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I would like to some volunteers in the lounge. While it's not an official job yet that I can pay you for, I'll try and compensate in some way. Rules still apply, and I would ask that only those over the age of twenty-one see me for it.

-Raine Loire

[Anyone looking for her can find her in the lounge, polishing glasses and tables, generally just keeping it tidy, and chatting with any guests. She's dressed as usual, wearing that smile as she works.]
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The lounge is now open. There are some rules that need to be followed, and only those age twenty-one and older will be allowed inside. No weapons or para-magic. No combat-based abilities will be permitted. These fall in line with normal Garden rules, so all of those will definitely apply. Also, I will not tolerate foul language when I am there, but that is more personal. It will get you warned, but not thrown out right away. If there are any questions, just ask.

-Raine Loire
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[Garden doesn't exist in Raine's time. It hadn't even been thought of yet. Perhaps that's why she's so fascinated over everything right now. But that means it's easy enough to get lost, too, since she's new here. Raine is currently wandering hallways and areas in the school. The quad, the library, the cafeteria... She'll eventually find her way to all of it.

So why not say hello to Mrs. Loire?]


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