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Okay. So... I know this place has some really weird stuff going on sometimes. But I turn around for one second and it's apparently over a year later, Sol Invictus is taken care of, and now Esthar turns out to be evil? Am I up to speed on everything?

Apparently my sponsor is also giving me a Chocobo. I'm kinda surprised that they knew I'd be back for that. I think Piyomon might be a bit jealous about that part though, but he's cute and probably strong if we're supposed to be using them to fight. But does anyone know why we're getting them and barely getting any instruction on how to ride them? This doesn't seem like it'd really go all that well with some people.

Also, umm... for those who don't know me, hi. My name's Chika Daimon. I hope everything goes well if we end up in battle together.
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This... this video was sent to us by a representative from Esthar. We debated long and hard about whether or not we should post it, but... we believe that you should see it.

[The attached video opens with a view of the Great Salt Lake, along with numerous digits in the corner that appear to be an artifact of the recording process, possibly a timecode. The picture is fairly grainy, as if the camera were of lower quality, but is in color. There is no audio.]

[After a moment of nothing but slowly moving clouds, several large words appear, clearly edited into the video in post:]

[They fade, just in time for distant movement to register in the video image. The background jumps forward as the camera zooms in. As it focuses, the blocky, blotchy squares resolve into the still-grainy, but nonetheless unmistakable tri-cannon shape of Trabia Garden in its mobile form.]

[The camera holds on this until Trabia starts to move out of its field of vision, then jumps back to its original wide angle. Trabia is much less clear in this shot, just a moving group of pixels in the background, headed at an angle past the Great Salt Lake which it cannot effectively pass--]

[A pillar of light blooms from its location, rainbow light in countless swirls and confusion. The effect is unmistakable, for anyone who has seen the slightest hint of Time Compression in action. The rest of the scene remains horribly still and unmoving, and the camera doesn't even quiver as it should have, were this an actual explosion.]

[Suddenly, the bloom of light collapses on itself as if it had been violently yanked through a hole much too small for it. The camera again focuses on that same scene it always has, as if nothing had changed. A moment later, more edited-in words fade onto the screen:]

[The video abruptly ends.]
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[Among the murmurs of strange localized weather conditions around Garden and crying over vanished hotdogs, some of the SeeDs, staff, and older cadets are looking worried, their heads together in discussion and newspapers in their hands. Some people have left clippings of two different articles around Garden, and around lunchtime, native cadet Dominique Krefft (Mean Trepie #2) takes the liberty of typing them up and posting it on the BBS:]

President Loire Suffers Cardiac Arrest; Defense Minister Named Acting President

Esthar President Laguna Loire, hero of the Sorceress War and president of Esthar for forty years, suffered a heart attack which rendered him comatose yesterday, appointing Defense Minister Raguel Stern as acting president before collapsing.

The news came as a shock to government staffers, opposition leaders, and Esthar citizens alike, as despite his advancing age, President Loire has always been given a clean bill of health during annual examinations. Preliminary reports blame a heart attack brought on by the stress of a high-stakes political meeting between Loire and several political leaders known to oppose his pro-offworlder stance, including Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom.

"Unfortunately, while negotiating with President Loire on certain key platform elements, he collapsed and began writhing," General Strom said at a press conference held in the president's manor, where she and the other leaders remained to ensure a smooth transition of power. "I regret that we all believed President Loire was simply being himself to avoid a serious discussion, which delayed our efforts to seek treatment for him until we realized his condition was serious." When questioned about her black eye and reports that she had been treated for injuries, General Strom replied that, "President Loire continued to thrash for the duration of the event, striking me several times as we attempted to restrain him to perform first aid."

According to the statement released by Acting President Stern, President Loire regained consciousness just long enough to name him as acting president, and state his own intent to retire, before collapsing. No hospital responded to queries seeking the location of President Loire and his current condition is unknown.

Esthar Declares War on Balamb Garden

The nation of Esthar has declared war on the independent state of Balamb Garden.

