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I guess this is a little random to ask, but this is probably the best place to ask random questions, right? Anyways, moving on to my point. I'm more than a little bored lately. As in, mind numbingly bored. So can anyone suggest something to do? Any clubs, activities, hobbies, something? Going to classes and training get dull after a while.

Thank you in advance.
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[at least the letter was fairly self-explanatory. If you could call that self-explanatory. whatever. At this present moment, you can find Germany wandering around. Well, not like he's lost but let's say like he's just trying to get the lay of the land. Learn his way around.

Okay, and yeah, he's lost.

Anyway feel free to run into him wherever is convenient! If your character is doing anything really unapt of a cadet feel free to assume you're being judged. A little. Maybe a lot. Your discretion.]

[BBS Post]

So this is some kind of mass forum system?
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So, given that we off-worlders are here against our will, it's completely understandable that most of us want nothing more than to go home. You know - back to our friends, families and stuff. And enemies, I guess.

Some of us get that wish, but it's just as unpredictable as us arriving here in the first place.

But not all of us want to go home. Right?

Or am I alone, here? Gotta say, the idea of being around people who'd ditch you without blinking is a little uncomfortable when you think about it.
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[Complete quiet and warmth were the first things that met him when he came to. Opening his eyes was almost too hard a task. He could not remember a time when sleep had been so peaceful. It was sort lived, however. Yuu’s heart skipped a beat when his eyes focused and he didn’t recognize his surroundings.

He was quick to slip out of bed and hide between it and the wall. He took a quick peak over the mattress, hoping no one had seen him. Where was he? None of the Order’s rooms he’s been to had the attributes this one possessed. It didn't help that the last thing he remembered before waking was cold and two figures looming over him. A voice, deep and raspy, was chanting something in the background, but besides that, nothing was clear enough to give him the slightest clue as to what happened.

Yuu waits in his hiding spot for a couple of minutes before he, ever so quietly, made his way to the door… Which had no handles. Before he could question said door, it opened once he approached it enough and, not questioning why, left his room.

His first thought was to find Alma (if he was even there) and get out before they were taken back.

The surroundings that met him were unlike anything he’s seen before. The overall feel, the way it was lit and even the smells were different.

Wherever this place was, it wasn’t the Order.

After a while of hiding from the occasional passer-by and searching, Yuu stopped when he arrived to what looked like a library. A bit overwhelmed by his current situation, alone, tired and hungry, Yuu sat down at a lonely corner, tucked his knees close to his chest, and hid his face in his arms.
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[Here's a troll who's been keeping his head down lately. Between his full class schedule and udder lack of social graces, not mention his aversion to sunlight, he's kept himself holed up in his room.]

[But today is a nice, slightly overcast day, so he's taking what little free time he has to sit out in the quad and draw. He sits beneath an umbrella he's set up, a navy blue blanket spread out beneath him, and a box of pencils at his side (on the other side, there's a box for the splintered remains of the pencils that shattered in his grip).]

[Anyone who gets close enough to see what he's drawing will get an eyeful of robots, musclebeasts, anatomical sketches, and a rather sharp, pointed glare]

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Jun. 24th, 2011 12:07 am
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A while back, I received permission from Headmaster to start a new club! I apologize for not posting about this earlier, but ah, you know how busy we Cadets can get sometimes :) I figure now's a good time as any, especially since Homecoming's right around the corner!

Anyhow, it's called the Academic Committee. In my homeworld, there was something called the Academic Decathlon - you might've had something similar called 'Knowledge Bowl' or 'Quiz Bowl' - where students competed for prizes based on how much they knew about math, science, literature, and so forth. I'm definitely not planning on it being as strenuous as the clubs back home, but I figure it'll be a fun way for people to learn more about various subjects as well as the kinds of worlds we all came from!

We'll either meet once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays and then have monthly competitions towards the end of the month where we'll award prizes. If this sounds like something you're interested in, even if it's just to watch, please let me know! I'd love all the help I can get!

Thanks guys! I'm sure it'll be a blast. ♥

- Gabriella Montez
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Okay. Okay. You can handle this, Masters. This isn't so hard to grasp.

[Yes it is.

He stares at his acceptance letter yet again, even though he's probably memorized half of it by now. He's still not sure what aspect of all of this should freak him out the most, which is his biggest problem right now.]

So I'm on a different world with no way home where apparently magic exists. And somehow, I now go to a military school here. And there are other people from other worlds with 'unnatural powers.' Alright. I think I get it.


