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Is there any way to find extra help for the classes here? I think I could really use it, especially with the math and information technology classes. I don't know much about those at all.

My name is Emil Castagnier, by the way. Thank you.
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[F̶̦͓̥͈̖̼͉̀̈̈́̐̍̾̔͗̌ḭ̧̢͓̺̗͎͇͊͌̽̈͊̀l̸͙̺͚̱͎͇ͬ̂ͅe͔͍͖̦̮̼̩̝̔̈́̾̆͝͠ ̨͈̳͙̞͍̻̘͕̰ͫ͌̅͐ͪ̈̾̅̽͢ċ͍̝̩̽͂̌̊͐ͅo̹̔̓̒̔̂ͫͩ͟r̛̮̓̽͘r̵̶̨̳̠͙͍̫̲̳͔̅ͥū͔̺̎̋̋ͭ͠p̻̥͌̅͑ͨ̔ͧ̇͑̀t̢̺̤ͮͣͤe͈͙̺̳̞̖̯͛̐͑̐̃̊̒̔̚d̴̛̞̯ͪͬ͋̋̐͒]

[So walking around Garden today, students, you may notice an increasingly more standardized sight: you guessed it, ANOTHER RIKU. Except this one is wearing a bodysuit and a silly skirt and kind of looks like he wants to kill something. What you may not guess is that this is out friend Dataku, with some... minor adjustments. After the events listed in this nice log, Data Riku is now a 'corrupted' version of himself; that is, he's more aggressive than normal, and he's a jerk of the caliber who will happily send your computer in to the techies five times in a row and require you to pay them 300,000 gil to fix a problem that will probably pop up in a few months anyway. (Bitter? Dataku-mun? Noooo.)]

[In any case, he's walking around with his weapon out and looking pretty smug. Whatcha gonna do, world? Or do you have any interesting events he might feel like dropping in on?]

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[The worst part about having all these off-worlder attacks? Was that Robin couldn't get a chance to go out there and fight alongside SeeD. He'd practically given up on going to class: he'd been here for over a year, he knew pretty much everything there was to know by now!

So instead, he's skipping class to stalk find potential recruits for the Disciplinary Committee. Although he might seem like he's lounging in the Quad with his comic books (steampunk pirates were so metaschway!!) or hanging out in an empty classroom, he's totally keeping an eye out for those who seem like they know what they're doing.

... That, and he really doesn't want to leave the Committee to freaking Impulse once he skips town. Desperate times are calling for desperate measures, and even though Robin hates to admit it, he needs all the help he can get.]
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[Apparently, most people didn't come to the Parking Lot too much. Fortunately Dataku was not 'most people'. So inside the dimly-lit, awful smelling Parking Lot, you may find a silver-haired kid in a leather coat walking around. He occasionally rests a a hand on one of the objects -- a vehicle, say, or maybe a wall -- but never for long, and he always looks around in case someone catches him down here. He's not sure if the lot is available for cadets such as himself.]

[It definitely wasn't the datascape he was used to. As a matter of fact, it was very far from it. But somehow, even though he was data and the inner workings of the computer were something completely separate... being here was calming. He didn't really bring anything to do, but he didn't want to; Dataku was content to walk around and look at all of the vehicles the Garden used for transportation. By far the most abundant were the armored tank-like cars, which according to their name were restricted to use by SeeDs. But that wasn't the only thing in there, oh no, and he was totally interested in exploring it all.]

[Feel free to stop and stare. Because honestly, who spends their time in the parking lot?]

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[While the afternoon sun is shining , Shelke is in the library. Books are scattered on the table around her. Excitedly, she scans them, her finger underlining the words. A smile is on her lips. It is small , but still a smile. If you were to peer over her shoulder , you would see teen magazines messily hidden in the books.]

OH! So , that is what a social interaction like that means!
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[Waking up in a strange, new world is nothing new to Riku. After all, it happened when the islands disappeared into darkness. However, he didn't end up enrolled in a military academy back then. So, needless to say, this whole situation is different and a little overwhelming.

Time compression, Sorceresses... it's all a bunch of strange jargon to him. Still, if he's going to be stuck for a while, he might as well get used to it.