One of Acting President Raguel Stern's first acts as leader of Esthar was to formally sign a declaration of war, which specifically names Balamb Garden as "the enemy of the nation" and calls for its immediate surrender or destruction.

In a statement originally read on Esthar radio and consequently published in the Esthar Post, the government calls for its citizens to "take arms against the off-world Sorceresses and those brainwashed into standing by them".

It accuses Balamb Garden of plotting to take over the world in these times of chaos and appeals to the international community to condemn its support of off-worlders and use of child soldiers.

Despite the conciliatory nature of President Loire's government towards the SeeD forces, anti-off-worlder sentiment has risen in Esthar since Balamb Garden forcibly acquired Galbadia Garden from Sol Invictus two weeks ago. Vlas Colban, Estharian Special Envoy to Balamb, publically spoke out against Balamb Garden after his son, a cadet at the school, was killed in the battle. This current move came as no surprise to political watchers, as Stern, World First party leader Damokt Gold, and General Sierna Strom had been meeting with President Loire to advocate this position at the moment of President Loire's collapse.

Esthar has reactivated all of its defense mechanisms such as the cloaking device hiding the nation. Train services between Fisherman's Horizon and Esthar, which have been running thrice a week since July last year, have been stopped.

[Domi won't be replying, but feel free to discuss amongst yourselves on the post or in person.]
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Alright, Instructor Inverse here. I've got a vague idea of what's gone down while I was away - so what I wanna know is what former students of mine are still around, and are you guys alright?

...and I guess other folks I knew can check in too. Sue me, I show back up mid all hell breaking loose, I wonder about my students first.
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Does anyone have any tips on tracking people? I've been hired on a missing person mission and I don't actually know much about finding people - the last time I had to find someone, I managed to come across them by accident, but I don't think that's going to work this time.

- Mikuru

[Those on the third floor might come across Mikuru, stalking about with a notebook she occasionally refers to, or poking around the headmaster's office with plastic gloves on...]
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[People may recognize this guy from posters urging people to "vote for Douglas Thomas for Homecoming Prince", or as looking a bit like his SeeD older brother, Cameron. But they may not: his marketing was pretty terrible, considering some of those posters were on trees in the training center, and his family resemblance to his brother isn't that strong. He looks more disheveled and unwell than his photo on those posters, and is quite clearly sitting in an infirmary bed.]

Hey, uh, it's Doug. Can I borrow someone's notes from Chemistry, Old Dollet, and Cultural Studies? Just from last week - I can't believe I missed a whole week [and two days, but who's counting] of classes. How is it finals already?!

[He sighs.] The last thing I remember is the Headmaster escorting me to his office to talk about airships, and then I woke up this morning in a closet in my underpants, and the Balamb Times in my dorm said it was the twenty-second...

[In the background, Lizzie Neill, Miss Balamb Garden and apprentice doctor, can be heard arguing with Commander Zabala - Zabala is stressing the importance of asking Cadet Thomas about the Headmaster; Lizzie insists he's clearly been through an ordeal and needs his rest, Commander he is her patient.]

Anyway, just attach your notes to a private message, or drop them in the infirmary, or with my brother, Cameron. [He reaches forward and stops recording.]

3 // [BBS]

Dec. 20th, 2013 10:23 am
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well holidays are cool and all [...and would be cooler if they came a bit earlier and let him skip finals, but never mind that!]
tacky decorations and murderferrets aside
u all know what the important part of the sesason is right?

SO? whose got plans already??
dont be shy now!

[BBS text]

Dec. 16th, 2013 10:06 am
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[The ID posting this brief and curt announcement on the BBS probably isn't familiar to anyone who regularly uses it.]

For those who were unaware, Headmaster Cid Kramer is currently out of office. We are unfortunately not at liberty to disclose his date of return. Please rest assured that we will provide an update when available.

Until further notice, queries intended for the Headmaster may be redirected to Ms. Olivia Smith, Dean of Academics. Note that Commander Erlea Zabala is not responsible for the academic running of Garden. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[If anyone's tried to deliver those queries in person since the malfunction of the Training Center containment field, however, they will have found the headmaster's office closed and locked.]