Danny flops down onto a bench, hunched over the letter, which is now on his knees. He hasn't even noticed the course catalog yet.]

So...what? I just...don't go home? I stay here in this weird, different world and become a Plant or whatever? and I never get to see Dad again?

[By now he's forgotten that, yes, this is, in fact, a public place and absolutely anyone can see him moping. Feel free to remind him.]
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[Zak has been standing at the Garden entrance for a little bit. It was one thing to be told that yes, his transfer request had gone through. It was another thing entirely to be standing at the doors of Balamb, acceptance letter in hand.]

I can't believe they actually let me go.

[That is a grumble. He picks up his ratty duffel bag and shoves his way in through the Garden doors, a satisfied smile on his face. All snark aside, he really was happy to be here. It felt like a load had been lifted off of his shoulders.

Now, if he only could make the grade here, right?]
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[Standing in one of the hallways is a kind of funny looking kid. He's short and stocky with a ridiculous mop of inky black hair that looks like it hasn't been combed in weeks, but that's far from the strangest thing about him. Protruding from the mop of hair are a pair of orange-gradiented horns for starters, and the skin they protrude from is greyed and somewhat leathery. His eyes are yellow and his teeth are sharp and he... pretty much looks pissed off at everything.]

[Don't worry, that's normal.]

So let's pretend for half of a fucking miniscule human time measurement that I give one iota of a fuck about this place, and assume that I want to figure out where the fuck my dorm is.

[He glowers at the piece of paper in his hand.]

Would one of you useless pink monkeys like to point me in the direction of A201?

[[ooc; tags when i'm back from a thing.]]
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[Why couldn't the first trip have been the only one? The moment Gabriella opens her eyes and stares at her surroundings, she can't help making a face and mentally facepalming. Of all the times, of all the places... it had to be stupid Lava Springs in Albuquerque.

Doesn't seem like going home's an option, considering that it's nighttime and the country club still seems to be full of life, but... what now? Does she look for her boyfriend? Or even Sharpay and figure out what the deal is? Considering it's the freaking country club, things might be exactly as she remembered them. Which is to say, "not good."

SIGH. Gabs eventually sits down before the country club's pool and dips her feet into the warm water. She wants to do something - anything! - but being here? Isn't exactly something she wanted in the first place, despite the glamor and glitz.]
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[One moment Gakupo was outside, strumming out a soft tune on a guitar he found ages ago underneath the stage of the quad, and the next...he's in his old dressing room! He's disoriented from the travel and falls over.]

Mr. Gakupo-- [His agent enters, looking down and sees her up-and-coming talent on the floor in a daze. Sighs.] You're not drinking, are you? Youth these days. Get up from the floor and fix yourself up! You're on in ten! [She walks out, muttering about fame going to his head already.]

[Gakupo rights himself and is sitting now cross-legged, so totally lost.]

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[Some people would use their break for productive things. Other people would just lounge around and do absolutely nothing. Gabriella would normally fall under the "productive things" category, but her fascination with Triple Triad? Has become kind of a problem. Instead of brushing up on para-magic like she'd promised herself, Gabriella's out on the Quad today with her pack of cards.

... That last Cadet she challenged? Just lost miserably to her. Gabs can't help smiling as she waves him off politely and picks up her winnings.]

One down, who knows how many to go! [glancing around the Quad now and holding up her cards!] So who's next? You guys know you want to challenge me.

[ooc | After her last post, um. Gabriella might have sorta-kinda gotten addicted to Triple Triad. Someone might want to snap her out of it.]
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[Well. This is all very strange. One second, he's about to be deleted by the mouse and the boy. The next, he's in this universe. Now, he has a letter and a course book, and now he's sitting in the lobby, looking through it. Might as well make the most of his time here, considering what was happening when he was pulled from.

...Still. This place. It's quite strange. Not data, not like what he's used to. It's... Strange. Is this the outside world? If so, why are they apologizing to such an oddity like him? He's a Heartless, after all.

