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Scenario A: LATE AT NIGHT, anywhere

[Anywhere people go this evening - whether it's the Training Center, the Library, or even the Quad - there's the distinct sound of heavy, clunky footsteps. It even seems to sound like said footsteps're stalking whoever happens to be out at this hour...

And oddly enough, those footsteps leave marks in the grass (and annoyingly enough, everywhere else).

Of course, Robin's also patrolling the grounds as the new head of the Disciplinary Committee---and he doesn't take kindly to people being out at this hour. No matter where you might go on campus, he - or those pesky footsteps (or both?!) - will follow.]

Scenario B: Cafeteria, the following morning

[Damian looks half-dead. As to be expected from a vigilante with an active nightlife, he rarely gets sleep (especially if he wants to finish his homework), but... something seems different about this. After all, even he should normally recognize that he's pouring orange juice into his bowl of cereal... which actually isn't even cereal, but pretzel goldfish.

Yet he's so out of it that he doesn't even realize his bowl's overflowing. Nor does he realize that he should probably want to snap out of it soon, or else he'll start creating giant orange-juice puddles all over the Cafeteria.]

Scenario C: Outside the Anatomy Classroom

[If one passes by the Anatomy classroom later in the day, one'd also notice a particularly large crowd buzzing around it. Damian's no exception to this, so even he has to wander over - and jump above the crowd! - just to see what all the fuss's about.

Judging by their impatient and shocked reactions... and that giant pumpkin on a stick in place of their usual skeletons... it's not hard to guess what happened. Someone, in the middle of the night, had replaced their beloved props with less-than-stellar duds. Day sighs, turns on his heels, and nearly brushes past someone on his way out.]

Tch,, you'd think someone died from the way they were acting.

[ooc | And this kicks off the player plot!! Feel free to have other posts assume that the Garden's Halloween decorations are still in place/in the process of being made/etc. ♥ Have fun, y'all.]
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[Toph is, again, in the Quad. This time, however, she's sitting off by herself, hugging her knees and ignoring everyone and everything.

Katara, Zuko, and Sokka are gone. She had waited a few days to be sure, but they're gone.]

010 [BBS]

Oct. 3rd, 2011 11:16 pm
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I have a question. How come you have to be 15 or older to take the SeeD exams? I can keep up just fine in the big kids fighting classes and I already knew how to fight before I came here!

Oh, and I'm not 10 anymore. It's been more than a year since I got here so I'm 11 now.

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[If anyone had visited the infirmary these past few weeks, they might've seen a little lifeless kid lying there in one of the beds. Supposedly, right after finals, he'd fallen into a deep sleep and refused to wake up.

Until now. Suddenly gasping for air, Damian immediately sits upright. He's... he's... in the infirmary? He furrows his brows and glances around the room for any clues. The last thing he remembered, he'd been taking finals... and then...

Then he'd been whisked back home. How long had it been? Six months? Twelve?

Slag, Time Compression really hated him. Why else would it drag him back into Garden after experiencing all that? After meeting Green Arrow and Zachary Zatara and that weird Jewish kid who claimed he was Kryptonian... in the context of Garden, it really didn't make much sense. He leans forward, arching his back and trying his best to suppress a sigh as he stares down at his clothes. Dammit, TC! If it's going to whisk him back, at least whisk him back with clothes that actually fit.]

... Here again? Guess I haven't had enough yet.

[A few hours later, there's a brief post on the BBS system:]

Does anyone have the latest issue of that sky pirate comic?? I wanted to buy one over the break, but it sold out before I could. :| That and the one about steampunk mechanics. They're both pretty schway.

Also I think I might need to go shopping. I don't really want to, but nothing really fits. Not even my uniform. 8( So what the slag'm I supposed to buy?

