Homecoming nominees and the entire off-worlder population of Garden, so come on down!

    [He's not going to be replying to any comments; he's gotta dash and set up the stage!]

    [A small catwalk has been added to the quad's usual stage just for today. People on it might want to be careful, as it doesn't feel like the most stable of structures to walk on...

    [Russell appears to be steering well clear of it, standing off to the side with a mic. What is his handsomeness doing not entering? Nobody knows.]

    Good afternoon and welcome to Miss and Mr. Balamb Garden, bought to you by the Garden Festival Committee! I'm your host, Russell Drake, and our judges for this competition are Headmaster Cid Kramer and his wife, Edea Kramer, here all the way from Centra for our Homecoming festivities.

    Candidates will be judged on ten point scales in three categories: Physicality, talent, and personality. Unlike Homecoming Court, this competition is not divided by position within or out of the Garden hierarchy, and winners receive a nice sash!

    Without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

  • Physicality will be judged by modeling in three categories, and our first category is uniform. SeeDs and cadets will wear their dress uniforms while staff members wear whatever they wear to work - whatever you're wearing, wear it with pride! The Kramers will be looking for pressed pants, polished boots, and a professional salute!
  • On the more glamorous side of the competition, our second modeling category is formal wear. As a prelude to the glitz we expect at the Homecoming dance, our candidates will be dressed to the nines!
  • Rounding off our modeling category is swimwear! [As one GFC member unfurls a beachy backdrop and another drags a small inflatable pool onstage.] Remember, folks, it's swimwear if you can see water, underwear if you can't.
  • Next up is talent! Contestants have up to three minutes to wow us with a personal talent of theirs. Anything goes, so long as you don't hurt the audience or your fellow contestants!
  • And finally, we have the personality section, where I'll ask our candidates a question to answer from the heart. There are no wrong answers! Just give your reasons for your answer, and if you're answering with something from your home world, explain that to us too.

    [Candidates have their own threads where you may respond to as many of the above bullet pointed prompts as you wish, as in the NPC examples - or if they didn't turn up, say so for the awkward silence on stage, and we will assume they will be skipped in subsequent categories! The intros given are read over their uniform modeling.]
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    Okay, so it looks like your Homecoming King nominations consist of:

    a) Old man.
    b) Fish.
    c) Me.

    Admittedly, "chameleon" might not be that much of an upgrade from "fish", but at least I'm small and comparatively non-terrifying.

    I don't really know how to do this campaigning thing, though. So, I'll play the whole "war of succession" game, but I figure I might as well throw in a bit more and tell people about myself. I'm kinda private so not many know much about me, and probably have their own ideas about what kind of person I am.

    So, little facts:

    As well as being the instructor for Intermediate and Advanced Martial Arts, I'm trained and qualified to drive and pilot every vehicle the Garden possesses. That includes the Garden itself. On top of that, Garden's second airship - the Chaotix - is my own property, which I am loaning to the Garden.

    [Well, it might as well be his own property. Technically Chaotix hadn't finished paying the airship off, but when reality implodes does it really matter who an airship belongs to?]

    I can cook rings around pretty much all of the candidates, except maybe for Pinkie Pie depending on how much you like cupcakes. I provided the catering for my best friend's wedding, and get up early every morning to make lunch for my family even if they don't ask me to. I'd offer to bake cakes for everyone, but that's not my style. That said, I could be persuaded to do a charity curry evening or something of the like.

    Speaking of charity, I've always been big on charity, especially children's charity. For some people, a little bit of financial support, food, or even a small material gift when things are going bad is truly valuable - it might not be as dramatic as fighting off monsters or hauling someone out of a burning building, but it's still providing help to someone who needs it.