...Oh, right. Classes. Best to pour over those. So much valuable data to gather...]
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[ For the week, the Home Economics class was baking cookies and brownies and all sorts of other tasty treats, and Vanille knew she'd made the right choice to sign up for this particular class! Other than caring for the baby Chocobos, which had been loads of fun, they were also gardening and, now, baking, and the best part? Eating the products of their hard work, naturally! Of course, they weren't allowed to eat all of it, as they were to set up a table in the Quad to pass out treats to the other students, but it would be hard (no, impossible) and maybe even a little irresponsible to not sneak a cookie here or there, wouldn't it? After all, she had to make sure they still tasted good! ]

[ That was where Vanille was now, sitting at the table in the quad, waiting for anyone to come pick something up and try it out. ]

[ If they didn't hurry up, though, she was going to take matters into her own hands and start passing things out. Forcefully, if she had to! After all, they'd all worked so hard making them, and they were so delicious... Not to mention if she had to wait too long for someone to come pick them up, she might not be able to resist eating more of them herself. ]

[ Getting a little impatient, she starts calling out to the first person she sees: ]

Heeeeey! Want a cookie?

( ooc: Feel free to hop in and threadjack! :3 This is for the whole HEC class. )
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[It's Eiko's birthday! And she's certainly not going to wait for someone else to throw her a party - nope! She's going to host her own party, in her dorm room, and be the perfect hostess. As much as a seven year old can be, of course.

So far, this has basically involved Eiko baking and decorating cupcakes (or, trying to - there's definitely a good batch and a rather burnt batch, and one where she put salt in by mistake), and obtaining a teapot and tea from... somewhere. These are all laid out on a paper tablecloth in her dorm's common area.

In the afternoon of March 14th, little handwritten signs can be found taped to the dorm corridor walls.

Everyone is invited. Come to B113, this way!


[An adventure into Balamb helped Eiko to find a suitable little pink party dress, white cardigan and white ribbon. She is certain people will show up, it's just a matter of time.]

Hurry up or the tea will go cold!
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I need help [ backspace ] Do you need someone to study wi [ Suck it up, Egypt. You're an adult. ]

I need help; only got here recently. I have a lot to learn, but not a lot of time.

My classes: CBT 101, CFT 101, COD 101, CUL 101, GEO 101, HEC 101, HIS 101, INT 101, and WTR 101.

It doesn't feel like MKP 099 will be enough.

- Hassan
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[Standing by the directory is a redheaded man in a SeeD uniform, watching as all the people go past and maintaining a silly, amused grin on his face. He seems to be paying particular attention to the girls, especially the older ones, but everyone gets at least a little bit of attention - just memorising faces, people! It helps an instructor to know who he's instructing.]

Aww, look at all the "cute" new cadets! So this is what they meant by an influx...

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Feb. 28th, 2011 10:40 am
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Hi everyone! I have a couple of questions for you if you've got time:

1) What's this "Triple Triad" game and why's everyone so obsessed with it? :/ It looks fun, but I keep seeing this weird guy after class who's always going, "whoa, so intense! Double Fira!" and um. I'm pretty sure someone's not setting him on fire twice in a row.

2) How hard is it to start a new club here? Not that the ones currently here're awesome, but Headmaster just gave me permission to start an academic committee - like a scholastic decathalon kind of thing. Is anyone else interested? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one around here who is. The more, the merrier!

That's about it. :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

- Gabriella
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[Percy is an intelligent person. Really. Given his family's antics, he should not be surprised by any sort of unexpected situation. Armed with a letter that clearly does not represent Hogwarts and a school seemingly not for magic, he's out of his comfort zone.

Again. There's a sense and requirement of composure really, but he's missing it entirely and in the back of his mind there's that sense of rationalizing the situation.

So unlucky passerby if you're in the lobby, you're his next victim.]

Excuse me? I seem to have misplaced my Portkey. This is the wrong school - [and he's just shy of hysterical at this point] - and definitely not my letter! My Head Boy duties, someone needs to inform the Headmaster I can't fulfill them.

[And you're the brilliant target. Percy shakes the letter in his hand, desperately losing his composure.]
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[Military was something Goose was unsurprisingly used to, although of this sort, he'd basically consider it brand-new territory.

He had to admit, though, that this was just the kind of new adventure that he needed. This was unfamiliar, different, and most importantly, a thrill. He found himself in this new area where his life would make a drastic change. Goose was far from the type of person to object to change.

One thing that hadn't changed so much, however, was the food. He found himself in a strange sense of familiarity as he munched happily on a hot dog, rather than busying himself was something to help him get more settled in. He has top responsibility priorities, you see.

And so there he was, partaking in a nice little meal.

... Need I also mention that he's not sitting on a chair, but rather, on the table itself? Should he even be doing that? Honestly put, he didn't even care. He found the table a little more comfortable, and it was better to be a little different than to stick with the norm. He preferred to stand out, if his wild hairdo was any indication of that.


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