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[ Last thing he remembers is the fight. How much his injuries hurt, how hard he'd tried, and then how amazing Gaara had been.

When he opens his eyes, Lee expects to find himself in the hospital room once again. But... this is no hospital. It's some sort of bedroom.

Not his.

He's careful not to disturb anything in the room as he takes a look around. It seems one other person lives here. Where that person is, Lee does not know. The person owns many things that seem to be a completely different language.

He's not happy about this sudden change in atmosphere. What could have brought him here, apart from very strong Genjutsu? He'd thought the battle was over, but perhaps it's only just begun. He's still bandaged, and he can still feel the dull pain left over from the previous battles. However, this is not something he can -- or ever would -- turn away from.

First, he'll have to locate the reason for this jutsu.

Cautiously, Lee steps outside the dorm room and glances around. Where to? How would he even go about this? ]

[[ ooc: just a note, I wrote his native language as Japanese, so unless someone's speaking in Japanese to him or gives him one of those fancy translators, he probably won't understand. Everything spoken in Japanese will be in italics for now /o/ ]]


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