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[Okay, so this wasn't so bad. I mean, after fighting off the inner demons that plagued your older brother and the bastard dictator that was ruling the world up until recently -

...never mind, not thinking about that. ANYWAY.

Being in school wouldn't be that bad, never mind the fact that he hadn't been back in school for a few years, and this place specialized in fighting. Being a soldier back home, well, he supposed he'd do just fine anyway. Anything to eventually come home, at least.

So! Our intrepid hero is now sitting out on the quad, stretched out lazily, and... oddly content, despite the situation. Poke/throw things/yell at?
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[Strolling through the training center was a dapper looking gentleman clutching an open textbook within his hands, who seemed to be more interested in that book than his current surroundings. While studying within the training center may not be the ideal place, Albert had to get practice somewhere. Magick is a difficult subject to understand nevertheless master quickly. However, the gentlemanly warlock was more than certain he would be able to master the arts of para-magic soon enough because of it’s similarities to the Dark Arts.

With that said, Albert saw the training grounds here to be the most ideal spot for committing a mock genocide.

Leaving about a dozen or so fiends at his wake, Albert continued with his leisurely stroll through the training center while literally wielding his magick to rip apart everyone, and everything that stood in his way.]

Oh dear…[Albert turned back a page.] I think I was supposed to use fire magick upon the plant-like fiends, not lightning.

[He sighed.]

Now I have to find another one of those!
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[ Izaya sighs looking over his paperwork. So he had a roommate and was going to be going back to school. He wouldn't say he was excited, but oh well, at least now he could learn how to eliminate get Shizuo out of his hair-- maybe. He set the papers down and groans with a hint of irritation. ]

I need to get out of here! This is so irritatingly boring! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ Can't anyone just die so I can get some kind of entertainment out of my situation?!

[ He pulls back a layer of his hospital gown and pokes at his wound, ouch... it's still tender. He goes to tie his robe shut again but decides to say screw it for now, no one was looking at him anyway... ]

((OOC: In the infirmary after the fall? Just want to visit? Please keep him company ^^~~))
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[Squall had been in his office on the third floor the moment Garden crash-landed along the surface of the water. The odd thing here and there had fallen off his desk and shelves, himself jolted in his chair. Once everything seemed to calm, only then did he abandon his paperwork to leave the office and begin to make his way from one end of the floor to the next, checking to see how everyone was.

His next concern were the cadets and faculty on the other levels. He quickly checked on the classrooms annnnd then was walking briskly back to the elevator, down to the main level. Which seemed to be in a bit of a worse state.

Overhead, Cid's voice comes onto the intercom and Squall listens with half a ear, heading down the stairs away from the elevator, already on the move to help.

{{ooc; feel free to bump into him, drag him off to help others, cry on him, cling to him all scared-like. whatever you'd like :} }}

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May. 30th, 2010 02:27 am
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[ Just because she was away from home, didn't mean she had to stop doing her drills. It was growing dark in the courtyard and Azula found a nice spot to train in since the training center always was overcrowded with people she didn't want to deal with. She took a deep breath and concentrated her energies. Her days were so filled up she was finding it harder and harder to have Azula time, but if she wanted to keep her mind off of how frustrated she was being here that was the only way to do it.

She knew it would soon be time to patrol the grounds for troublemakers, but that was still too far away. She started to stretch out her limbs, ignoring anyone who may be watching. ]
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[A lot of young faces around. Auron is used to that, but not so much the setting of a school.

As he passes, a few students stop to stare at him. Whether it's a new guy thing or just an old guy thing he isn't sure, but he's betting on both.

A huge blade balanced against his shoulder, he heads for the Training Center. Just because he isn't a student doesn't mean he's here to rot. That fate, funny enough, was left back at home.]


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