Which is exactly why he's planning on exploring every nook and cranny to get a feel for his surroundings. First stop? The cafeteria, to grab something to eat. While there, he'll probably find a quiet spot to sit on his own. No need to draw attention to himself, after all.

But once that's over with, he'll head on down to the Training Center. There, he'll showcase some of his sweet moves, including elemental magic, Keyblade techniques, tossing it at enemies like a boomerang or ramming straight into them, adding in a flurry of rapid combos... just to name a few of his techniques. He'll keep at it for a good while, noticeably keeping to himself. Obviously, someone should pester him before he overworks himself. KH folk might notice he's wielding Oathkeeper.

But after a while, he'll go ahead and park it in the library at one of the computers. By then he's blown off some steam and types up this message...]

You know, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I've been pulled from one world to the next for a while now. Just wasn't expecting to wind up on my own again.

Or to end up back in school. So... anything I should know before classes start? Looks like I got pulled in here at the last minute. Might as well get an idea of what I'm getting into.

[ooc: Feel free to bump into Riku at any time, really. I tread to leave some options open!]
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I suppose it's only right to ask: Out of those who will be seeing me in my expected classes, what do you expect or want to learn? I have enough engineering knowledge that I should be able to cover most topics with you. Psychology might be a bit tricky, but I will teach you what I know.

-I. Clarke

[It's multiple choice time, students! No matter where you find him, he'll be in a weird, futuristic-looking body suit. Surely the odd type. You can find him in either two places:

Choice the first: The Quad. He's reviewing his own notes (with weird, almost unnoticed marks penciled into the margins, if you were to look over his shoulder) and generally being as anti-social as you can be in an open-air garden.

Choice the second: The Engineering Classroom. You can catch him reviewing the workspace, along with materials he has to work with, teaching-wise. You might notice something that doesn't exactly look like a pistol on the desk, while he's doing all this review. Can't be too careful, after all.]
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[One moment he and Isa'd just been thrown out of King Ansem's castle; the next, he was here, and Lea had barely had time to look around before he'd been caught up in a whirlwind of explanations and ended up -- well, here.

Garden something? Seed something? His head had been spinning by the second sentence, but he definitely caught the bit where they told him there was no way to get home.

After that it had mostly been nodding and smiling and waiting until they let him out to explore the 'garden' he'd be stuck in. He doesn't know what to think about any of this: being here, being stuck, and worst of all, having left Isa behind.

Isa is going to kill him. When he gets back, which he is definitely going to figure out how to do. They've got plans, after all.

He's just got to figure this place out first. And find someone to explain it in smaller paragraphs that make more freaking sense.

So this afternoon there's a skinny teenager with spiky red hair sticking his nose in absolutely everywhere that isn't locked: the lobby, library, cafeteria, dorms, quad.... If you happen to be there, he may pounce!]
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[It is strange to see Shelke Rui outside anymore. Usually she haunts empty classrooms and her dorm ,wires trailing behind her from a bundle of technology in her arms. But , here she is. It is around noon and the town is bustling. But , Shelke is not really partaking in the shopping. She sits on a marble bench. A class list sits on her lap. Shelke is busily scrawling on it. Finally , she got off her butt and decided to picks classes.]
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[Jet’s walking around, only half paying attention as he scans the letter in his one hand.  It’s about the third time he’s done this now, and nothing seems to be registering.  Which frustrates him more than worries him.  They can’t explain how he got here or how he got back, but they could leave a letter just to inform him of it, huh?  How convinient.
A little more aggressively than he intends to, he stuffs the paper into his pocket and lets his hand linger there.  He lets his other hand find the other pocket as he quickens his pace.  A thousand thoughts are racing through his mind, and by now he's practically jogging in hopes of a familiar face.  Were the others here?  He’d been fighting (with?) Aang, right?  Maybe he got sucked into this place or whatever.
Walking along the Fisherman’s Horizon, Jet goes to call out the names of his friends but stops.  What use would it be?  What if it would endanger them or somehow lure them here or--
Temptation gets the better of him and he ventures out more, frowning and pursing his lips.]

Guess this is home.


Sep. 13th, 2011 06:03 pm
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This system is a little old. Guess it's all you got without towers for a PHS system.