    On that note, my job at home was simple: "hero." Different worlds have different perceptions of just what a hero is, but at home it was an essential role. Special and unique powers and abilities were widespread, with many willing to misuse them to threaten and endanger lives. Others with similar powers would oppose those people in order to protect the powerless. Though technology marched on, it was often the case that the police were unable to handle the threat themselves, and so the "hero" was often called upon to neutralise a threat and enable the police to bring the villains into custody. While this world is not exactly "safe" and has its own dangers and troubles, it is probably a good thing that my job is not applicable here.

    Finally, in my spare time, I write. As you might imagine, my job shoved me into a whole bunch of ridiculous situations, and that hobby came about by trying to get my stories down on paper, though now I write mostly fiction. If anyone wants to read about what me and my friends got up to at home, fighting robot swarms and totalitarian global dictators of alien worlds, ask. I don't mind making copies.

    And last, if anyone's curious about anything, even if it's something dumb, ask. Okay?
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    Greetings Balamb Garden!

    It's about that time again, and we're already at number eleven! We have a very special issue for you this time around!

    A snippet of various things! )

    Until next time, Garden!

    Miss Tattler

    [It most certainly is posted under Namur's ID. So he must be Miss Tattler!!]
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    [Oh hey, it's that handsome blonde guy from the GFC with the scar in his upper lip.]

    Hello, citizens of Balamb Garden! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, on the BBS today to announce Homecoming! For those of you who missed the last one and, like me, are from a place where homecoming isn't really a thing [the reason for the GFC's weird ideas about and timing for homecoming], it's a weekend party with a carnival and a dance where you might just win a plastic crown! [You may think he's being sarcastic about that crown, but in fact he is very earnest. Who wouldn't want a plastic crown??]

    Get to know your fellow classmates and SeeDs, because next week in the quad, we'll be holding write in nominations for Homecoming Court, with SeeDs eligible for the titles of King and Queen as appropriate for their gender, and Cadets similarly eligible for Prince and Princess. They'll then have four weeks to campaign for your votes at the Homecoming Dance, which will be held on November 9th. Please note that last year's winners, SeeD Marco, Instructor Pinkie Pie, SeeD Edward Elric, and SeeD Mikuru Asahina are not eligible for nomination. Each organization may also choose their own Beaus and Sweethearts to represent them in the Court!

    During homecoming week, week 6 of the trimester, we'll also be holding a date auction for those who want a little extra help getting a date for the dance, and a carnival on Friday November 8th. Yes, that means a day off school for fun, food, and entertainment! Let us know now about any stalls you'd like to see or perhaps run here; we love taking suggestions! The usual favorites such as the dunk tank, kissing booth, food stands, and talent quest will all be there; however, the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and carousel have declined to return this year. [Alas, financial issues and unpopular political independence are not a good combination.] Personally, my favorites are the food stands - I love trying food from everyone's home worlds!

    On behalf of the GFC, I'd like to wish everyone a warm welcome back to Balamb continent and the new trimester. Drake, out.
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    [The following is a video embedded into the post. It shows Gakupo sitting in a room, but really, there's nothing fancy going on there. He's speaking in Japanese, which will be followed by English typed with this entry afterwards.]

    It hasn't been done in quite some time, and I'm aware that a good number of us speak Japanese, but who would like to help others learn the language? Alternatively, who would like to start a group to maintain our Japanese? I find that the less we use our native language, them more we'll forget.

    Thank you for your time.

    (ooc: Just for clarity, he does speak in a very polite way, but it isn't the honorific form of Japanese.)
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    Whats up garden? Hope yall had fun here in sweet dollet town. Gonna be shipping off before too long and who knows when we'll sail this way again. So how bout we say goodbye in style? Dj fishbros got the tunes! Wheres my plannin peeps? Someone bring food, someone else bring drinks. Invite the local friends you made over the break and we'll make it a night to remember!

    [A little while later, an IC edit goes up.]

    Warehouse down by the wharf. Party starts when people show up. Ends when they shut us down.

