Jun. 11th, 2010 12:41 pm
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[So having wandered around the Garden a few times, he managed to have a good idea of where is what and how to get from point A to point B. He never thought he'd think it, but he misses Ikebukuro already. At least this place has vending machines. Which he is frowning at one right now.

Why the hell don't they have cigarette vending machines here.]

... Tch. [He takes a long drag from the one he's currently smoking, giving the machine a glare before he turns around and leans against it. If they're gonna be stuck here, at least have adequate supplies for the masses. People these days.

Feel free to bother him, though depending on who you are, your mileage may vary. 8|a]


Jun. 7th, 2010 11:34 pm
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[It's quite late when Roxas steps into the training center with his company, glancing around at the darkened scenery. Something about it is distinctly different, although he doubts anything in the place has truly changed.

He turns to Axel and Celty, looking quite obviously eager to have a group to train with]

Which way should we go?

[ooc: Want to join the party/stalk someone/be a troll? By all means, hop in]
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[It's probably the most activity the pool has seen since classes started, likely because of the upcoming competitive swims for the Swimming 101 classes, or perhaps because of the Garden's currently waterlogged status, making out-of-campus recreational trips impossible. Plus, generally, the pool seemed safer than jumping into a sea populated with who-knows-what creatures - just a little safer, if you didn't count the number of students ignoring pool rules and cannon-balling into the surface. There are students on both the shallow and deep ends, and a few lanes reserved for dedicated swimmers - despite the upsurge in visitors, there's room for all.

Hope ducks just in time to avoid the resulting splash from another student diving into the shallow end with floaties and kicking boards in tow, resurfacing to shake the water out of his hair. Talk about ripe for disaster - he had as many things to watch out for here as he did in Gran Pulse.]

W-watch out!

[ooc; General pool post, for all interested. No obligation to tag Hope; feel free to start your own threads a-la-event-style!]
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[Celty stalks into the quad, pacing around the fountain angrily, small wisps of smoke leaking from the neck area of her helmet. She didn't know what to do-- usually when she was annoyed it was a certain doctors fault, or she could complain to the same fore mentioned doctor-- not that she wanted to complain. Really, it wasn't a big deal, nor any ones business. Shinra was rather busy recently, and she didn't want to trouble him.

So, instead, she sits on a cement bench in the quad and curls one leg into her chest, tapping her fingers on the bench, impatiently. She really didn't even notice it was almost time for all cadets to be in their rooms.]

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[there is the sound of soggy bare feet running down sleek halls, the boy who owns those feet skidding towards the edge every now and again. he has managed to fall off onto the water pool surrounding the circular walking area inside the garden when the place shook with its landing.]

So co-co-cold. [alma hugged himself as his light sprinting fell back into an easier walking pace.] What just happened- Yuuuuu! [and the calling begins:]

Has anyone seen Yuu?

[pitter patter he goes, down the hall. soaking wet, he will start sneezing in a bit.]
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We are to conduct an investigation regarding trapped, disappeared and lost students under Headmaster Cid request. As for the VOLUNTEERS, don't get in my way. The DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE is to report to me at the end of the day.

#00301, Seifer Almasy
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[ Shinra's doing a sweep of the dorms right now because he knows many students go back to their rooms after class and before heading to lunch. He's got a med kit with him from the infirmary along with a few other instruments he grabbed last minute.

In need of medical attention? Groan or something. He'll come find you.

Totally unconscious? That's fine. Leave your unconscious body somewhere and he'll come find you too. 8) IF YOU DARE.

...no I kid. Shinra's actually a good doctor when he's not busy being a fanboy. :'( ]

Hello? Is anyone there?

[ Knocknock. Snoop around. Rinse and repeat. ]
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[Axel's out of Military Movement (10am MWF) and headed to his next class (CBT101 11am MWF)-- which, it so happens, one headless biker chick is also sharing with him. And since said princess headless is being Annoyed by His Flammable Presence, Axel decides to fall in walking beside her. He's an asshat that way.

[[Anyone taking up the same classes or just passing by is welcome to drop in.♥]]
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[Sup! New not-kid on the block!

Axel's walking back from a little recon trip to get his class schedule. You can probably see he's none too thrilled about it, either, but hey, information's information, right? Or not. Because Axel's crumpling that little note in his hand and after a brief dip into his pocket, the next time he opens it, there's nothing but ash. Don't worry, he's got it memorized.  Keywords relevant.]

Never thought I'd have to go through this again.

[Anyone who wants to run into him, he'll just be on the lesser-used paths leading to the Dormitory. In his leather Organization-issue coat.]
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Hello, everyone.

My name is Celty and I am new to this school as of only a few days ago. Also a few days ago I noticed a bulletin board with club notices. While I am interested in some of the clubs listed there, I am more interested in a club not found on the list.

I am not sure if the bulletin board was just missing a flyer, or maybe it is because of the world we live in and what we are trained to do here, but I am looking for some kind of cooking club.

I am not a very good cook, not at all, so it is my hope that someone else here might already have one started, or might want to create one...

Please, let me know if you know anything or have any plans.


Thank you very much.

Japanese and Gaelic Versions )

☄ o2

May. 25th, 2010 02:53 pm
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[ The library's nice and quiet. Good place to go and clear one's head. Or alternatively, a good place to catch up on all the homework he's behind on. He's found a desk near a window, and the desk is littered with notes and open textbooks. Recipes. Odd class topic.

And English is tough, sheesh. Not speaking it, he's got that covered, but writing it's another story. Trying to remember where proper punctuation goes, spelling oh man spelling. Like this word right here. The one in his text book that he's been staring at for the past ten minutes just trying to figure out how to pronounce. What the heck is cay-- ... cay-enne? ]


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