(OOC: replies are unlikely to be forthcoming from whoever this is, but the post is a free-for-all!)
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Good morning, Balamb Garden! I'm Russell Drake, on your screens on behalf of the GFC, here to remind you all about the Garden's first beauty pageant! We'll be in the quad this afternoon bringing you uniform, formal, and swimwear modeling, a talent show, and personality questions to get to know our potential Miss and Mr. Balamb Garden. We've got quite a few signups, including most of your Homecoming nominees and the entire off-worlder population of Garden, so come on down!

[He's not going to be replying to any comments; he's gotta dash and set up the stage!]

[A small catwalk has been added to the quad's usual stage just for today. People on it might want to be careful, as it doesn't feel like the most stable of structures to walk on...

[Russell appears to be steering well clear of it, standing off to the side with a mic. What is his handsomeness doing not entering? Nobody knows.]

Good afternoon and welcome to Miss and Mr. Balamb Garden, bought to you by the Garden Festival Committee! I'm your host, Russell Drake, and our judges for this competition are Headmaster Cid Kramer and his wife, Edea Kramer, here all the way from Centra for our Homecoming festivities.

Candidates will be judged on ten point scales in three categories: Physicality, talent, and personality. Unlike Homecoming Court, this competition is not divided by position within or out of the Garden hierarchy, and winners receive a nice sash!

Without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

  • Physicality will be judged by modeling in three categories, and our first category is uniform. SeeDs and cadets will wear their dress uniforms while staff members wear whatever they wear to work - whatever you're wearing, wear it with pride! The Kramers will be looking for pressed pants, polished boots, and a professional salute!
  • On the more glamorous side of the competition, our second modeling category is formal wear. As a prelude to the glitz we expect at the Homecoming dance, our candidates will be dressed to the nines!
  • Rounding off our modeling category is swimwear! [As one GFC member unfurls a beachy backdrop and another drags a small inflatable pool onstage.] Remember, folks, it's swimwear if you can see water, underwear if you can't.
  • Next up is talent! Contestants have up to three minutes to wow us with a personal talent of theirs. Anything goes, so long as you don't hurt the audience or your fellow contestants!
  • And finally, we have the personality section, where I'll ask our candidates a question to answer from the heart. There are no wrong answers! Just give your reasons for your answer, and if you're answering with something from your home world, explain that to us too.

    [Candidates have their own threads where you may respond to as many of the above bullet pointed prompts as you wish, as in the NPC examples - or if they didn't turn up, say so for the awkward silence on stage, and we will assume they will be skipped in subsequent categories! The intros given are read over their uniform modeling.]
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    Okay, so it looks like your Homecoming King nominations consist of:

    a) Old man.
    b) Fish.
    c) Me.

    Admittedly, "chameleon" might not be that much of an upgrade from "fish", but at least I'm small and comparatively non-terrifying.

    I don't really know how to do this campaigning thing, though. So, I'll play the whole "war of succession" game, but I figure I might as well throw in a bit more and tell people about myself. I'm kinda private so not many know much about me, and probably have their own ideas about what kind of person I am.

    So, little facts:

    As well as being the instructor for Intermediate and Advanced Martial Arts, I'm trained and qualified to drive and pilot every vehicle the Garden possesses. That includes the Garden itself. On top of that, Garden's second airship - the Chaotix - is my own property, which I am loaning to the Garden.

    [Well, it might as well be his own property. Technically Chaotix hadn't finished paying the airship off, but when reality implodes does it really matter who an airship belongs to?]

    I can cook rings around pretty much all of the candidates, except maybe for Pinkie Pie depending on how much you like cupcakes. I provided the catering for my best friend's wedding, and get up early every morning to make lunch for my family even if they don't ask me to. I'd offer to bake cakes for everyone, but that's not my style. That said, I could be persuaded to do a charity curry evening or something of the like.

