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4 // [action]

[Heading into town this afternoon to get away from the worst of the chaos around Garden? You wouldn't be the only person with that idea. Yosuke likes to think he's built up a decent tolerance for weird by now, but this morning he happened to reach under his bed and found nothing there except a hot dog that promptly skittered out the window on spindly legs, which was the last straw.

But when he steps out of a shop and happens to spot a rotund white chicken pecking at the pavement opposite, a different idea starts to form. Actually, it's more like a recollection. When he first overheard something about people wanting to repopulate the Training Centre, he hadn't really thought it was relevant to him, but... come to think, did they ever specify what qualified as a monster? This chicken sure looks out of place as far as he can tell, so it could have been zapped in from who knows where five minutes ago, and a quick fumble tells him he can Scan it, although he doesn't yet - is there anything stopping him from bringing in something like this, which has to be less dangerous than the honest-to-god dinosaurs they used to have in there? As a public service, it's worth a try.

Dropping the bag in his hand, he edges closer, flattening himself against the wall with exaggerated stealth. He keeps a close eye on his quarry all the while - and on nothing else, which might not be the wisest decision while he's standing in the middle of what is after all a high street. But hey, it's a mission! Of course he's serious about it!]
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[With a sigh, Nate picks up the bag, and then gives an awkward nod of acknowledgment to a passerby. How did he end up on lookout duty when the Balamb Town council already have it in for him?]

I'm pretty sure that's just a chicken. [He's speaking at normal volume. He is not going to whisper for Yosuke's chicken hunt.]
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Well, it's for training, right? Pretty sure that doesn't mean beating up on your lunch.

[A sigh, as he eyes the chicken. Poor bird's not going to find anything there. He knows that feeling.]

Besides, attacking something so harmless just doesn't feel right. [Perhaps that's oddly sentimental coming from him, but it was only a year ago he was getting chased by grownups with guns. The chicken doesn't even seem like it'd be smart enough to run far if he and Yosuke start swinging at it.]
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[One second everything's fine and Yosuke's going on about his monster catcher plan, the next second he's acting weird. Forgetting everything he learned in REC 101 and thus mistaking this for an asthma attack or something, Nate gives Yosuke a thump on the shoulder because he can't reach his back.] No, nothing. Why, what happened?

[Genuine concern? Hey, it's not like many other people put up with him. And he did kind of ruin the beauty pageant for Yosuke.]
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[As soon as the light bursts forth, Nate blurts out:] What the hell?!

[He promptly gets blown off of his feet. As he starts flying down the street, he grabs onto a lamp post, sticking out a hand to catch Yosuke if needed. Not that it would probably help much, considering it feels like the lamp post is going to get ripped from the pavement any second.

[No matter where Yosuke ends up, Nate yells to make himself heard over the howling wind:]
Now we can take it to the training center!
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Damn thing's obviously a monster!

[Once he feels stable again, Nate climbs down from the lamppost and unsheaths his gunblade, because holding a naked vibrosword in the middle of a town that's already arrested him before is a great idea. As he inches back in Yosuke and the bird's direction, he has eyes only for the chicken. Well, and for anything he might trip over, but mostly for the chicken.

[So naturally, he misses Yosuke's second shock completely. Today is thus like any other day on which Nathan Drake does not become a Digimon Tamer.]

Use a what? [Is the chicken capable of even more than the hurricane it just unleasehd? Nate glares at it, gunblade at the ready. He will take you down if need be, fluffy chicken. He will take you down.]
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[Excuse you Yosuke, he's clearly pointing that thing at the chicken.] That was before it attacked us! We've gotta be ready in case it attacks again. [So why isn't Yosuke arming himself, seems to be the underlying question.]

How strong is whatever you think it used?

[And how is that birdbrain big enough to know how to fight back with some mysterious windy power? Geeze. He had trusted this chicken and it betrayed him.]
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[Half-recognizing the shift from classes and the odd training session together, half just guessing, Nate figures Yosuke's casting, and he nods approvingly.] Good idea. I've been craving grilled chicken. [But he'd kind of thrown most of his randomly increased sponsorship money at clothing, books, and a new notebook (his old one had been getting kind of full) this trimester before he remembered that non-cafeteria food was a thing that he liked once in a while.

[It's just a one-liner, of course. He knows just burning the chook wouldn't actually taste that nice, and his days of eating whatever comes to hand are blessedly behind him.]
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Domestic chicken and what?! [From that reaction, Yosuke has to know something about whatever's going on with this thing.

[Rather than waste time looking for a Scan spell of his own (he can't remember if he stocked any today, actually), Nate goes for Draw instead to check what the chicken's toting. And oh, what it's toting.]
What the hell...?

