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Is there any way to find extra help for the classes here? I think I could really use it, especially with the math and information technology classes. I don't know much about those at all.

My name is Emil Castagnier, by the way. Thank you.
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how can you tell if somebody from your world is gonna show up? is it just if you've got a serious enemy?

and if there're gonna be this many bad guys showing up just to mess with us why couldn't they drag in more of our friends or something. cmon, seriously!! why not somebody we'd like to see for once?

[Monsters and villains everywhere... and Lea just doesn't know what to do about most of this. It's making it pretty tough to concentrate on his classwork, that's for sure.

And there's nothing he can do about it. He's barely up to occasionally summoning something. From what he's heard about the things that can do to your memory, fighting with nothing but that under his belt is going to end badly for everybody.

Well, maybe the people who can really fight will handle it. He's got to get stronger first. He's also very bad at patience. So he's just going to skip out on all that studying for the moment and head right for the Training Center to see just how much he can take on. The littler monsters are about the right size...

Looks like there are some bigger ones showing interest in the scuffle, though. He's holding his own for the moment, but somebody might want to give him a hand pretty soon.]
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BACKDATED TO CLOSER TO THE START OF THE VILLAIN EVENT but like if your character's come later there's no reason they couldn't have gone archive crawling
If any Cadets are concerned that an enemy of yours from your own world may turn up here, please report to a SeeD with their name, appearance, usual tactics and techniques, any major goals they have that could be advanced in this world, and any known weaknesses! Just in case.

- Mikuru

[Mikuru has managed to source some Christmas decorations! Even though some of them are called something else in this world. So she's out and about around Garden hanging tinsel, fairy lights, baubles, paper snowflakes, the odd wreath, and other ornaments. And, you know, almost falling over a few times trying to hang something high and actually falling over a couple of times because she is carrying way too much and/or tripping over the tinsel and lights; go figure. Sorry if that stuff trips up other people...

[Also, at one point she got distracted and left a basket of mistletoe sprigs lying around. If you find it, do what you like with it; she's forgotten.]
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[Being told that he wasn't in Sylvarant or Tethe'alla was one thing... but being told that elves didn't exist? That people had never heard of half-elves? Was another. In retaliation, Mithos had promptly strangled the poor man who told him such falsehoods.

... In retrospect, that was probably the dumbest idea he'd had in years. So dumb, in fact, that he'd promptly been running - and severely injuring - whoever dared to come near him. They'd told him (before he started being violent, anyways) that he might want to seek Balamb Garden. Gathering directions hadn't been hard either.

But the minute he stepped on campus, Mithos knew he'd have a tough time getting inside. They were probably on the lookout for someone who fit Lord Yggdrasil's description. Detransforming into his child form, he then took a breath before taking his first step on campus. If he seems nervous, it's partially because he really, really needs to get back to his work.

Why the hell did some Sorceress decide that she needed to bring him to his crapsack world? He was fine as it was.]

[ooc | Mithos is indeed a NPC'ed villain for the event, so feel free to do your worst to him. Or absolutely nothing! People are on the lookout for his adult self (who looks like this disco dude), not his kid self, but feel free to mistake him for whoever and whatever. 8D Half-elf will not appreciate it.]
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[With the help of a generous passerby, Emil's figured out the computers here enough to type out a message! Let's see how this goes.]

Hi, everyone. My name is Emil Castagnier. I guess I'm new here. I just arrived today. And, um, I have a question. Can somebody help me with the classes I'm supposed to be taking? It's been a long time since I've had to go to school.

Maybe some more help on using these computers would be nice, too. Are they really going to be important?

[He considers writing more, but leaves it at that. Better to get a feel of the place first, and besides it's taken him long enough trying to get a few sentences out on this thing as it is.]
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[In the library Merlin was staring at one of the computers. He'd wanted to look at the books (they'd said that he couldn't go home, but Merlin wasn't sure if he believed him. In any case, he had to try and find a way back to Camelot, and maybe something in them would help him understand this bizarre place), but when he'd asked the keeper of the library they'd told him that the catalogue was in one of these strange magic boxes. They had to be magic, because one side of each box glowed.

Merlin had no idea how he was supposed to get this catalogue out of the magic box though. Did it need a spell? But they'd said that people didn't like 'unnatural powers' here, and Merlin wasn't going to use magic when he didn't know what would happen if he did.

Gingerly, he poked at the glowing thing. Nothing happened.]


[he poked it again]



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