    [At about the same time this post goes up, certain people will also be receiving PMs individually, though the PM is identical to each person:]

    [PMs to Marco, Thatch, Grell, Ace, and Espio]

    So weathers shitty and that means the beach is out. One of you guys find us a place to party with a roof overhead and we're set.

    [Yes, that's all the context he gives. Let's see if this thing happens, huh?]
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    [As people panicked or smashed through their doors, or used alchemy on them, or otherwise wrecked up Garden and fled into the lobby or the halls, a few things have quickly become clear, either shouted or spread by word of mouth:]

    [Garden is precariously balanced on the edge of a canyon wall -- a canyon wall that was certainly not there last night. Garden didn't move all through the night, either, so how this happened is anybody's guess...]

    [Speaking of precariously balanced, we DO mean precariously. The tilting has been perceptible, but glacial, and in fact it has slowed noticeably since Rainbow Dash started pushing against the bottom of the suspected edge of Garden. On the other hand, some people removed a car and a few people from the over-land side, which has made the balance slightly worse, and so the pony is losing ground again.]

    [People remain scattered in small groups within the Garden, and the power remains completely out. This is not terribly surprising; the internal generators are not particularly hardened, since normally any damage that reached them would have to go through the entire surrounding structure to get to them. Dorm rooms are beginning to light up as sunlight trickles through their windows, but the lobby and many other areas still have no light.]

    [No sign of Commander Zabala or Headmaster Cid. Rumors are swirling from some of the cadets that this is another of Zabala's crazy tests.]

    [What's the plan?]
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    [For a very long time now, a pegasus pony has zipped through the halls and across large dome of the Lobby without respect for physics or gravity. The sound of air rushing over feathers and the sight of a rainbow wake are common to the point of being uninteresting. Instead, for the past few days, their absence is what seems unusual.]

    [Rainbow Dash hasn't much felt like flying lately. Instead, the pegasus plods from place to place with the weary, slow pace of a plowhorse at the end of planting season. No spring in her step or wind in her wings, just a slow, dispirited trudge.]

    [She has a lot of reasons for her lack of energy, some more obvious than others, but it's easy to guess at the straw that broke the pony's back; every time she passes through the dorms, she stops to take a long, sad look at a room that had up till recently been inhabitated by one of her best friends.]

    [Then, sadly satisfied that once again, looking at it will not bring the alicorn back, she trudges on, without really much hope for anything right now.]
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    [Man, it's that shitty time of year...

    In between exams, Yosuke attempts to escape the heavy atmosphere in the already stuffy library by retreating to the quad. As for why he felt the need to claim an entire bench just for a couple of relatively thin textbooks - well, nobody else was using it at the time.

    Neither the fresh air nor the ample elbow space are doing him as much good as he'd hoped, though. Even being by himself isn't enough to stop his mind from wandering. If anything, it's making things worse.]

    It's been all cloudy lately, too... How's anyone supposed to focus?

    [He sighs and lets his pencil drop. The bench shakes a little as he flops face-first into the notes he was supposed to be looking over.] Ugh, I can't do this!

    [Without much fanfare, the pad of paper at the corner of the bench slides off its precarious perch and thunks onto the path - as well as, quite possibly, into someone's path.]


    Aug. 30th, 2013 06:48 pm
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    Well since we're breaking away to begin with, why not go all the way and just become pirates? Floating the seven seas, waving our battle flag from the massive white dome. Pillage and plunder and the occasional panty raid. What do you think? Shall we put it to the vote?
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    [Considering how happy Espio has been lately, his recent moping certainly seems quite a dramatic contrast... and after the weekend, it has only become worse. Moreso now because he's noticed it, which made him think, which in turn made him think of other things to be unhappy about.

    The obvious solution might have been to tackle the cause... but unfortunately, despite what it might look like to a few people, the cause just isn't one isolated thing, and the only ways he can see to tackle the issues he can tackle look pretty hopeless.

