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May. 29th, 2010 12:13 pm
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[ Crazy situations like these are nothing but routine for Lou, yet she had to admit she had never been in a place quite like this. The technology wasn't that different from the one back in her world, even if a little bit less advanced, although the difference was nearly unnoticeable for her - after all, she has never been quite in touch with technology.

As a very independent (and stubborn) person, Lou likes doing everything by herself and so she has been giving herself a tour around the Garden. She peeked in the Training Center, but ended up slowly backing away when she saw a enormous dinosaur stomping around and currently, the tattooed girl was checking out schedules and classes, sitting on one of the benches of the hall, leaning her chin on one hand.

She had no idea what she was reading, though.
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[ Haine's sitting at a table in the cafeteria and it's practically like high school all over again. He's made sure to pick an empty one and he's looking down at his tray with what looks like a mixture of displeasure and disgust. He jerks his food around with the end of a fork. ]

[ he wont admit it, but in that flash of a moment, he almost misses the pasta from Buon Viaggio. ]

[ ...or maybe that's just because he was slightly more used to people staring at his strange appearance and odd behavior back there without being questioned. Either way, he brushes the thought off and grabs a forkful of the food on his plate and shoves it into his mouth, with no prelude to the unceremonious follow-up of chewing it down. ]
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[there's a red-haired boy asleep on one of the benches around the Garden. It's been a hard week for him because, seriously, all this studying is just too much. he's completely passed out.]
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Are there any other members of the GFC here? We should definitely brainstorm ideas for future events!

The only ideas I have is to help promote school spirit (somehow!), a karaoke contest, or a talent show.

Thoughts? Ideas? (You don't have to be a member to reply either!)
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[ If there is one thing Vincent does well, it's stay hidden.
(His record is over a decade, though bragging about it might put him in a tough spot with Garden.
His student ID card does list his age as twenty-four, after all.)

Still, as comfortable as he finds the anonymity of night, that wake-up call has insisted on rousing him to greet the dawn each day. In the harsh electric lights of his classrooms, his pallor and his attire fairly radiate, highlighting his otherness.

And the living joke that fluorescent lights make them look dead.

It's all he can do to keep his cloak high and tight around him, expose as little of what lay beneath as he can manage while huddled in the back row, nearest the door. The moment the 1530 chime rings out Friday afternoon, he's the first to escape, moving into the halls with speed only granted to the desperate.
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Soooo what kind of idiot teaches Aerobic Fitness if he's got the agility of a drunken cat?

[ Yuffie's standing awkwardly with a pile of metal and bolts in her hands, flipping them over and over in her hands as if by doing so, she could magically paste them back in place. ]

And really, it wasn't my fault if the balance beams aren't strong enough to carry anything heavier than a toothpick--I mean, for such a snazzy place you think they'd have some equipment worth roughing around. Where's all the moolah going to? And I'm definitely not fat so that's not even part of the equation, in fact, I'm lean! A lean, mean, fighting machine.

[ she sighs irritably, tempted to throw the broken bits of equipment to the ground. ]


...so anyone got any suggestions on how to fix this thing before I get in trouble? Cos, you know, like I said. It wasn't even my fault. Ehheh.
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{{ooc; This is set for Wednesday at lunch time (around the beginning of it) so everyone can get the chance to, you know, butterbug him.}}

[ Squall's not thinking about the time as he leaves his office and takes the elevator down to the main level. He's running mainly on auto-pilot, a hand absently passing over his stomach as it grumbles loudly. He takes his time as he makes his way for the cafeteria, and ignores most of the looks thrown his way.

That's what he gets for skipping breakfast. Good thing it's Wednesday. It means there's more choices than just HOT DOGS.

(...I knew another hour of paperwork wouldn't have killed me.)

[ Yeah - there's a line up. And it's not a small one. ]
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[Souji only thinks to check his watch when it's fifteen minutes past curfew. He thinks that they ought to have made an announcement, but he vaguely remembers one, somewhere between the chapter on income distribution and the chapter on the exchange rate. Still, first impressions are important, and being caught out after curfew would be bad for his reputation, especially among the staff and older students; he quickly shut his book, frowning at the loud clap echoing in such a quiet library. Without catching the attention of the librarian, he shoves his textbooks and notebooks into his schoolbag and hurries out of the library.

The problem, now, is that he hasn't familiarized him with the layout of the Garden yet. Were the dorms towards the right or the left? He looks around for a moment before heading to the left, walking with quick steps and turning his head at the building's noises - it's more unnerving now that the building's deserted, reminding him of the places he had gone inside the TV World, and so he walks as quickly as he can without breaking out into a run. It's best to make haste anyway, right?]


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