- Damian

[ooc | Damian just went through an canon-updating coma! This basically means that he's a whole year older... and in dire need of a new wardrobe, welp, since he's about 2 inches taller than when everyone last saw him. :c]
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[Eyes drift down to his paper then back up again. Steps are quiet and hesitant but he is out walking around and that is a stride in itself. Brows knitted together in a obvious look of confusion and lingering stress which loosens slightly as he exhales quietly. The words upon the parchment did little to explain the entirety of the situation and he was mildly desperate for more information. He figured that the letter was supposed to give the basic premise, but certainly didn’t dive under the surface of the issue and certainly didn’t stop his heart from beating rapidly within his chest.

Shoving it into his pocket as he walked around, his eyes searched around, pausing to look at the architecture that he came across, lips parted by the impressive design but it didn’t remove his thoughts from the situation at hand. His wandering had a purpose, he was in hopes of finding someone, anyone that could help, and preferably anyone with a familiar face. The thought alone caused his steps to pick up their pace and his eyes to look around a little more quickly, less inclined to marvel at the surrounding area, something that seemed more out of a fictional film than reality.

Quietly thankful that he still remained with his talents from home, despite the note of caution it was one of the thoughts that was stopping him from falling into a complete and utter panic attack, reverting back to the mental state he was a year ago.

He can be found here and there--until he finally stops and finds a seat, running his hands through his hair with a sigh--what to do?]
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[It should have been harder to get used to this place, Kaldur thought, and in some ways it was. But it's also another land away from home that he doesn't quite understand, and that is something he has become accustomed to.

He will make the best of this as he can and so Kaldur walks through the campus, trying to get used to the layout of the campus and see where the classes he was most interesting in taking the next semester were located. He isn't used to having so much time on his hands.

There is a pool here, isn't there. Perhaps he should visit it.]
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Scenario A: Inn Kitchen
[Don't ask how or why, but somehow through the magic of politics and sheer scaring the crap out of people, Damian's managed to commandeer the Inn Kitchen for an hour or two to make iftaar for the evening. It's still daylight, so he can't taste or drink the stuff he's making... and it's kind of a problem.

He's thiiiiis close to grabbing the nearest person he sees to ask them to taste-test his food. As it is, though, he's just staring at the recipe book and hoping that Allah(swt) won't mind it if he got a couple of ingredients wrong.]

Scenario B: Fisherman's Horizon Pier
[It's nighttime and Damian's FINALLY able to break his fast. He's sitting on the edge of the pier, with his date in one hand and fruit juice in the other. After murmuring a prayer, he inhales his date whole and gulps down his fruit juice in literally 2.5 seconds. It doesn't matter how often he's fasted---it still feels good to have something in his stomach after so long.

He doesn't bother to get up, though; he's more interested in feeling the sea breeze. Maybe it's stupid of him to sit and potentially miss Maghrib, but it's actually pretty nice out here!]

[ooc | As always, unfamiliar words can be deciphered by placing your mouse over them. :3 If it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll translate.]
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I told you, I don't need a chaperone, Twinkle Toes.

[Toph and Aang are standing around the quad, waiting for someone. Toph is going to have Words with her student-slash-best friend's best friend.]
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[There seems to be a festive atmosphere all throughout Garden. Why? Because it's the Homecoming Carnival! The Garden Festival Committee has been hard at work all morning and when 1300 hours strikes, it's finally open for everyone to enjoy.

There's a map on the Directory which shows where everything is located:


Have fun, Garden!]

[OOC: As noted, this has been backdated to last Friday. So as not to exclude new characters who came in after, though, it can be assumed that their arrivals were backdated so they can participate.

PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL WE HAVE FINISHED PUTTING UP THE SUBCOMMENTS. Thank you! We're done posting the subcomments, you can go ahead and jump in!

EDIT: Also, we forgot to mention: Players can assume that characters take different shifts which allow for everyone to enjoy other parts of the carnival as well instead of being stuck manning a booth the whole night. For Dunk Tank and Kissing Booth, it's best to leave your character's name in the subject of their comment to start off their thread to indicate their shift. Thank you!

