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Action, open to 4th wallies!:
[Earlier encounters had proven it: There definitely were more people around than usual. And yet, they didn't seem to stick around.

A better person would have actually tried to help them. Tenshi was not a better person. She, instead, tried to have some fun with the arrivals as long as she could. Oh, and possible non-arrivals too, of course, she didn't discriminate there.

Oh my, I haven't seen you around. Could I help you, by any chance?

[She sounded perfectly innocent. Even though, well, she wasn't.
And, since she was so sure of herself, she might just have mistaken someone for new that wasn't...

Your geography teacher here. For the lesson next week, we'll head to a nice set of subterranean caves. Don't even try feeble excuses - knowledge means nothing if you don't confirm it with your own hand.

As for the current situation, well, there'll probably be worse situations later, so don't fuss about it, it won't affect your classes. Maybe I'll drag one of them along, it'd be fun to have them lost in the caves for you to search, wouldn't it?

-Tenshi Hinanawi
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[There's a tortoise loose in the Garden.]

[This might not be worrisome, except that said tortoise has a helicopter strapped to his shell and is merrily flying around without the level of agility and control one would like to see in a flying tortoise, particularly a flying tortoise with the strength and endurance to ricochet off walls, furniture, and people in ways that do much more damage than Tank receives in turn.]

[Uh.. duck.]


[Without much appropriateness for her environment, Rainbow Dash is doing push-ups in the quad. With her wings. Her forelegs are tucked behind her back, and the feathered limbs push her up and down without any real exertion, it seems. She shifts to one-winged pushups, left then right, but only seems to succeed in looking more dissatisfied as she works. Someone help her out.]


[A rainbow-haired girl is in the Training Center. Just in case some upcoming mission or test or SOMEthing means she's gotta fight under the influence of the Polymorphus potion, Rainbow's decided to clock in some practice time under its effects. She has a Blaster Edge strapped to her wrist, but it's going mostly ignored; as a human, Dash finds that leaping into the middle of grats and using her mad karate skills is a lot more personally gratifying. By this point in her training, she's scratched up and bruised in a lot of places, but the wild look in her eye is pure wicked delight as she chases after another grat.]

[gratuitous shipping DAN101, so closed to Ed]

[Rainbow Dash eyes the handout they've been given skeptically. Very skeptically, because buried beneath some diagrams and step patterns on the page is a little note: "Cadets subject to the use of the Polymorphus Potion during external appearances will be required to practice and demonstrate competence in all dances while under the effects of the potion."]

[She looks nervously over the paper at Ed. He's not gonna like this...]
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[Video Segment]
[The screen showed someone that hadn't been around a bit, that was for sure. A woman, with very long, blue hair, who was wearing an odd hat. With peaches.

More noticeable than her clothing was the fact that she was visibly beaten up. Dust, bruises, some blood, scratches, she clearly had been through quite some fighting, though she was somehow radiating a smug satisfaction that didn't fit the state of her body at all.

Hello! I've been away for a bit, doing the usual here and there, so for those who don't know me, I'm Instructor Tenshi Hinanai.

I'll be teaching Geography and, of course, the highest level of magical combat. Don't worry, I'll make sure that even you ordinary, earth-crawling humans can have some chance of passing.

[She nodded, brushing back some of her hair, then smiled at the camera]

That said, we have a nice island here, don't we? Reminds me a lot of home - the islands in actual heaven. But I suppose Islands closest to heaven are pretty good, too, although they got nothing on the real thing, of course. I look forward to returning tomorrow!

[Evidently, this instructor had not deemed it necessary to make herself presentable for the introduction. Just one more sign that her priorities were completely and utterly screwed up beyond help.]

[ACTION Segment]

[Of course, Tenshi could also be encountered in the garden, while she was looking at the place to check if everything was how it used to be. She had been away on a long-ish mission, after all, so who knew what changed? Like above, she likely still hadn't changed.

Particularly lazy-seeming students might find her throwing a head-sized rock at their feet.
And teachers/seeds too, 'to test their reflexes'...


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