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Alright, I'm getting bored around here. Anyone have any idea of something fun to do? Or feel like sparring?

Tell me about your world if you want. That works too. I'll tell you about mine if you really care.

-- Instructor Wukong


[Those who look around will find him -- surprise -- lounging in a tree in the Quad. He seems... somewhat off today, for those who know him, looking fidgety and uncomfortable and generally just irritated. This obviously means he's a bit more distracted and doesn't quite notice anyone coming up to him straight away...]
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Cadets, staff, and faculty! It is time to celebrate! And of course, there is only one proper way for a humble Home Ec teacher to go about this:

Tonight, a feast on the lake shore!

[To call this a feast is to undersell it significantly. On the beach that evening is a massive spread of food laid out on every cafeteria table, normal table, classroom desk, or other horizontal surface that Champloo could get his hands on. Soups and samplers; steaks and fowl; stews and curries; baked fish, baked potatoes, baked Alaska; Spicy Netherdactyl Wings that actually distort the air above them from pure capsaicin concentration; vegetables, stir-fried, saladified, or simply steamed; cakes and cookies, ice cream, pudding and mousse...]

[It goes ON like this. Whatever you may think of Champloo's personality or teaching style, there's no denying that the man can cook.]

[In the center of this chaos, serving and answering questions and keeping order, such at is it, Champloo just can't stop grinning. Which has described him ever since Homecoming.]

[Dig in.]
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You know the nice thing about justice is that it's universal. Whether people believe in following it out an internal guiding principle, for the sake of society, or the belief in a divine or spiritual intervention, whatever the world, cultural, or legal background, it's commonly considered a good principle.

Obviously I try to focus my classes on the justice systems of this world, or things all worlds seem to have in common, but I'm curious for anyone who knows of specific differences; something that is considered a justice or moral law where they're from but not here or other worlds. The same can go for anyone from this world too of course.

Likewise, I'm curious how all the different worlds enforce their legal systems. Even though each place seems to have some sort of basic governing law, each place also seems to need to enforce it. Maybe no matter what the universe, some people can't be trusted to follow it on their own.

- Instructor Lt. Furor

[He will also be seen playing catch/fetch with a bouncy ball later. Feel free to notice the sheer absurdity of an instructor dog playing catch. But in true puppy fashion, he'll just make you play with him.]


Sep. 13th, 2012 02:25 pm
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[A few different things had been on Luna's mind since things had calmed down a bit, particularly allowing her mind to wander and think about what exactly was coming up in the next month or so. Curious things, wondering if it was even worth speaking about considering the connotations they held.]

Call us curious, Garden, but We were wondering what kind of celebrations that were held back in your own world that revolved around the end of October. If they were a positive celebration, a negative one, what sort of things were involved, and what kind of characters were included in it. [The ponies probably know exactly what she's getting at, but it was still worth asking.]

Secondly We are curious as to what kinds of rulers and/or deities you had back in your respective worlds. We are... not unused to the term and We wish to know the definitions others have used in such circumstances. It is no secret that We were a co-ruler of Equestria, nor is it a secret that We had, for some time, control over the change from sun to moon along with the stars in the sky. Thus We will also gladly answer any questions on that front as well as We have quite a bit of time on our hands.

-Princess Instructor Luna
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Hello again! It's been an awfully long while, hasn't it? Or maybe it only feels that way when you've been on an extended mission.

I wanted to let you know that I've brought some ribbons and balloons back with me! They were meant for Homecoming, but it took so long to treat all my patients after the last attack that I missed it. I'm sure it was a wonderful day. But now I have the decorations taking up all this space in my room. If you need them for a birthday party, or if there's something else coming up, please stop by!

(But you'll have to start calling me Instructor Gainsborough if you're in my Advanced Recovery Magic class next semester. Those are the rules!)

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Bunch of new cadets coming in, huh? Well, I hope you didn't take me being gone as a sign to go all soft or anything.

Lemme be clear -- if you're taking Survival Skills on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I'm not an easy teacher. I'm only going to be happy with you if you can survive with at least a fraction of the skill that I can, and that's no easy path. So if you want a teacher that isn't kicking you out of trees to make sure you can take the fall, get it the other days.

[He's... he's kidding, right?]

On the other hand, if you get through my classes I personally guarantee that you can survive being dropped naked into the jungles with no problem, so it's kind of a "you get what you train for" thing.

Whatever the way, I'm back in Garden and I'll be hanging around a while. You have any questions, come ask 'em. I'm not all that hard to find unless I want to be~.

-- Instructor Wukong

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