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[shortly after this conversation (and not four days afterwards, certainly not!) Danny confronts the BBS with some pressing questions.]

So, while we're here, Rapunzel and I were wondering...

Has anyone here been to Dollet before? If you have, what sort of really cool or fun things do you know of there that we can do? We want to see everything worth seeing while we're here, so if anyone has any ideas about great stuff to do, I'd love to hear it!

Oh, and if anyone else is interested in coming with us when we do go and explore Dollet, that would be great too!

-Danny M.
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So. Dollet, huh guys? I've never been before but I hope it's fun! Eugene, want to go take a look around? Or Cissie, I don't know if you've been before. If anyone wants to do anything while we're here, let me know? But I do hope everyone has fun and makes the most of break from class!

-- Rapunzel
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[Possibly because someone still doesn't know how to send PMs, this appears one morning on the public board.]

mr fistx mr fitzherbert/ something interesting concerning your statsus has recently come to my attention. would you prefer to iscus it here or in my office/

it would be to your benefit to discus this with me before im forced to go to the headmaster, dear.

mother gothel
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[The Garden Festival Committee and the Fight Club have graciously sponsored a giant bonfire in the Quad from 2000 to 2400 hours on Saturday night! It takes up most of the room in the center, with piles upon piles of freshly-cut logs and staff members replenishing the fire every so often with para-magic, but there's plenty to do and see in the Quad regardless.

Various members of the GFC have guitars on them, in order to properly sing campfire songs around the bonfire, and there's stations run by both Fight Club and the GFC near the back for s'mores, chocolate, and various other snacks that a bonfire party might need.

And even though your presence isn't mandatory, the smell of freshly roasted s'mores and the heat from the bonfire might be enough to entice just about anyone.]

[ooc | we apologize for the delay in getting this up! Players are free to create their own threads outside of the ones we've provided if they absolutely have to. :) Enjoy the bonfire and have fun, y'all!]
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Wednesday - CBT 101 (all sections), Thursday - COD 101 (all sections)

[A middle-aged woman in a rather Earth-medieval type dress sashays into the classroom at precisely the class's beginning time, down to the second. She takes up position at the head of the class and spreads her arms dramatically.]

Good morning, students~! You may be wondering where your regular instructor is. She's right here~~.

Yes! Up until now, you have been dealing with a substitute. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll all get along splendidly~. I am Mother Gothel--and, as I have been asked about this quite recently: no, I'm not actually named "mother", nor are you required to call me that~. I just believe that--as this is often among the first classes new cadets take--I ought to help ease the transition between civilian and Garden life~. As a SeeD in training, the Garden will become another family to you. Perhaps a bit harsher than your previous one, perhaps not~... Remember, the attitude I try to instill in you is as important as what's written in the syllabus~.

I do apologize for not being with you from the beginning, but alas! 

I'm afraid instructors are still SeeDs, and have other duties as well.

I trust that all of you are up to date on the reading assignments~?

[When replying, please put the class and time-period in the subject? 4th-Wallers, please do pick a class, though a specific time isn't necessary. Threadjacking encouraged between classmates! (4th-Wallers, who aren't bound to their own class-period, likewise encouraged to threadjack.) Gothel's easily side-tracked into conversations, so have at her!]
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[And today, Balamb Gardeners – whether you’re here because the fourth wall broke or you’re here because you’ve always been here, there is going to be one Haruhi Suzumiya roaming around in a bunny outfit, hunting down people she knows or doesn’t know randomly!

And she’ll shout from the top of her lungs one word:]

… Hello!
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[For the regular denizens of Balamb Garden, it's an ordinary day...until more off-worlders start showing up, for only a few hours at a time. Unsure what to make of these more temporary visitors, the Garden faculty is holding off on registering them as cadets or offering them jobs.

[Maybe someone you know might turn up?]

Mod note, to reiterate:
  • 4th wall characters can only be seen at certain hours of the day. They may appear for two hours a day, or four... or seen only in the early morning... the time doesn't matter to us, but they're not permanently here. They may return to Garden again through the rest of the month, but they're not around 24/7.
  • Like apped characters, 4th wall characters can't be ridiculously-sized. Transformers, Gundams, and similar concepts/characters will become human-sized (and in the case of mechas, not allowed altogether.)
  • Players (like you and me) are not allowed to visit Garden. We're breaking the 4th wall, not destroying it altogether!
  • Apart from this post, 4th wall characters are free to reply to open posts in [community profile] witchesreign or open logs in [community profile] concoursec. Apped players have the option of closing their posts to in-game characters only.
  • All BBS posts are locked to in-game characters only. 4th wall characters do not have access to any sort of logged in posts unless they hijack someone else's log-in---and in those cases, we need to know this beforehand.

    For those unfamiliar with the setting, here is more info on Balamb Garden's facilities and layout. Additionally, some of the NPCs around and some player characters may be wearing Balamb Garden's cadet or SeeD uniform.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the OOC post or through the mod channels ([personal profile] wrmods or [plurk.com profile] witchesreign).
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    [Oh look, another new student! 

    Don't mind Ariel, she's just fascinated by her new surroundings and it's quite clear that she's never worn a uniform before. It looks.. a little strange, especially with the yellow bow tie portion tied in her hair, rather than around her neck. Needless to say, she's attracting some odd looks from the other students.

    She'd spent a large portion of the morning getting lost and is currently in the cafeteria, staring in awe at what is on offer in terms of food. She's pretty much starving but is frowning in confusion and hesitating about approaching the counter.]

    Um.. so people eat dogs here? Oh gosh..

    [She's looking at the word "Hot Dog" and is feeling all kinds of freaked out. And, yes, she is talking to herself. The cafeteria staff are also most likely giving her odd stares as she continues mumbling to herself.

    Help a mermaid out, anyone?]

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    [A] - [There's no one waiting to greet Gothel when she returns from the mission, but nonetheless she drops her suitcase and spreads her arms dramatically.]

    Mother's back, dearies~!

    [And she tries to hug a passing young cadet, but it turns out to be a cadet who's met her, and so he runs as if she's just tried to stab him.

    She is currently scowling after him.]

    [B] - [She is in the cafeteria at lunchtime, nibbling at a biscuit. She's not sitting too close to anyone else--or they're not sitting close to her; it's hard to tell. She seems to be preoccupied with thumbing through her syllabus.]

    [C] - [After much trial and error, and hunting down the proper keys, Gothel has managed to post something on the BBS. And it only took her 30 minutes this time!]

    helllo stundents students wonderful news1 your loving instructor gothel has returnned to you1 those shouldn't be ones but hyou know what i ment meant. i am very excited to see all the new arrrivals1 hugs and kisss, mother gothel.

    ((Please mention which choice you're reacting to. ^_^ And for A and B: she's a good bit older than you may remember. She's only been here a little over a year, but she ages faster than most people. As for C: I apologize for her terrible typing. She really doesn't understand keyboards.))


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