    Speaking of charity, I've always been big on charity, especially children's charity. For some people, a little bit of financial support, food, or even a small material gift when things are going bad is truly valuable - it might not be as dramatic as fighting off monsters or hauling someone out of a burning building, but it's still providing help to someone who needs it.

    On that note, my job at home was simple: "hero." Different worlds have different perceptions of just what a hero is, but at home it was an essential role. Special and unique powers and abilities were widespread, with many willing to misuse them to threaten and endanger lives. Others with similar powers would oppose those people in order to protect the powerless. Though technology marched on, it was often the case that the police were unable to handle the threat themselves, and so the "hero" was often called upon to neutralise a threat and enable the police to bring the villains into custody. While this world is not exactly "safe" and has its own dangers and troubles, it is probably a good thing that my job is not applicable here.

    Finally, in my spare time, I write. As you might imagine, my job shoved me into a whole bunch of ridiculous situations, and that hobby came about by trying to get my stories down on paper, though now I write mostly fiction. If anyone wants to read about what me and my friends got up to at home, fighting robot swarms and totalitarian global dictators of alien worlds, ask. I don't mind making copies.

    And last, if anyone's curious about anything, even if it's something dumb, ask. Okay?
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    [BBS video]

    Hey, Garden! Hope you're all enjoying the Homecoming season.

    [Who's this girl greeting the webcam? Why, it's Zainah, respected treasurer of the GFC and purveyor of many a contemptuous glance at off-world cadets and SeeDs while walking past them in corridors. Today, however, there's no trace of that! School events are serious business, y'all.

    ...There's still something a little bit glassy about her smile, though.]

    The Garden Festival Committee - that's us - has just a couple of announcements. Firstly, keep your calendars open for Friday, because the carnival is back! [And dear Hyne, you would not believe how much wrangling that took with the current states of both Garden's finances and the GFC's suppliers.] We've got a great spread of booths and games lined up for this year, and our customary date auction is set to take place in the quad in the afternoon. If you're worried about snagging a date in time for the big day, worry no longer!

    Before that... [Did she just twitch?] we've got another new, exciting event waiting in the wings. Ever wanted to strut your stuff on the stage, but never had the chance? Well, Thursday's your big day, because Garden will be hosting its first ever beauty pageant just after lunch! Come and show us what you're made of!

    [She doesn't sigh at the mental image of the weird, wacky monsters and sorceresses she expects to dominate the show, but she clearly wants to.]

    ...If you're raring to sign up for any of these, look for our sign in the cafeteria. We'll be around all week, so you can't miss us. Just remember to bring your Garden ID, as ever.

    Anyway, Zainah out - oh, and don't forget to vote Helena Oster for Homecoming Princess!

    [And that's that.]


    [Throughout the week, GFC members can be found manning a table in the cafeteria (blame the terrible weather recently) with a large sign: SIGNUPS FOR HOMECOMING EVENTS! As well as entrants for the beauty pageant and date auction, cadets will be taking volunteers and last-minute suggestions for booths at the carnivals. If anyone volunteers to help out at a booth, they'll be assigned a (handwaved) shift in due course - they won't have to be stuck in there all day! Also, as Zainah mentioned, the GFC will be carding people as a safeguard against fake signups, but there are only so many of them around, and it's going to be pretty hectic in there...

    Beauty pageant nominations will ICly close on Wednesday, while signups for carnival booths and the date auction will close on Thursday, at which point volunteers will be informed of their shifts.]
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    The Great King Pirate Marco's reign is near its end. He's borne his burden well and now the time has come to pass the lofty Balamb Crown. Brave, charming, and totally available, Portgas D. Ace is certain to be named Prince, as well he ought. A more fitting heir will not be found in all of Balamb. But what of the King? Oh yes, what indeed? Three brothers have been chosen likely to fill the King Pirate's glittery throne. They have been quiet thus far, but no longer! It is time for action! For men and brothers to clash in merriment! It is time for war.

    A War of Succession.

