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[Sup, Garden?]

[There's been a silver-haired guy in a silly bodysuit wandering around the place for... weeks now, at least, maybe going on a month. He's been giving people lip, getting in brawls with NPCs, and generally being a giant prick. But today he looks like he's got a mission, so he's walking through the hallways with his eyes narrowed like he's going to strangle someone, once he finds them. We wouldn't approach him if we were you, but hey, who knows?]

[...Oh god, he's coming closer.]

Hey, you.

[He looks pissed. Also, he's talking in italics. Run.]

...Did a glow-eyed guy covered in Darkness come through here?
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[F̶̦͓̥͈̖̼͉̀̈̈́̐̍̾̔͗̌ḭ̧̢͓̺̗͎͇͊͌̽̈͊̀l̸͙̺͚̱͎͇ͬ̂ͅe͔͍͖̦̮̼̩̝̔̈́̾̆͝͠ ̨͈̳͙̞͍̻̘͕̰ͫ͌̅͐ͪ̈̾̅̽͢ċ͍̝̩̽͂̌̊͐ͅo̹̔̓̒̔̂ͫͩ͟r̛̮̓̽͘r̵̶̨̳̠͙͍̫̲̳͔̅ͥū͔̺̎̋̋ͭ͠p̻̥͌̅͑ͨ̔ͧ̇͑̀t̢̺̤ͮͣͤe͈͙̺̳̞̖̯͛̐͑̐̃̊̒̔̚d̴̛̞̯ͪͬ͋̋̐͒]

[So walking around Garden today, students, you may notice an increasingly more standardized sight: you guessed it, ANOTHER RIKU. Except this one is wearing a bodysuit and a silly skirt and kind of looks like he wants to kill something. What you may not guess is that this is out friend Dataku, with some... minor adjustments. After the events listed in this nice log, Data Riku is now a 'corrupted' version of himself; that is, he's more aggressive than normal, and he's a jerk of the caliber who will happily send your computer in to the techies five times in a row and require you to pay them 300,000 gil to fix a problem that will probably pop up in a few months anyway. (Bitter? Dataku-mun? Noooo.)]

[In any case, he's walking around with his weapon out and looking pretty smug. Whatcha gonna do, world? Or do you have any interesting events he might feel like dropping in on?]

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[Apparently, most people didn't come to the Parking Lot too much. Fortunately Dataku was not 'most people'. So inside the dimly-lit, awful smelling Parking Lot, you may find a silver-haired kid in a leather coat walking around. He occasionally rests a a hand on one of the objects -- a vehicle, say, or maybe a wall -- but never for long, and he always looks around in case someone catches him down here. He's not sure if the lot is available for cadets such as himself.]

[It definitely wasn't the datascape he was used to. As a matter of fact, it was very far from it. But somehow, even though he was data and the inner workings of the computer were something completely separate... being here was calming. He didn't really bring anything to do, but he didn't want to; Dataku was content to walk around and look at all of the vehicles the Garden used for transportation. By far the most abundant were the armored tank-like cars, which according to their name were restricted to use by SeeDs. But that wasn't the only thing in there, oh no, and he was totally interested in exploring it all.]

[Feel free to stop and stare. Because honestly, who spends their time in the parking lot?]

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[The cafeteria has been prepared for a feast for many. Tables have been pushed together and places set out for each person--plates, utensils, and napkins. Decorations have been put up too, signs proclaiming a Thanksgiving dinner not only in the cafeteria, but in various places on campus as well.

Soon, at eight o'clock, a Thanksgiving dinner of epic proportions will be served for all those who show up.


((OOC: Mix and mingle, folks! There will be two threads: one for setting up and one for the actual dinner. EAT! TALK! BE THANKFUL! TRY TO AVOID FOOD FIGHTS! Go wild, folks.))
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[Sometime between classes, Cissie had found some spare time to experiment in the kitchen. Carefully propping a large cookbook on the counter, she carefully read it over again and then began to pour everything into her metal mixing bowl.

She'd intended to bake some cranberry chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies - Bart'd expressed interest in them, so why not? - and maybe even a batch of blondies, just to be experimental, but it's pretty obvious that she's baking as a total coping mechanism. How obvious? Well, this isn't exactly her first batch of cookies.

With flour smudged all over her face, her hair disheveled and coming out of its ponytail, and even a few food stains on her apron and jeans, Cissie's looking a little worse for the wear as she beats the batter into submission---but somehow, in the mess of baking, she seems oddly content. Even if she'll soon have more than enough desserts to feed an army in a few hours.]
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[ if there's some people in the Training Center, there is a very high chance that running into ( 1 ) John Egbert will occur. however, this also means that there is also a chance of running into one of these giant lizards as well. yes, John has been told about the usage of his windy powers. but this is John. he's a derp and will end up using them anyway.

using them to ride one of those T-Rexaurs. or just fly around it to agitate it even more. the kid is the MASTER PRANKSTER. what better prank is there at the moment than being faster than the monster trying to chomp him into bits? besides! it's a freaking dinosaur! how impossibly cool is that!? ]

so this place has got to be one of the coolest places ever!!!!!!!!
bet you can't guess what i spent my day doing.
hehehe. :)
the hardest part, though, is trying to figure out what to name him.
er, well, i think he's a him, but i'm not sure that it's okay to just check a dinosaur out like that.
talk about rude!!
i happen to be a very culturally sensitive young man and lifting the skirts on poor dinosaurs just seems very wrong.
poor guy. i think i wore him out. :(


Sep. 19th, 2011 11:30 pm
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[Greece's paycheck may have been replaced by his sponsor's allowance, but that doesn't mean he's gotten any better at managing his money -- just because he's now serious about not accepting loans doesn't mean that he's going to stop buying whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Of course, this usually consists of knick-knacks, puzzles, and food. Not only for him but for all the cats he keeps attracting, no matter how unintentionally, and there are a lot of cats.

But seeing as Garden is currently docked at Fisherman's Horizon... well, that means Greece is saving quite a bit by catching some cat-food rather than buying it.

Follow the cats and you can find Greece perched around town in the morning and evenings, invariably next to the water's edge with a tackle-box and a cooler -- and, naturally, a fishing rod.

He's not paying too much attention to it, though: some of the cats that surround him keep trying to crawl into his lap, no matter how often Greece pushes them back out in case he gets a bite and knocks them into the sea when he tries to reel it in.]


Hey, shoo... how will you eat what I catch if you go swimming instead?

[Anyone want to hang onto a cat for him?]
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[What an... interesting ordeal the past few days have been.]

[It had pretty much taken Data Riku this long to just wrap his head around the general concepts of 'school', 'eating', and other such minuteae. Physical bodies were quite the unexpected trouble. But fortunately Dataku was a smart bugger, so he had been able to figure it out eventually, though not without his fair share of humiliation.]

[Humiliation such as what had just happened a few minutes ago.]

[By virtue of the data within him that concerned Sora's bank account, Dataku had thought that he was set as far as munny was concerned. But no. He had all the money he needed... except it was now a foreign currency that he had no idea what to do with. So buying one of these 'sandwich' things had suddenly become much harder, and he had needed the girl running the counter to help him sort it out. Embarrassment ahoy.]

[So here he was now, sitting on a bench with a barely-touched sandiwch next to him, puzzling over a number of assorted colored coins. This 'gil' was so ridiculous. The 50-gil coins were the green ones, right? Or were they silver?]


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