    So what do you do when doing and/or thinking something is ridiculously bad for you and by extension the people around you, but no matter what you do to distract yourself and put your focus on something else, you can't help yourself? Even though all the logic and reasonable thinking you possess says you're wrong and stupid.

    I don't mean anything specific, more a collection of things. They don't even make sense, so don't ask. General summary is: I'm an idiot.
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    [The day is a bit cloudy, and wind on the water is around eighteen knots. The harbor is bustling with townspeople and visitors. Temporary stalls have been set up selling mostly food and drink or merchandise for the three Raha Cup yacht teams.

    [You might need to shove a few people to get right on the waterfront, but the view of the boats in the harbor is well worth it. Once the race begins and the boats are clear of the harbor, remote control boats are available for rental; the race is expected to take two hours.

    [At the nearby Balamb Hotel, there is a large TV screen set up outdoors with seating available. Hotel staff are running an outdoor bar for the occasion.

    [Throughout the area and within a couple of blocks of both the waterfront and the hotel, a combination of SeeD, Cadets, and uniformed Balamb militia and police are posted as security, in response to threats received by the town council. Normally this event only has police security, so the townspeople seem to resent the need for this increased show of force rather than the fact that they're around at all.]

    (OOC: Free-for-all! Feel free to make your own threads as well as using the location threads. NPCs may hit your characters up. You may have your SeeD/Cadet character hired as security if you choose; they will be in uniform, and will be on for half hour shifts so they have time to enjoy the event as well.)
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    HEY EVERYONE! We should really get together and have a big Hide-And-Go-Seek game, so this way if anymore people-eaters turn up, they'll have a hard time finding us because we're so CRAZY GOOD at hiding!!

    And if that doesn't work, we can simply kick some butt!! :D

    SO WHO'S IN?!

    EDIT: Maybe only a few people heard the news???

    People Eaters=Some loonie eating off-worlders! Just because!! How awful and really, really, really gross!! He was caught, though, but there could be more!! D:
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    I hope I'm using this right. My name is Colette Brunel. It's really nice to meet you all and work here with everyone. I'm going to do my best too. Before that I felt I should introduce myself. Back home the villagers say what brings people together is their stomachs. What's your favorite food?

    Before I go one thing. Mr. Seed told me I have to pick a specialization. I don't know too much about those. I'm really good at eating cake, but I don't think that counts. Could someone explain?

    Let's be friends,

    [After classes finish for the day Colette is a little downhearted. In her classes she didn't understand too much what was being discussed. Some like math were things she'd learned from Professor Sage back home. Others like world geography had her completely stumped. And then came the worst class of all.

    She hoped the dance instructor wasn't too mad about the hole in the wall. She hadn't meant to trip at that exact moment. Honest!

    Being a seed was hard. They had to know a lot of about the world and dance and work as an effective team! She didn't think she was the best for this, but she really didn't want to let anyone down. Because all the people here were trying to help her too. And she really wanted to be friends with them all.

    Wandering across the empty quad she glanced around. This looked like the perfect spot. Taking up the starting position from dance class she nodded to herself.]

    You can do this Colette! It went like this. And then. Like this and--

    [The first couple steps flowed together. It was when she got to the turn she lost her balance and began wheeling her arms frantically before falling right on her behind.]

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    [Maria hadn't done quite as well during the Tears Point mission as she might have liked. Aside from grossly underestimating the volume of monsters in a Lunar Cry, and getting turned into a dragon -- both of those completely understandable problems -- she hadn't turned in the combat performance she expected of herself. After some thinking and reflection, she'd concluded that a year of classes meant she'd neglected basic physical training for skill acquisition.]

    [Time to change that.]

    [So early mornings find her jogging around the outside of Garden, working up a sweat. Later mornings are her time for strength and endurance training, meaning she can be found lifting weights in volumes that would be weird anywhere but here in Garden. And afternoons are agility training, in the only real way she can think of -- going into the Training Center without weapons, and coming out with as few injuries as possible.]

    [Care to talk to her at any point during this?]


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