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[Wearing her mother's dress to the wedding brought up a lot of old memories that Rinoa's long thought she'd forgotten. They're bittersweet naturally as all memories of her mother tend to be, but at the same time they seem to give her a little peace. A vast improvement on how moody she's been lately, though Squall might have had a little to do with that, possibly.]

[Anyone looking for Rinoa today or just wandering around Garden might hear a few strains of piano music coming from the music room. At first it's just a few quiet notes, but then after a moment it turns into a full song that might be familiar to some. It's easy to hear too, since she managed to leave the door open. Come bother her or just stop to listen for a moment? It's about time she stopped hiding the fact that she's musically inclined from people after all.]
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Wednesday - CBT 101 (all sections), Thursday - COD 101 (all sections)

[A middle-aged woman in a rather Earth-medieval type dress sashays into the classroom at precisely the class's beginning time, down to the second. She takes up position at the head of the class and spreads her arms dramatically.]

Good morning, students~! You may be wondering where your regular instructor is. She's right here~~.

Yes! Up until now, you have been dealing with a substitute. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll all get along splendidly~. I am Mother Gothel--and, as I have been asked about this quite recently: no, I'm not actually named "mother", nor are you required to call me that~. I just believe that--as this is often among the first classes new cadets take--I ought to help ease the transition between civilian and Garden life~. As a SeeD in training, the Garden will become another family to you. Perhaps a bit harsher than your previous one, perhaps not~... Remember, the attitude I try to instill in you is as important as what's written in the syllabus~.

I do apologize for not being with you from the beginning, but alas! 

I'm afraid instructors are still SeeDs, and have other duties as well.

I trust that all of you are up to date on the reading assignments~?

[When replying, please put the class and time-period in the subject? 4th-Wallers, please do pick a class, though a specific time isn't necessary. Threadjacking encouraged between classmates! (4th-Wallers, who aren't bound to their own class-period, likewise encouraged to threadjack.) Gothel's easily side-tracked into conversations, so have at her!]
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[Oh look, another new student! 

Don't mind Ariel, she's just fascinated by her new surroundings and it's quite clear that she's never worn a uniform before. It looks.. a little strange, especially with the yellow bow tie portion tied in her hair, rather than around her neck. Needless to say, she's attracting some odd looks from the other students.

She'd spent a large portion of the morning getting lost and is currently in the cafeteria, staring in awe at what is on offer in terms of food. She's pretty much starving but is frowning in confusion and hesitating about approaching the counter.]

Um.. so people eat dogs here? Oh gosh..

[She's looking at the word "Hot Dog" and is feeling all kinds of freaked out. And, yes, she is talking to herself. The cafeteria staff are also most likely giving her odd stares as she continues mumbling to herself.

Help a mermaid out, anyone?]

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[Ariel had peeked in on the dance. It looked like a lot of fun! But somehow it just made her a bit homesick. So many people... She'd never been to a dance where her father wasn't presiding before. Where her sisters and her didn't sing and Sebastian didn't get knocked into the salad and Flounder showed her all the latest moves-

And. There was only one person she wanted to dance with anyways. It was sort of silly searching for his face when she knew it wasn't there. So instead she decided to do something she'd been wanting to do for a while. With everyone at the dance surely she couldn't get in trouble! Right?

Standing on the railing in the main lobby, Ariel took a breath before diving into the water below. Such a big fountain, who couldn't resist swimming in it! Of course she had her dress on, it seemed silly changing her clothes just to have fun in the water and apparently according to little mermaid laws of physics full length dresses can't drag you down so who knows. Coming back up after she hit water she laughed and spread her arms out.

She'd really missed this.]
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[It's a beautiful day, and everything is all setup for the date auction! Held in the courtyard, there is a mini stage set up with a microphone and speakers, and none other than Pinkie Pie is standing on the stage.


Because the actual GFC leader is too busy to be the MC for the evening. And lets face it, Pinkie will do a better job. Combined with the fact that faculty need to supervise. But who will supervise Pinkie?]

HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages! Cats and dogs! Chocobos and Gummys! Lions and tigers and bears! [GASP] Oh my! Welcome to the first ever, SUPER SPECTACULAR, EXTRA AWESOME, FUNTASTIC DATE AUCTION! WOOOOOOOO! [FIST PUMP!] We have a wonderful rainbow of super special awesome people here today to make our auction a BLAST!

Lets not wait any further, guys! And gals! And animals! Oh, do we have any manticores around? [Scans the crowd, who pretty much stare at her in silence.] OH WELL!

All bids start at 1 gil and go up and UP and UP! Sorry, no rain checks or IOUs!


ALSO! Please put your bids in subject lines, so people can see! Threads tend to collapse after about 50 comments, so it may be a bit easier to see bids that way!

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Since we all come from various different backgrounds, I'm curious as to what everyone of age deems a good date?

Are there any cliches where you're from that you want to avoid? Or perhaps customs that are absolutely required? When you want to go formal, do you prefer big and splashy or something quiet and intimate? Of course generally it's best to tailor such a thing to the person you're dating, but what if they're not sure? Do you bring a gift, and what kind, or is that too over the top? Perhaps something from the heart is better.

Anyone got particular favorite date ideas they've been on or wish-dates to fulfill?

- Marco
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[Picking up the latest newsletter was probably one of his biggest mistakes yet - not counting his involvement with Ultimecia years ago of course. Seifer's read through most of the articles and stares down at the bold title of 'War Criminal to Face Possible Retribution: Seifer Almasy Case'. So many thoughts race through his mind, so many emotions (one's in particular that he's managed to put a mask over), even his heartbeat begins to quicken.

Fear? Adrenaline? Desperation?

Seifer can't tell, he can only stare down at the title and then at the picture of himself, faded and placed within the column. Twenty years later and nothing seems to have changed.

Now he begins to fervently skim the article, picking up on this and that. '...going as far as to say that Ultimecia has sent him from a time prior to her defeat in the Second Sorceress War to gather intel and find ways to avoid her inevitable fall.'


Not bothering with reading the rest he pushes himself up from the bench, grabs up Hyperion, and begins to storm off towards the Training Center. The papers are crumpled angrily in his hand.

Like hell! [He snarls under his breath as he goes in response to the newsletter, dumping the balled up papers into the nearest garbage bin. Whoever he's bumped shoulders with, Seifer doesn't pause to look back - doesn't care, too lost in his thoughts. In the possibilities that maybe what they've written is true and he just doesn't even know it yet.

Seifer knows exactly how crafty Ultimecia can be-- but it's not something he wants to think about right then and there.

{{ooc; feel free to be the one he bumped into, feel free to meet him at the TC, feel free to do-- IDK-- he's just clearly not in the best of moods! c:}}
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[This is Rikku. Rikku's about as confused as you can get. She wanted to go to the Thunder Plains, not some crazy world with a military academy. She's a pickpocket/techie, not a merc!

...But there's lots of cool machina here, so if nothing else, maybe she can study this stuff, get some plans drawn up, and take them with her when she goes home.

For now, though, she's just sort of sitting in the quad, under a tree, watching all the people go by and trying not to look terrified. How well that's working depends on how observant you are.

Also? She's still in her bikini.]

[[ooc: if I have done anything wrong, please tell me XD;; most tags will be coming after I deal with my father and grandfather today.]]
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[ She's supposed to be in class.


Oh well!

Instead, Kiden can be found the quad, enjoying the sun--yes, she actually does enjoy nice days!--and people watching. It's obvious by the constant twitching of her fingers that she's either bored or itching to be somewhere else.

She actually doesn't have a cigarette; instead, she has a large notepad open in her lap, but only half her attention is on it. In it are her WTR101 notes; it's the only class she won't skip and probably the only one she really cares about. Outlined inside are the properties of a variety of weapons, as well as sketches; they're not very good, having been made quickly, but they're clean...and noticeable.

Come bother her, she'll be grateful insult you, probably. Or find her later, if you're the instructors whose class she's skipping.... ]

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Jul. 7th, 2011 10:33 pm
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At this time in my home, many would be celebrating a star festival... Tanabata.

One would write their wish on a small piece of paper and hang it on bamboo. The specifics aside from that vary, but I suppose I am wondering... What sort of wish would everyone make?