Name's Strife. Is there anyone else from Gaia here? I was told that it might be possible... but I am not holding my breath. They also explained this SeeD place as being a kind of school for fighters. Is it true they are not associated with any country or political power? Sounds too good to be true...

As for this... Whatever this is. What exactly are they expecting in return? Information?


[ooc; Strike outs are personal thoughts. Cloud is just a tiny suspicious of the good people of the Garden. And you want to switch to action, Cloud is currently holed up with Fenrir in the garage. ]
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A: The Quad

[Shelke is drawing. That in itself is highly odd. There is a pencil in her small hand and a pad of paper in her lap. Upon closer inspection , the drawing isn't really a doodle after all. A small set of blueprints sits on top of the paper. It is lightly drawn and extremely elaborate for something a seemingly ten year old drew.]

B: A Classroom

[While all the other students are running around with exams , Shelke is in an empty classroom. She is exempted from the tests due to her late arrival. The young girl has taken a seat on the floor with a computer sitting in front of her. It is obviously an older model that has been out of commission for a while. Shelke has a screwdriver in hand , trying to pry the panel off of the computer.]
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[Oh look, it's a battle maid in the training center, facing down a Grat.]

Mikuru BEAM!

[Instead of the usual eye laser, the Grat is suddenly showered in rose petals. Mikuru wrings her hands, puts one hand up to her eye, and tries again.]


[The Grat shakes off the rose petals and starts shuffling towards her. Mikuru gives it a look of terror, pulls twin pistols from the tie of her apron, and starts shooting. She's improved dramatically in her time at Garden but now it's like her aim's regressed to her skills two months ago. The Grat starts backing her up. Help! Or don't; that's fun too!]


Aug. 29th, 2011 03:34 pm
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[So Marvelous was never the most discreet person in the world because he really just doesn't care. But, as of yet, no one has really seen his power or witnessed a transformation from him because he simply doesn't care to inform people of them.

But since he showed up, there might have been a time where people have noticed a shadow flying over head that looked like a person in red with wings

or did it look more like this?

Maybe while walking down the streets of Fisherman's Horizon, down in an alley or another street you might have caught a glimpse of something that kinda looked like this in the corner of your eye

Or was it this?

However today no one will be seeing these random caped crusaders in red spandex

Because Marvelous, despite the fact that he's not a student, is in the cafeteria and on his third serving of lunch.]
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[Hello, Garden.

Today is a pretty normal day, despite all the things going around.

The birds sing, the sun is up, and Clark Kent is walking around, headed for his Basic English class. The exams are almost here, so he has a lot of work to do. He wants all of his students to pass, and he's doing his best to teach them properly.

So yes, pretty normal day.

Well, except for the fact that Clark's upper body seems to be completely invisible as he walks, and he doesn't seem to be noticing...]

[OOC: Clark power-swapped with Danny Phantom this week! I am, sadly, still unfamiliar with that fandom so I am getting most my information from the respective wiki. Please, do tell me if I get something wrong.
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[He doesn't seem very comfortable. In fact, he seems anything but comfortable. But he has to do this.]

Greetings, fellow students and instructors. I have... A confession to make.

[Here goes. This may not be received well.]

My name is not Sora. I myself was actually lacking a name, so I took the name of someone I share a close relationship with. Recently, a friend of his gave me my own name.

[...This is very uncomfortable. He doesn't like to admit his lies, his shortcomings, his lack of a true identity.]

I am now named Ardos. It's a pleasure to meet you once again.
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[There's a girl timidly wandering around the quad, perhaps a new kid that happens to be lost? Perhaps so, since the only thing she had in her hand was the arrival letter, nothing more.]

Oh no... where am now... maybe I should ask someone.

[She quietly glanced at the closest person to her.]

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Even though we've been here a while, I don't actually know what there is to do here? Can anyone tell me?

[Oz had been sitting in the Quad as he had sent out the BBS, although he had gone out to Fisherman's Horizon a good couple of times, he never really explored a good amount, but he was planning on doing that now before he really lost the chance to. So standing up, instead of waiting for a reply he started to make his way out, towards what to him could only be known as a new small adventure without anyone to look out for him.]


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