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 [ Rocking forward onto his toes, nimble fingers snag a book from one of the shelves and draw it down to tuck under his arm. It was easiest, most days, to find Professor Xavier in the library or in his office. As of late, more so the library, picking up new bits of information for the students and welcoming any questions that might need answering. If nothing else he was a friendly man, albeit a tad arrogant at times. A few steps to the side and down another aisle he pauses as he slides a chess stratagem book he plucked secondly from the shelf over the much heavier mathematical biology book. Wrapping his arms securely about the set he makes his way down toward the public computers. He had a simple little note to put up before he decided to slink back to his office and spend the evening reading; ]

Dear TAC 101 & BIO 101 Students;

While I have always been one to appriciate creativity in most forms, I find that writing a section into your essay of 'why it should get an A' is more detrimental than anything otherwise to your grade. I'm not going to point anyone out specifically, but those few know who you are. I simply didn't count the section toward your overall word count and have sent the essays back to your inbox. 

Other than that everyone seems to be doing rather well, I'll see you in class.

Professor Charles Xavier

[ OOC: You can bugger him on BBS or anywhere from the library to his office. Also, hi! ]


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