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[One moment he and Isa'd just been thrown out of King Ansem's castle; the next, he was here, and Lea had barely had time to look around before he'd been caught up in a whirlwind of explanations and ended up -- well, here.

Garden something? Seed something? His head had been spinning by the second sentence, but he definitely caught the bit where they told him there was no way to get home.

After that it had mostly been nodding and smiling and waiting until they let him out to explore the 'garden' he'd be stuck in. He doesn't know what to think about any of this: being here, being stuck, and worst of all, having left Isa behind.

Isa is going to kill him. When he gets back, which he is definitely going to figure out how to do. They've got plans, after all.

He's just got to figure this place out first. And find someone to explain it in smaller paragraphs that make more freaking sense.

So this afternoon there's a skinny teenager with spiky red hair sticking his nose in absolutely everywhere that isn't locked: the lobby, library, cafeteria, dorms, quad.... If you happen to be there, he may pounce!]
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[HEY THERE GARDEN. You remember that awesome party this past weekend? Yeah? Have a lot of fun? Maybe you got together with that cute guy (or gal). Wore that bikini that was just a too bit skimpy? Had a bit too much to drink? Or you totally faceplanted trying to hit that volleyball.

Whatever it was? All those embarrassing things that should stay back on that beach and never be talked about?

They are totally plastered up on the backside of the Garden Directory in picture form. That's right. This is the Wall of Shame. Sorry were you hoping no one saw all that? Enjoy your photos guys B)]

((ooc: up to you guys whatever Seifer and Japan caught pictures of, make stuff up, HAVE FUN /o/!))


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