EDIT 2: FORGIVE US! We forgot to mention that there is a price for some of the attractions at the carnival. This is a fundraiser where the money can to go whatever the Garden Festival Committee sees fit; we'll let the players and their characters decide on that front. Here's how the pricing goes:

KISS: 2 gil each
CARNIVAL GAME: 1 gil per game
FACE PAINTING: 2 gil per person
FOOD STALLS: We'll leave this up to characters to decide.
DUNK TANK: 5 gil for 3 balls, 10 gil for 10 balls
FORTUNE TELLING: 3 gil per reading

We hope this clarifies things!
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Option A: Lobby

[Toph is leaning against the directory with her arms crossed, unamused. The letter and course catalog are by her feet, untouched.

She's blind, Cid. Why the hell did you give her stuff to read? She's just going to stand here and people 'watch' for a while. Passerbys are free to notice her bare feet or blank stare. If you talk to her, she won't look at you.]

Option B: Quad

[Later, after lunch, Toph is sitting against a convenient wall, apparently doing nothing. People walking by her, however, have a tendency to trip and glance back at the ground behind them, swearing there was a dip there only to find that the ground is just as flat as it's always been.

She's bored and making people look like idiots is entertaining.]
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[ To say that Luna is taking being thrown into an alternate dimension rather well is an understatement. At first it was a little alarming to find herself waking up to an enrollment of an entirely different education program after just leaving Hogwarts, to say the least. But after reading the letter sent by the Headmaster explaining the time compression - of course, it had to be time compression - Luna's thoughts were placed on the 'at ease' spectrum of panic.

Currently, she can be found wandering around in the quad area of the Gardens, Headmaster Cid's letter placed firmly in her hands and a quizzical if not vacant aspect to her stare. Anyone passing her will receive the following inquery: ]

Excuse me, but do you perhaps know where I might find some seeds?
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[As he's in the running for Homecoming Prince and Damian told him to start campaigning, Aang is standing in the middle of the quad with a box of fresh-baked cookies. He's introducing himself to everyone who gets close enough and anyone with the patience to hear him out gets a cookie and his undying gratitude.]

Hey there! As you may or may not know, I was nominated for Homecoming Prince...
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[Being a newbie, Max is up to a few things as she begins to settle and familiarize herself with everything... She's already gotten over the shock of being pulled into a world that pretty much reminds her of a video game, but still. All new stuff. At least the tech looks pretty schway.]

Sequence A

[Max has just arrived in the Garden and is leaning against a wall near/in the Lobby. This is being done not out of shocked as when she first arrived in this world, but in an attempt to muse through her thoughts as she reread the letter in her hands. Still pretty glitchy, getting transported to another world, but whatever. Worst things have happened. So much worse.

After a moment, she pushes off the wall and goes to the Directory and ... What's that thing she put near it? It looks like a some phone or someth-- Is she hacking through the directory?! Well ... technically there's not a rule against it she's seen. So much easier to carry it around with her, rather than refer back to something, right?

...yeah, no, she's not gonna stop at just the directory.]

Sequence B

[Hallways to the dorms! Max knows she has a dorm (B209) around here somewhere -- shared with someone she has come to find out since the events of Sequence A -- and is taking a slow stroll through the halls to get acquainted with the area, papers and stuff in hand. Including a device that looks like a smartphone.

Man... there seems to be a lot of glitter drenched posters about. Something to do with a homecoming she heard something about? Talk about back to high school days. :| Interrupt her while she gets a closer look at one?]
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I've tried asking the teachers this already, but it looks like I'll need tutors this Quarter. Again. Not for languages this time - unless any of you know Japanese - but for actual classes I'm taking this Quarter, like Boxing, Survival Skills, and the "age appropriate" math classes I've been forced to take.

If anyone's interested, let me know. I'll pay you well in something, even if it isn't in cash.