[He could wonder how exactly a domestic chicken came across such a strong draw list, or he could put it to use and try to draw-cast Silence on the chicken before it casts another Tornado on them. Nate chooses the latter, but with low Magic ability, he somewhat expects to fail.]
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[Nate glares at the chicken as it clucks and his Draw fails. He's gotta junction something better to his magic.

[But at that suggestion, he finally takes his eyes off the chicken to look at Yosuke and nod.]
Yeah, good idea. [It is infinitely familiar because it is the story of their lives. We didn't do it.] But hang on, I wanna see if I can get Tornado off it before we go.

[He plants his feet firmly, stance solid, and starts Drawing.]
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[Nate blanches, and barely gets his gunblade higher up between himself and the bird before a spell hits and someone tall and thin joins them. He has just enough warning to throw his arm to the side rather than impale himself on his gunblade as he gets knocked to the ground, and as soon as he's able, he scrambles to his feet.

[That spell left him disoriented. He lashes out, slashing wildly at that scarfed figure. It feels like he's seen it somewhere before, but it's not coming to mind right now, and that makes him more worried.

[He didn't even get one Tornado spell.]
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[Utterly Confused, Nate whirls around at the sound of Yosuke's voice. The words don't quite make sense to him but the angry tone gets through. He reaches into his bag, pulls out the hardbound history of Esthar he's been reading, and hurls it at Yosuke.

[In another world, Professor Oak finds himself wanting to tell someone off for trying to use something at the wrong time.]
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[He can't stop spinning; it is a miracle he's been keeping his balance. As he turns, partially because he can't help it and partially to keep Yosuke in his line of sight, Nate slashes his gunblade Yosuke's way, but it's the directional motion he sometimes uses as a crutch for spellcasting rather than a physical attack.

[Luckily, it's just Scan. Huh: Yosuke resists fire.]
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[Nate spins right into the Persona's clutches, dropping his gunblade as his arms are held back. He struggles in its grip for a moment -

[Only for the Confusion to fade away, leaving him not only dizzy but puzzled. Nate wobbles, and looks around to take stock of the current situation: He's being restrained, he's lost his weapon, his nice new book on Esthar is on the ground, he can't see the chicken - ah, there's Yosuke, the one familiar factor in this mess.]
Yosuke? What's going on?
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[Nate holsters his gunblade then picks up the book, dusting off what dirt he can see.] Why would I do that to a book? [He's so sorry, book. You were new and beautiful. If it was second hand he wouldn't have minded throwing it around, but this is new and even a year on, getting new things is a novelty.

[The gust draws his attention as he's putting the book back in his bag, and for a long moment, he stares into the shop. Leaving sounds good. Leaving sounds great, in fact.]

... you think they're okay in there?
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[Nate scrunches up his face, thinking. Yes, capturing is out, and they did so well at fighting it the first time that beating it is probably also out, but... maybe they don't need to bring it all the way from Garden.] If we can at least lure it out of town, the only people who'll run into it should be prepared. [Or it might get beaten up by another monster. Either or.

[He digs into his pocket for the last of his allowance, and shoves a handful of small change at Yosuke.]
Go buy some bread. [Because even though it's been a while, he imagines the bakery still wouldn't be pleased to see him.] I'll keep an eye on things here.
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[Nate looks at him like he's crazy, but as Yosuke leaves, he turns and cautiously enters the shop.

[It's an interesting five minutes. He flashes his student ID, announces he's from Balamb Garden and SeeD is on its way to "contain the Sorceress", and miraculously (possibly aided by all the wind) convinces the people to evacuate out a back door. (Thank god he hasn't robbed anyone in here.) Without as many people around and Nate trying not to make any sudden moves, the store isn't a complete shambles, should Yosuke enter the still open door.]
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this is now an art shop.

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[Nate, looking a little worse for wear (he took a jar of paste to the face and some paintbrushes to the arms earlier), lifts a hand and deliberately lowers it: Let's slow things down here. His voice is quieter than usual to go with it.] I told everyone to evacuate. Didn't think the chicken was listening; there was still stuff being thrown around for a while after everyone left...

[He steps carefully into the next aisle, peering around the shelf.] Got the bread?
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[Nate nods, and takes a roll. Tearing half of it into tiny pieces, he throws out some of the bits into the aisle and clicks his tongue like he's seen on a few farms he's crashed at overnight.] Here, little chicken...

[He doesn't even see it in this aisle, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be behind a shelf or something. It's a start, at least. For good measure, he tosses some around another shelf to the next aisle.]
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[Good, it didn't escape in the evacuation. Slowly, Nate backs away, still crushing some of the bits he hadn't thrown into more crumbs.] If we're careful... [Because there's a word that describes both of them perfectly.

[He clicks his tongue some more. He's not even sure if it really did anything the first time or if it was more just the crumbs, but the coincidence is enough for him. And now that he knows where the chicken is, he starts trailing crumbs towards the door.]