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I've tried asking the teachers this already, but it looks like I'll need tutors this Quarter. Again. Not for languages this time - unless any of you know Japanese - but for actual classes I'm taking this Quarter, like Boxing, Survival Skills, and the "age appropriate" math classes I've been forced to take.

If anyone's interested, let me know. I'll pay you well in something, even if it isn't in cash.

- Damian

[Sometime later today, after he's made his BBS post, Damian's chilling in the Quad underneath a shady tree. (There's even a banner for "VOTE AANG FOR HOMECOMING PRINCE" over his head.) He's got a math textbook on his lap and a pencil in his hand as he's attempting to do math homework. Judging by the amount of eraser shavings, it looks like he's struggling a little bit... with basic 7th grade math.

There's also an old-fashioned (by Damian's standards) phone lying a little to his side, but it's not immediately obvious until someone's sitting next to him. As it is, he's not really aware it's there. After a moment, he hits the back of the tree in frustration... and immediately sticks his hand in his mouth. Right. Some things just can't be solved with violence.]
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Quad: [Today, Gakupo is dressed outside of his usual attire. Very modern clothing this time around! In front of Gakupo are his notes and textbook for Speech Conduct. In his hand is a nail polish brush with a nail polish bottle next to him. Yes, he's painting his nails the very color of the vegetable he dislikes: eggplant purple. He just wished he realized it was sparkly before purchasing it.

This is normal.]

Music Room: [Gakupo got a hold of a cello and is plucking the strings expertly and moving his fingers over the bridge. He likes the sound it produces, since the low, vibrating notes and the song he chose go quite well together. This type of genre is something he doesn't usually dip into often, but Gakupo doesn't dislike it.]

(ooc: On the Choose Your Own Adventure Bandwagon because I couldn't choose only one of these awesome ideas to do!)


May. 28th, 2011 08:07 pm
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["...if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or a SeeD."]

[Seifer isn't pleased after he skims his letter and rereads everything twice. Was this a joke? This had to be the worst joke ever. Considering where he had just been and what he had done? And now he was back here of all places?

Something wasn't right, something was definitely not right. And it was in the form of "Unfortunately you have been transported to our time via Time Compression by the work of a powerful Sorceress...".

Fuck. His. Life.

What is his life? Setting himself up to be fucked over by sorceresses, that's what.

So before the Faculty can find him and snatch him up to escort him to the Headmaster's office, Seifer's going there on his own free will... even if he can't access 3F himself.

[ooc: wednesday: sorry replies are slow! it's inventory @ work today&tomorrow so we're kind of busting tail on getting everything marked and counted. it's really not fun but thank you for your patience ♥;; ]
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[This has been a profitable afternoon.

If by profitable you mean 'full of cats and catching them'.

Greece and Nepeta are returning to the Garden from their raid on town, cats and kittens alike either stowed away in huge cloth shopping-bags or under their clothes -- Greece's pockets especially are full of them.

But now they have to deal with the problem of hiding them all. Neither Greece nor Nepeta want to put them back where they came from, nor do they have the living space necessary to keep all the kitties happy.

Help a cat-lover out, would you?]

(OOC: Exactly what it sounds like. You can run into either Greece or Nepeta around campus, looking for spare rooms, and they'll try to give you a cat or three! Instructor-types will be distracted by Nepeta foaming at the mouth or something while Greece gets the fuck out of there with the payload.

Instructors who are trustworthy and want cats will only get foamed at for a couple of minutes :Db)
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[This was all rather... sudden. Exciting. Exhilirating. In a lot of ways Ariel was still very much worried, there had been things going on and this was all just so confusing and- Eric. But she was here and that was that. The letter had been nice enough at least. Even if she didn't entirely understand it. Time compression? Sorceress?

Well it'd become clearer. The important thing was figuring this all out! So to that end she was wandering around, peeking through doorways, windows, hanging over railings, pressing buttons- if there was a thing to be done she wanted to do it!]

This place doesn't look like a garden...

((ooc: Ariel is all over. Yes she may even walk into your character's dorm room like a tourist. Have fun with that fff ♥))


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