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[Raven is not a very talkative person, and she is still rather unfamiliar with computers despite having been in the Garden for months. However, she has had this question nagging in the back of her mind for some time, and she's not sure where else she could ask.

So, here goes!

I have questions.

There are people here who aren't human, dwarf or elf. Then there are those who look human, but turn into something else. Half-Monsters.

Is this common?

Second question. I haven't seen dwarves and elves here yet. Do they exist?

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[In the quad, Rinoa sits under her usual tree. It's probably a rather peculiar sight as on one side of her there is Angelo, on the other side there's a young cat, and in her lap there's a little plush lion. Despite all this anyone who knows her will realize that she's absolutely miserable. Though to be fair those who don't know her will too as it's written all over her face. Which is a crime when surrounded by such cute things, but honestly she can't help it.]

I should probably know better by now, right Angelo?

[The poor dog just sighs and rests her head on Rinoa's knee with a long suffering look in her eyes. It always seems to bother Angelo when Rinoa gets all moody like this. Jules, the cat, just seems miffed that her purring isn't enough to cheer Rinoa up, and every now and then her tail lashes out crankily. Not being able to help sucks.]

Don't worry girl, it will be different next time. [She pauses and then adds softly.] If there is a next time.
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[This was confusing, to say the least. One minute, she had reunited with her brother, only for Jeremy to attack Port Rosalia, and the next... she was here? After reading the letter, though, Yulie had relaxed slightly, as despite the situation, she was (hopefully) in good hands. After looking over the catalog, she also had a good idea what she wanted to do, as well.

Still, she couldn't help but feel a little worried regardless, especially when it came to how everyone would fare without her. Trying to get a feel for her surroundings, Yulie can be found (tentatively) exploring Garden.]

What should I do...? Kresnik, I wish you were here...
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Is there any way to find extra help for the classes here? I think I could really use it, especially with the math and information technology classes. I don't know much about those at all.

My name is Emil Castagnier, by the way. Thank you.
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[Please excuse Sharpay for dropping a blue and fuzzy (but ordinarily sized) spider somewhere near your character's person (perhaps on their foot?). Now, as the spider scurries away, she's trying to scoop it up on the piece of paper it fell from. Come back, wee spider!]

Ugh, I wish I'd taken Indirect Magic!
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[It is afternoon when Kaldur makes him way to the swimming pool, pausing to look over the large body of clear water. So deceptive it is. He is not intending to take a swim himself. No, instead one may find him collecting samples, a large bottle of water and smaller vials. His motions are careful, as if he would rather not touch the water himself if he can avoid it.

He takes the samples to a classroom for research. The computers in the Garden are not exactly like those he is familiar with, but he's adapted to them easily enough. The bottle beside him has most of his attention as does the book he has open beside it that he is looking through. Unfortunately he is not finding what he is looking for. Perhaps requesting outside opinions may be his own answer.]

I am currently seeking the answer to a question and any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Would anyone know a manner in which to remove toxins from a large body of water?

{OOC: People can run into Kaldur by the pool or in the classroom, whichever you prefer!}
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[Since there was still about a week before the new term began, M'gann figured to take advantage of the down time to try some new baking recipes she had acquired after nearly turning the cook book section of the library upside down. Luckily Wally had agreed to help test some of her baking, and even help with the process; after all, he had said that baking was practically a science.

She's in the Home Economics room now, an apron tied neatly over her civilian attire and all the proper tools and ingredients laid out on one of the many islands in the classroom, and she's practically humming with anticipation.]

Alright! Which recipe should we start with?

[OOC: Since it's an open post, if anyone wants to throw their characters in then feel free!]
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It's been quite awhile, Garden. This time, I pose a new question to you: why is it you treasure peace so much and yet willingly forego negotiation without a thought unless it could benefit you in the long run? Do you humans believe your own ideals so superior that you must battle to prove so?

If you were to think about it, if humans weren't such a barbaric species, perhaps you wouldn't be preyed upon by my kind.

[As always, it's left unsigned. And yes, he realizes the irony of asking this in a military academy.]


Sep. 21st, 2011 10:31 pm
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[All things considered, it's been a fairly uneventful day, though Rolo has had nothing but pacing thoughts since recently. Now that things are seemingly back to normal, he can be found seated at the edge of the harbor of Fishermans Horizon. Knees drawn toward his chest, one arm rests wrapped around his legs while his free hand holds a cellphone with a heart-shaped locket. Rolo isn't enjoying the scenery; rather, his gaze is glued to that locket, and he appears all too sullen and even a little depressed.

Then again, it's not uncommon to see him around Garden with a slight furrow of his brows and an expression that's neither happy nor sad. A flat look.

Two months. Almost.

Fingering the locket, he opens it. A melancholic tune plays for a second or two before he abruptly shuts the cover. It won't do to play the song here in this wretched place. Right now, he's deaf and blind to this world -- and potentially jumpy, as a result.
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[No matter how hard and long he stares at the delicious food, his appetite won't come to him. After eating a sandwich and some chips, there's no room in his stomach left for the slice of chocolate cake and the twinkie like substance in front of him. He hates seeing food go to waste, but he doesn't have much of a choice.

Sighs in annoyance and pushes his plate of food out of the way. Folds his arms across the table and rests his head in his arms. Not only has his appetite left him, but for about a week now, his speed has been touch and go. Which he guesses is probably in part because of his lack of hunger. Without tons and tons of calories, he's like a racing car trying to go full speed on a mostly empty tank of gas.

What's even worse, is recently he's been getting weird vibes from people. Like literal vibes from them. People aren't as confusing as they normally are. He's had an easier time guessing what they are feeling, which is weird. At least he's not the only one going through this. If he had the energy, he'd go do some investigating. But right now, he doesn't feel like going too far from the table]

[ooc: Still on a semi-hiatus, so tags will potentially be slow tomorrow and on labor day. Wally's speed is just about gone, and instead he has empath powers. If your characters are within 5-10 feet of him, he can sense what they are feeling. The longer they are around him, the better he can feel them. So, come, let him see your feelings~]
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[Applejack is quite fortunate to be unaffected by all the weird stuff happening around her. Oh, sure, the off-worlders seem to be getting stranger and stranger all the time, but as long as her hair doesn't start moving or changing colour, or she suddenly gets the powers of levitation, it's business as usual.

Today, she's finally managed to get some of her family's promotional leaflets for the orchard, and is taking the liberty of distributing them to the people in Fisherman's Horizon and anyone who seems interested.

Basically? She's walking around, looking for suitable people to hand a leaflet to.
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[Hello, Garden.

Today is a pretty normal day, despite all the things going around.

The birds sing, the sun is up, and Clark Kent is walking around, headed for his Basic English class. The exams are almost here, so he has a lot of work to do. He wants all of his students to pass, and he's doing his best to teach them properly.

So yes, pretty normal day.

Well, except for the fact that Clark's upper body seems to be completely invisible as he walks, and he doesn't seem to be noticing...]

[OOC: Clark power-swapped with Danny Phantom this week! I am, sadly, still unfamiliar with that fandom so I am getting most my information from the respective wiki. Please, do tell me if I get something wrong.
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[It should have been harder to get used to this place, Kaldur thought, and in some ways it was. But it's also another land away from home that he doesn't quite understand, and that is something he has become accustomed to.

He will make the best of this as he can and so Kaldur walks through the campus, trying to get used to the layout of the campus and see where the classes he was most interesting in taking the next semester were located. He isn't used to having so much time on his hands.

There is a pool here, isn't there. Perhaps he should visit it.]


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