Sep. 18th, 2011

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Hey all, I'm a new face, just arrived and all so I figured I'd use this bbs to introduce myself. I'm Hibiki Houjou, I'm fifteen going on sixteen and I've just enrolled.

So uh, someone named Luka I'm rooming with at the Inn till we get settled in? I'd like to meet you and all. Thanks!

Oh and if anyone sees a pair of little floating gems, those are mine.

[Later that day, after using the BBS, Hibiki is out and about in the fishing village, jogging and seeing the sights. Everything was so different from Kanon, the city of music. The distinct lack of anything music related was definitely something.

She was adjusting better than anyone she knew, but then again she knew very few on this world. She was worried for Kanade however, but knew that Kanade was a strong girl.]

You're worried about Kanade, Ellen and Hummy, aren't you Dodo?♪

A little.

Well it's to be expected, Mimi. We're separated from the other Fairy Tones too, Mimi.♪

Yeah, but we know how strong they are. Don't you two worry, you're with me, and I won't let anything happen to you two.
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[Jet’s walking around, only half paying attention as he scans the letter in his one hand.  It’s about the third time he’s done this now, and nothing seems to be registering.  Which frustrates him more than worries him.  They can’t explain how he got here or how he got back, but they could leave a letter just to inform him of it, huh?  How convinient.
A little more aggressively than he intends to, he stuffs the paper into his pocket and lets his hand linger there.  He lets his other hand find the other pocket as he quickens his pace.  A thousand thoughts are racing through his mind, and by now he's practically jogging in hopes of a familiar face.  Were the others here?  He’d been fighting (with?) Aang, right?  Maybe he got sucked into this place or whatever.
Walking along the Fisherman’s Horizon, Jet goes to call out the names of his friends but stops.  What use would it be?  What if it would endanger them or somehow lure them here or--
Temptation gets the better of him and he ventures out more, frowning and pursing his lips.]

Guess this is home.

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You might notice that some of the trays in the cafeteria are...strangely empty. That's quite unusal especially this late in the day. You might go to the kitchen to see what's up or maybe make a complaint.

That's when you find one of the cooks, an elderly Brittish gentleman, on the floor. He's breathing and it feels like he's burning up. It's a definite fever: what do you do?
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[So in true Turk fashion, Cissnei is exploring the place. Having the map with you and following it isn't quite the same as actually knowing the layout, now is it? She's very impressed with Balamb Garden so far. Not that it doesn't quite get rid of all of her suspicions of this place, not just yet.

You might spy the small redhead Turk passing through the Quad at a more leisurely pace.]
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hello all you lovely garden residents
i got me a motherfuckin riddle here i want to be sharing with you
so throw your answers at me all good and proper

knock knock
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[Rapunzel stares at the letter in her hand, reading it again, frowning. This confusing. Hadn't she just been in Corona with Eugene? What did this Headmaster mean? Time Compression? Sorcery? Well, she supposed that she should be grateful she was being given a place to stay, at least. She was a little worried, but tried not to show it as she explored, frying pan in hand and hair pulled back and shorter into a braid trailing just above the ground as she walked, barefoot. Trying to find her way around and to Fisherman's Horizon. Getting familiar with her new surroundings she found herself in.]

E-Eugene.....? I wonder if he's even here....? Or Mother....
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[Garden doesn't exist in Raine's time. It hadn't even been thought of yet. Perhaps that's why she's so fascinated over everything right now. But that means it's easy enough to get lost, too, since she's new here. Raine is currently wandering hallways and areas in the school. The quad, the library, the cafeteria... She'll eventually find her way to all of it.

So why not say hello to Mrs. Loire?]


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