    SeeD Instructor THATCH and SeeD Instructor ESPIO are hereby challenged to a series of feats of strength and fortitude. They are to meet with SeeD Instructor Namur upon the Quad on Monday, being the Twenty-Eighth day of October at 1700 or else they shall henceforth be known and appraised throughout this great Garden by the title of Guppyshits.

    [If anyone believes Namur didn't get help writing that piece of fine literature, they will be dead wrong. Regardless, the gauntlet has been thrown. Namur will be out on the Quad dancing to his boombox while he waits for Thatch and Espio to show up. There's a crate of turnips in the grass behind the boombox, three jugs of apple cider, and two construction paper signs emblazoned with the word "GUPPYSHIT" in traditional graffiti font. A small crowd of curious onlookers has begun to gather. All that's missing are the challenged contenders.]


    Oct. 28th, 2013 12:25 pm
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    After a rather unpleasant encounter earlier, it made me curious about something.

    How many off-worlders are simply staying in Balamb Garden just to have a roof over your heads? Are you wholeheartedly making efforts to make the best of the situation you've been placed in?

    I've been here since the very first influx of off-worlders began, and during that time we didn't have much of a choice but to stay with Balamb Garden, or risk being attacked for something we couldn't control happening to us. Throughout my three years, I've felt more at home here than I did back in my own world, but there were times where I felt unsure as to how I could contribute. The Headmaster is quite kind, enough so that he granted my request for Welcoming Balls to be held for new incoming cadets. At that time, I hadn't even been in this world for more than two months, maybe less! So I was glad that I was able to do something to make others happy, even if just for an evening.

    While we're fortunate enough to be housed (although forced to be mercenaries, I'm afraid), we shouldn't slack on all that Balamb has to offer us. It would only be a slap in the face to them, wouldn't it?

    -Gakupo, SeeD #28262
    Para-Magic and Bladed Weapons Advisor
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    First off, I'm real glad you guys totes nominated me at all! I'm pretty new, so, you know, I definitely appreciate it!

    I'm not sure all the stuff a homecoming princess does other than pose and all, but I'll try to be a real good rep for you guys, all doing your best to get ahead and become SEEDS! It's still tough for me, every day, so you know, total props to you! Uh, yeah, and I hope the homecoming dance is awesome, which it will be! I hope you all have a good time, and if you could, I'd like to be your homecoming princess, ok?

    Oh yeah, totally gotta sweeten the deal, like Grell! Uh, I made cake pops! At the quad! They look weird, but they taste good, I tested them!

    [Fionna will be here, in her usual skirt and shirt, and coincidentally, you will see school books next to her while she waits].
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    [It's that time of year again. Where it is encroaching upon Grell's birthday, she's up in arms about Homecoming, and Marco has no ideas for either. Well, some ideas, just not good ones.]

    [So you know what?]

    [Fuck it!]

    [Marco is hiding out in phoenix form munching squash seeds.]

    [Actually, this is not his typical phoenix form. You see normally, he's almost indistinguishable from the world's phoenixes except for being blue and sparkly. This time, it looks like someone bred a horrifying combination of a chocobo and a peacock.]

    [Yeah. Not pretty.]

    [Marco even shares some of his seeds with the chocobo around them as he asks them for advice. It doesn't go well.]

    This is what I get for asking non-homicidal birds, yoi. [Hey, who said that?] I mean... wark. [Deadpan.]

    [Later on the BBS this mysterious post will appear (as well as sparkly fliers throughout the halls):]

    Attention all SeeD and cadets, this is a very important announcement!


    They are edible and delicious, and should only ever be planted or devoured.

    If you have no interest in roasting them for yourself, see Marco SeeD rank 11 for a 500 gil reward for every pound of seeds you bring, thank you.
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    Why you should vote Grell Sutcliff for HOMECOMING QUEEN :

      1. It would only be natural for me to elevate my previous title of HOMECOMING PRINCESS.

      2. No one else, especially not a pony, would look better wearing that crown!

      3. Becoming Homecoming Princess was quite the magical night for me, so I wonder just how much more magical becoming Homecoming Queen would be!

