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[Maria isn't much for fighting -- or really, any kind of violence. That she's actually in the training center, then, might come as a surprise to those who know her. But she isn't here to, well, train, oh no.

She's singing. To the monsters. And most anyone that seems to come into range.

It's a wordless song, but the melody is cheerful and uplifting, especially with her voice behind it.

She seems to be oblivious to her surroundings, however... which likely isn't the most wise of things.]
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[Mikuru and her partner's chicobo has escaped. Our little battle waitress was taking the thing for a walk around campus, she looked at something else for ten seconds and it was gone.

[It runs all over Garden, wreaking havoc and attempting to eat loose paper and foliage. Mikuru is always a few steps behind.]

Have you seen a chicobo?!
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[If there's one thing Espio's been having a great deal of trouble doing lately, it's relaxing. But he's finally clued into the fact he needs to stop overworking and overstressing himself over everything... somehow.

Apparently, that somehow is by... more work. In this case, probably annoying people in the Quad by trying desperately to recall how the hell to play a guitar. He's sure he knew how to do this before coming to Garden!

...in fairness, it doesn't sound quite as bad as Espio thinks it is, but he's starting to get a bit frustrated. He's had to haul a book out here with him to remind himself of the basics.

So, he's concentrating very hard on... chilling out. Typical.
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Citizens of the Garden!

This is the first fashion column for us, isn't it? It certainly won't be the last by the looks of everyone's dress. Really, who said that all these colors would make a perfect combination with navy? But, that's neither here, nor there. Thank goodness for the option to wear what we choose. It's quite a luxury for a military school.

Speaking of choosing what to wear, here's some advice. I'll try to make it as friendly as possible.

1. Be true to your skin tone. Not every color will suit you! How will you know? You'll just have to try out every shade that suits you until you get it right. Or just have a female eye help you out. Also, proper skin care will go a long way. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone. You're welcome.

2. Patterns are your friends, don't abuse them. Depending on the style, you can work with two different patterns. Throwing on three or more, and people will be throwing up on you!

3. This is more for us ladies, but men may use this if it suits them. Makeup is meant to enhance your own natural beauty, not make you into an unrecognizable being. Does anyone here eat over ten of those 'hot dogs' in one sitting? Of course not! (Or I hope not!) It would go straight to your thighs! It's also unsightly, so please don't do it. The keyword here is MODERATION, ladies (and gents?).

4. Hair! My favorite topic. A good majority of students (and dare I say, faculty too? You bet!) suffer from the harsh winter season. Or...perhaps you are just suffering all the time, I'm unable to tell. BUT the first step in getting your hair into better shape is by treating your body right! Water, exercise, a proper diet, SUNLIGHT (I see you, my fellow computer scientists!) will set your hair on the path to recovery! Oh, and washing wouldn't hurt, too. Get a good lather going!

And we are are coming to the grand finale of this column. How to spice up your wardrobe. Why not add a splash of color to a hat by adding a pin? Or how about wearing a shirt that isn't grey, black, tan, or white, gentlemen (pending you follow the advice in #1 above)? Just incorporating even a bit of color can perk up your entire look, and maybe even your life, for the better! What color would I suggest, you ask? Why, red of course~.

I'll be back again, hopefully covering fashion Dos and Don'ts for field work. Covering everything from espionage to blending in while undercover to what to wear for ballroom dancing.

- Grell
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[It's not all that surprising that Espio can actually use handguns. When it comes to class, after all, he is a very hard worker even on subjects he doesn't like, and the training he's taken has at least covered basic firearm usage and safety.

He's not entirely confident with them, however, which is why he waited until a time the training centre had few - if any - people training there before giving it a go, and does so while checking his surroundings frequently. So, while nobody's around, he takes on a few grats, trying to keep as much distance as he could between him and them...

For about fifteen minutes.

After which he gives up and hurls the small gun at a grat in a complete lapse of sense. These things were slow - yes, he had range, but!

And that's the sound of a gun going off, and Espio throwing himself to the ground as he realises what a stupid move hurling a firearm at a monster is. He swivels to see if it hit anything, and is thankful that it's only hit another grat, but... that was still extremely stupid. And a very near miss, at that - it could have easily hit him.

What kind of stupid move was that?! Anyone'd think I'm a complete moron!

[Well, that's enough of that for the day! His patience with Mikuru's pistol has failed - he'd better quit for the day, before he causes a real accident. He retrieves the pistol, and decides that now's the time to leave, hoping that nobody got to hear that. He'd rather leave without a curious someone questioning him.]

This was a stupid idea, anyway...
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Anyone got a gun I can borrow?

It's for practice - I wanna test it out on some grats. I have to take an extra quarter for my major, and I'm thinking of at least trying an actual weapon out. It'll probably be blunt weapons, but I should consider the other options as well - even the ones I didn't do too well with in the Intro class.

And if someone can give me a demo of Indirect magic, I'd appreciate it. That's the magic class I'm leaning towards.


[It's a partial truth. In fact, he's worried time compression will bring a certain someone here, and for once "just shoot him" is an option he's willing to consider.]
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[Military was something Goose was unsurprisingly used to, although of this sort, he'd basically consider it brand-new territory.

He had to admit, though, that this was just the kind of new adventure that he needed. This was unfamiliar, different, and most importantly, a thrill. He found himself in this new area where his life would make a drastic change. Goose was far from the type of person to object to change.

One thing that hadn't changed so much, however, was the food. He found himself in a strange sense of familiarity as he munched happily on a hot dog, rather than busying himself was something to help him get more settled in. He has top responsibility priorities, you see.

And so there he was, partaking in a nice little meal.

... Need I also mention that he's not sitting on a chair, but rather, on the table itself? Should he even be doing that? Honestly put, he didn't even care. He found the table a little more comfortable, and it was better to be a little different than to stick with the norm. He preferred to stand out, if his wild hairdo was any indication of that.


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