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[If you go down to the training centre today, you'll find one Frimelda Lotice fighting some of the monsters. It's clear that this is completely effortless for her, as even the T-Rexaurs are taken down with relative ease - she's not called a Blademaster for no reason, after all.

She has her reasons for being here. The first is a touch of nostalgia for her days as a cadet - a guilty pleasure for one who would typically prefer to keep moving forward. The second is to observe any WTR 101 students and, as their instructor, offer them her aid and advice. The third, to observe any other cadets as they do battle.

So, though she is silent as she fights with her two heavy knightswords, she remains alert, observing the field in the hopes of spying an appropriate cadet.
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Dear tall human beast-things,

I require your DNA. It's for, eh, homework. Do not bother resisting. According to the "biology" class, you have many sampling methods to choose from.



Jan. 26th, 2011 06:39 am
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My warmest greetings to you all.

Having returned from a recent mission, I shall be taking charge of the M/W/F Basic Weapons Training and T/Th Survival Skills classes from hereon. This is merely a notice to inform you of the change. Any questions should be directed to myself via the BBS or Private Message.

Thank you.

Instructor Lotice
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[It had been some time since Tifa was back at Garden. Too long, she had thought. Her home planet and her family were distant memories now. She knew that they'd go on without her, even if she didn't want them to. Cloud would see them safe.

Tifa took in a deep breath, her eyes closing. She smiled a bit to herself.]
It's good to be back.


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