- Damian

[Sometime later today, after he's made his BBS post, Damian's chilling in the Quad underneath a shady tree. (There's even a banner for "VOTE AANG FOR HOMECOMING PRINCE" over his head.) He's got a math textbook on his lap and a pencil in his hand as he's attempting to do math homework. Judging by the amount of eraser shavings, it looks like he's struggling a little bit... with basic 7th grade math.

There's also an old-fashioned (by Damian's standards) phone lying a little to his side, but it's not immediately obvious until someone's sitting next to him. As it is, he's not really aware it's there. After a moment, he hits the back of the tree in frustration... and immediately sticks his hand in his mouth. Right. Some things just can't be solved with violence.]
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[Damian can tolerate a lot when it comes to his best friend. He can tolerate Aang's strange euphemisms (seriously, monkey feathers isn't impolite!), he can tolerate Aang's too-cheerful attitude, and most importantly, he can tolerate Aang's "no killing. EVER" policy towards just about everything they encountered in the Training Center.

But what he can't tolerate? Is an incredibly mopey Aang that hasn't bothered to leave his bedroom. Even the Instructors' houseplants had more energy than this! With a sigh, Damian throws a pillow in Aang's general direction and waves a finger accusingly:]

For the last time, stop moping around! The only thing you're going to lose in here is your sanity... and quite possibly mine too.

[SIGH.] You zift! Seize the slagging day already!

[Although he doesn't suspect it, Damian feels like he's talking to a brick wall.]
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[Aah, isn't it a glorious day!? The sun is shining, the sea is... full of salty sea-goodness, and not a single enemy bird in sight!

Yeah, it's not every day you cross some odd threshold where an infinite number of realities suddenly and inexplicably converge, and you're left standing in some guy's office with a piece of paper in your hands telling you how awesome and amazing you are with a faceless wonder asking you questions about your personal life.

Seriously, cabbages are a sensitive subject, okay?

But enough about that. Once everything's said and done and he's arranged his things in his dorm (which really means dumping them in a heap on his bed and sauntering right back out of there), Sokka's first aim - since he's been informed classes aren't until the day after tomorrow - is to hit that Training Center he's heard about. Because quite honestly, there's only one way to get over being separated from your friends and main squeeze without any warning.

And that's to throw pointy objects at strange foreign creatures and hope something lands.

Except, well... when he exits the dorm hall? He'll discover that the cafeteria is practically right next door to the dormitories. And if disguising himself as the shortest, skimpiest prison guard ever has taught him anything... cafeteria means FOOD! Probably limp, wilted and shriveled lumps of what could barely pass for edible, but at this point, he's willing to take that chance.

Sinking his boomerang into something can wait a few more minutes. Right?

Well... at least they think I'm a cool dude. That counts for something!

( ooc: So yeah! Feel free to run into him in the dormitory area, cafeteria, training center - or the corridors leading to any of them! And if your name happens to be DAVE STRIDER... well, first of all, I'm sorry. Deeply sorry. Second of all, welcome to your new roommate~. 8] )
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[...well, this is lucky. Greece hadn't actually been expecting Time Compression to send him back home, even with all the strangeness of arriving back in both his old home at the Palace and two other lands that were distinctly unfamiliar.


He did have some hope.

So he's firmly decided not to mind that Time Compression has sent him back to the middle of 2009.

In the middle of Ifaisteia, too, and before he was forced into budgeting.

Now he sits in a cafe facing the Caldera, sipping some real coffee (finally!) and snacking on real food. It's the quieter side of town, and while he's glad to be back, he wants to think for a while. Feel free to interrupt him.]

(OOC: This is backdated to May. Event info goes here! Hit me up if you've questions.)
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So what would you guys do if large, flaming rocks fell from the sky and destroyed everything? Think utter ch8os with earthq8kes and r8ging seas- stuff like that!

You never know.


[Vriska is out in the quad with hair pinned up, wearing capri jeans and a short-sleeved button-up shirt, walking out towards the docks to go into the town. What a wonderful day to go out and explore! Never mind how much she stood out against all the other people, she's used to the staring.]

[ooc; Feel free to stop her or join her!]


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