      4. When I become Homecoming Queen, I vow to only rub salt on the wounds of my competitors for that night.

    So please look forward to a myriad of events from me in the days to come! For today, stop by the quad for freshly baked cupcakes. First come, first served!

    [PM to Namur, Espio, and Thatch]

    Which one of you will actually run? It would be nice to have a running partner.


    [Grell will be at the quad, giving out cupcakes with different pastel frostings. They are definitely from a bakery, but she made sure to get to them first thing that day, so they were indeed fresh.

    She is totally trying to gain all the votes by any means.]
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    [Have one very perky looking Selphie greeting you all with a video message on behalf of the GFC.]


    If you're all over ideas for the Carnival that's happening during Homecoming, you need to get your two cents into this BBS post as soon as possible! There's a TON of classrooms in Garden we can really showcase that we're more than just a school that trains mercenaries. We've got some super awesome cooks, a bunch of you who can plan a mean party and bake a mean cupcake.

    Yeah Pinkie, I'm talkin' to you with the cupcakes.

    But hey! There's more to Garden than cooking and kicking ass right? Let's hear some suggestions and let's make this Carnival the best one that Balamb's ever seen!

    [And with a cheeky grin and a peace sign, Selphie cuts the feed.]

    If you're all over ideas for the Carnival that's happening during Homecoming, you need to get your two cents into this BBS post as soon as possible! There's a TON of classrooms in Garden we can really showcase that we're more than just a school that trains mercenaries. We've got some super awesome cooks, a bunch of you who can plan a mean party and bake a mean cupcake.

    Yeah Pinkie, I'm talkin' to you with the cupcakes.

    But hey! There's more to Garden than cooking and kicking ass right? Let's hear some suggestions and let's make this Carnival the best one that Balamb's ever seen!
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    Greetings Balamb Garden!

    It's about that time again, and we're already at number eleven! We have a very special issue for you this time around!

    A snippet of various things! )

    Until next time, Garden!

    Miss Tattler

    [It most certainly is posted under Namur's ID. So he must be Miss Tattler!!]
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    [Oh hey, it's that handsome blonde guy from the GFC with the scar in his upper lip.]

    Hello, citizens of Balamb Garden! I'm Russell Drake from the Garden Festival Committee, on the BBS today to announce Homecoming! For those of you who missed the last one and, like me, are from a place where homecoming isn't really a thing [the reason for the GFC's weird ideas about and timing for homecoming], it's a weekend party with a carnival and a dance where you might just win a plastic crown! [You may think he's being sarcastic about that crown, but in fact he is very earnest. Who wouldn't want a plastic crown??]

    Get to know your fellow classmates and SeeDs, because next week in the quad, we'll be holding write in nominations for Homecoming Court, with SeeDs eligible for the titles of King and Queen as appropriate for their gender, and Cadets similarly eligible for Prince and Princess. They'll then have four weeks to campaign for your votes at the Homecoming Dance, which will be held on November 9th. Please note that last year's winners, SeeD Marco, Instructor Pinkie Pie, SeeD Edward Elric, and SeeD Mikuru Asahina are not eligible for nomination. Each organization may also choose their own Beaus and Sweethearts to represent them in the Court!

    During homecoming week, week 6 of the trimester, we'll also be holding a date auction for those who want a little extra help getting a date for the dance, and a carnival on Friday November 8th. Yes, that means a day off school for fun, food, and entertainment! Let us know now about any stalls you'd like to see or perhaps run here; we love taking suggestions! The usual favorites such as the dunk tank, kissing booth, food stands, and talent quest will all be there; however, the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and carousel have declined to return this year. [Alas, financial issues and unpopular political independence are not a good combination.] Personally, my favorites are the food stands - I love trying food from everyone's home worlds!

    On behalf of the GFC, I'd like to wish everyone a warm welcome back to Balamb continent and the new trimester. Drake, out.


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