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What's a good name for a dog? A girl dog, that is. Especially one who seems to really like jumping on things. And who is very fluffy - I think my room now has a layer of dog hair on top of everything.
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[Wearing her mother's dress to the wedding brought up a lot of old memories that Rinoa's long thought she'd forgotten. They're bittersweet naturally as all memories of her mother tend to be, but at the same time they seem to give her a little peace. A vast improvement on how moody she's been lately, though Squall might have had a little to do with that, possibly.]

[Anyone looking for Rinoa today or just wandering around Garden might hear a few strains of piano music coming from the music room. At first it's just a few quiet notes, but then after a moment it turns into a full song that might be familiar to some. It's easy to hear too, since she managed to leave the door open. Come bother her or just stop to listen for a moment? It's about time she stopped hiding the fact that she's musically inclined from people after all.]
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[At first, Yeul has no clue where she is, other than that she is certainly nowhere near the Farseer settlement... or even on Gran Pulse at that, possibly. It's after listening to students walking past that she learns that she is in some kind of school; further observation finds that neither Noel nor Caius are here, either, which is strange, though not as strange as the fact that there were no visions foretelling her arrival.

It's by chance that she comes across the Quad first, and the young seeress can be found admiring the flowers there. It's been some time since she's seen plants so full of life, and she's always had a feeling a previous, different Yeul loved flowers as well.]
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[You know how long the Doctor has been here?

Two days.

A whole two days, mind you.

This is a simply horrendous situation - a whole two days stuck in one spot? That's just ridiculous - practically unheard of! Well, okay, not totally unheard of, but very, very unlikely. But, with no TARDIS, and time being all screwed up, there wasn't really much else to do. How... boring.

Still, he had to admit meeting a whole assortment of people from numerous different realities wasn't something that even a Time Lord got to do very often. He could do without the "military school" thing and the guns, but if this was where all the interesting people were being welcomed, he could handle that for the time being.

Then he would go and fix it. Somehow. Without the TARDIS. No, really. He's brilliant and he can do it, he's sure of it!

Mind you,

[And yes, he's talking to himself.]

after The Library, this library is miniscule.

[Meet the Garden's new librarian, stacking shelves. It's not a position he's all that familiar with really, but he supposes he'll get a few "off-worlders" popping in. Maybe they could have a chat.]
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It's been a while. Nice to see the tech's made some improvements since I've been gone. Those old terminals were a pain. This laptop's a piece of junk, but at least I can take it with me.

Heard there's a bunch of new people since I left. Sounds like an excuse to party if you ask me. Anyone got any bright ideas?

While I'm at it, is there anyone I know left around this joint? You'll be happy to know I didn't go make a fool of myself in the training center this time. Damn dinosaurs.


[It's true. He's not going to go "prove himself" in the training center this time... at least not yet. Not without some magic under his belt anyway and maybe a weapon (or three) at least. Instead he's prowling around pretty much everywhere but the training center trying to see what all has changed since he saw it last. Feel free to bump into him anywhere. He's got his papers in hand so anyone can probably figure out he's new even if they're not familiar with him.]

Can't believe it's been about six months. This time compression stuff is still nuts.
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[For the record, Eugene really doesn't like sewing. It is quite possibly the most irritating form of art there is for him. His nimble fingers are for snatching things like prized rubies, or maneuvering the locks of chains around wrists. He's adept with a lock pick and can make escape rope faster than any other thief he's ever come to meet.

But sewing as in embroidery?

The things he does for love...]

It can't be that ha--yeow!

[Another pricked finger. Greeeeaaat. He sucks on the pricked forefinger to stop the bit of blood, then assess his assignment. A fabric, red heart with the starting of the words "I LOVE" embroidered at the top center. It's going to be sewn to a purple pillow he's still piecing together. He usually doesn't do something so...fancy for anyone, but Rapunzel isn't anyone. And since this is apparently her first Valentines Day, he wants it to stand out in her memories.

And if that means some aching fingers...]

Yeow! Son of a--

[He begins to curse every single needle in the world in a colorful, angry tirade. Any students passing below may hear Eugene if they are passing by the quad during their classes. He sits high up on a ledge up by the ceiling, the perfect thief's spot (albeit, no thieving to be done), out of sight to the naked eye. Perhaps if someone sees him, they will wonder why Eugene is hiding. Could it be because he's trying to keep his work secret? Is it because he stole four apples from the kitchen and there they sit in a sack beside him, half-eaten? Or could it be that he's not gotten into classes yet, and has been whiling away his days ambling about Garden, trying to pass the time?]
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Well, I finally managed to finish painting the dorm room. I think it looks a look better now, it was just so....plain before. I'll definitely be sure to paint over it later if Eugene and I change rooms, but I don't think it should be a problem.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone was interested in setting up a group activity? I know I had a lot of hobbies back home. I could paint, or sew, teach people how to make candles, play chess, chart stars, play guitar, paper mache, pottery....all sorts really. As long as I have access to the materials for things, at least. I thought it would be a neat way for people to make new friends and learn some new skills? Especially the newer arrivals who might not know anyone here really.

Oh. One last thing! Lea, Merlin, I don't know if you have met Eugene yet but if you haven't, I'd like to introduce you at some point.

- Rapunzel

[Mostly she just wants to try and keep busy after hearing about what is to happen back home, to try and not dwell on all that Eugene told her too much.]
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[ Merlin's information on the BBS was helpful enough to get her started on making a post, but for the most part Gwen is still struggling. Sure, the keys and characters are much more legible than script, but finding the right one in the rows took her quite some time. After writing it up she longed for quill and parchment. ]

Hello Garden Dwellers,

I am having an issue with my standard Garden cadet uniform. I am not at all fond of the cut and location of the hem.

[ Translation: her medieval sensibilities make showing her legs not an option! ]

I am, however, quite adept at sewing. If anyone knows where I might obtain fabric, needle, thread and perhaps some beading I would be in your debt. If anyone is interested in a dress or anything else please do not hesitate to let me know.

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[ It's almost too much for her to take. Gwen has been home for such a short time, hasn't even fully settled, and now she isn't quite sure where she is. Morgana had, understandably, given her a bit of time off despite her wanting to find a distraction. Being a captive and having to parade around as the ward of Uther Pendragon was difficult enough without all that followed... So she thought when she woke up the next morning she'd be safe and sound in Camelot and back to her usual day-to-day.

She was almost in a panic before the instructor found her and tried to help. A trip to the Headmaster's office and an acceptance letter later she still didn't quite understand what was going on. She just nodded politely, took her materials and was sent out of her own in the big Garden.

The whole place–Balamb they told her it's called–is a bit off-putting for Guinevere. It's smooth and shiny for lack of a better description, and so unlike Camelot and every other stone and wood-built village she's been in. Her nearly fruitless hunt around the center of the Garden just brought her back to the Lobby steps where her search began. Must have passed it, she thought a bit downtrodden, though she can't blame herself for being distracted given the circumstances. It's time she asked for help.

She works up the nerve to walk up to any passer-by who will listen with a simple question: ]

Umm, sorry to be a bother but could you point me to the [ She pauses a moment to make sure she's remembering it right- ] Dormitory?

( ooc note • feel free to bump into her wherever & whenever in the lobby area. she looks very lost and needs all the help she can get! )


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