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[Action] Watch where you step!

[Amidst all the chaos going on, the only one who seems right at home with it all is none other than Pinkie. She is acting as a crossing guard for a family of spoons in the cafeteria. One tablespoon and five little teaspoons all walking in line. How cute!

She sees some people approach from behind and blows her whistle at them.]

This is a no crossing zone! You have to wait for the green light!
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[And an old face is standing nearby, watching with bemusement. Pinkie? You're weird. Spoons? You're weirder.]

Ain't they made o' metal? Gettin' run over ain't exactly gonna do 'em a whole lot of harm.
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Boy, that sure is some way to greet an old friend. C'mere.

[Grabs Pinkie into a one-armed hug.]

Ain't got no cider to speak of, so this'll do.

Now, mind tellin' me what in the heck is going on?
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...alrighty then.

[Give her a moment to sort of... process that. It sounds like a lot has happened...]

Sounds like you had a right ol' - wait, now - you have a Special Somebody? [Tightens that one armed hug, and ruffles Pinkie's fluffy hair.] Aw, Pinkie, that's just great for you! Anyone I know?

[Tries to think - does she know anyone crazy enough to date Pinkie?]
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[Touma smiles at the sight, though his smile looks a little thinner than usual. Something on his mind?]

Don't worry, I'll wait. It's good to see you out and about.
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[Not entirely prepared for Pinkie latching onto him, Touma staggers a bit, but he regains his balance quickly.] I've had some, thank you for asking... [At least Pinkie will always appreciate his hard work, even if it seems like no one else does.] Gaomon just thought I needed some fresh air.


Some different air. [Eh, the smell of cafeteria food and oddly lively cutlery is a change from the smell of disinfectant.]
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[Touma lifts a hand to protest, but then she says 'no buts', and, well. Getting away from certain patients for a bit would be nice.]

Can I at least send word back to the infirmary? They're only expecting me gone for half an hour at most.
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My coworkers will worry - they know it's not like me to be late.
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[Touma blanches, and tries, as he's pulled away, to tell a random cadet to go to the infirmary and tell them Dr. Norstein will be late, but the kid's clearly not listening.

[He could break out of her grip, he knows; he could enhance his strength with a little digisoul and pull some martial arts moves to get out. But truth be told, he's enjoying the attention. So instead he just grabs a tray and some plates along the way.]
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[Touma manages a faint smile for their lunch, able to appreciate the dietary balance of the meal.] Gaomon and I are often - [he hesitates on the term] - 'lunch twins', but it can depend somewhat on what they're serving.
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More like things he can't: Too much salt, onion, or garlic, dairy products, grapes... He gets sick. [While Touma has the knowhow and equipment to deal with it, Gaomon hardly enjoys being ill.]