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[The longer she put this off, the worse it was going to be. Nepeta had been unusually quiet since a certain blue troll had returned to Balamb, and it was no wonder why. At some point she was going to have to break it to him that while she still cared deeply for him, her feelings were no longer red. She couldn't help but be a little frustrated with her life. She had put off telling Vriska for so long because she knew that Equius could return at any moment. Yet for some many perigrees he remained gone, keeping her from fulfilling her wish to break things off with him first. Then lo and behold, when she finally caves in and tells Vriska, Time Compression decides to bring him here.

Whining about it would do little, and she knew it was sort of stupid to think of Time Compression as a sentient entity. Even more so than regarding your past and future selves as separate entities.

She knew she should tell him, but each time she thought about it she could just imagine the hurt and anger it would cause him and guilt and cowardice kept her from uttering a word. Equius had been the only partner she had ever had before Vriska, so she had no clue how to go about breaking up with him. How do you do it without hurting their feelings? Was it even possible to do that? A small part of her hoped that maybe since he hadn't seen her in so long, that his feelings might have ebbed away as well. She really, really hoped that was the case. If not, it would make this whole ordeal worse if anything.

Right now she was curled up on the couch in her and Vriska's dorm, flipping through channels without really seeing anything. She had been like this for the past couple of days.]
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[ooc: quirkless translation]

Translation. )
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2o thii2 "tiime compre22iion" thiing yank2 me out of the miiddle of 2omethiing iimportant, plop2 me down on a planet full of human2 iin another uniiver2e, and giive2 me no way two go back.
and then ii'm con2criipted iintwo thii2 miiliitary 2chool becau2e the local2 can't handle freak2 and ii don't have any better optiion2.
thank2 a lot for that liife, why don't you 2uck my bulge whiile you're at iit.
2o whatever, ii gue22 thii2 ii2 my iintroductiion??
2ollux captor, troll, 6 2weep2.
who care2.
who el2e ii2 even here who know2 me anywfalkjehgw;;

ok there'2 one accounted for, feferii ju2t cra2hed iintwo me ehehe.
iif you want two talk two her ii gue22 2he can reply two 2tuff here two?
otherwii2e ii ju2t want two know what troll2 are here and the re2t of you can do whatever, ii don't care.

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translation )

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[After the orders were given during Saturday's announcement, SeeDs Vriska Serket and Grell Sutcliffe had been privately briefed on the mission they were to supervise and assess, as had Nida, who was specifically in charge of assessing the would-be piloting specialist on this mission. The candidates for the exam, on the other hand, would only be briefed on the day, and had two days to prepare.

[Finally, the day to prove that they too could be the pride of Balamb Garden was here.]

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[Vriska had very special ways of dealing with "stress". During her time here she slowly learned to start changing her ways of dealing with "stress", but it was and continues to be an uphill battle that she has constantly doubted being worth the effort at all. Yet she knew this wasn't Alternia and outwardly killing someone to relieve anger with minimal consequences here was preposterous. She was outnumbered here anyways.

But she found ways to deal with things her way and they helped to an extent.

The mutilated T-Rex before her was proof of that. She stood in front of its head, breathing heavily and drenched in its blood with the broken sword handle still in her grasp. Some of her own cerulean blue blood mixed in with the red of the dinosaur's on her person, but if any of her own wounds hindered her she didn't show it.]
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[Merlin hadn't visited Balamb Town yet, but it today he'd decided that he was going to walk down and take a look. The town was unlike any place Merlin had ever seen in Albion though, so as he wondered around he felt very much like he'd turned into the village boy who'd stared at everything he saw that he'd been on his first day in Camelot again.

Throughout the day, there were a few places where Merlin could be seen]

1. [On the way to the town, as Merlin walks along the road. If you're on your way to the town too, you might pass him by]

2. [Traffic lights. Merlin's stopped at the corner of an intersection and is now wondering what those flashy light things are for. It's still daylight, so they're obviously not there to help people see...]

3. [A Department Store, where Merlin has found a section full of amazing things: kitchen gadgets. He doesn't know what most of them do, but they're interesting and he's sure that Gwen would like to have some of these.]

4. [A pet store! Which has Merlin looking in the window at a puppy with a rather perplexed expression. Why would you want to keep a dog in a glass box?]
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[For the record, Eugene really doesn't like sewing. It is quite possibly the most irritating form of art there is for him. His nimble fingers are for snatching things like prized rubies, or maneuvering the locks of chains around wrists. He's adept with a lock pick and can make escape rope faster than any other thief he's ever come to meet.

But sewing as in embroidery?

The things he does for love...]

It can't be that ha--yeow!

[Another pricked finger. Greeeeaaat. He sucks on the pricked forefinger to stop the bit of blood, then assess his assignment. A fabric, red heart with the starting of the words "I LOVE" embroidered at the top center. It's going to be sewn to a purple pillow he's still piecing together. He usually doesn't do something so...fancy for anyone, but Rapunzel isn't anyone. And since this is apparently her first Valentines Day, he wants it to stand out in her memories.

And if that means some aching fingers...]

Yeow! Son of a--

[He begins to curse every single needle in the world in a colorful, angry tirade. Any students passing below may hear Eugene if they are passing by the quad during their classes. He sits high up on a ledge up by the ceiling, the perfect thief's spot (albeit, no thieving to be done), out of sight to the naked eye. Perhaps if someone sees him, they will wonder why Eugene is hiding. Could it be because he's trying to keep his work secret? Is it because he stole four apples from the kitchen and there they sit in a sack beside him, half-eaten? Or could it be that he's not gotten into classes yet, and has been whiling away his days ambling about Garden, trying to pass the time?]
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[TODAY IS THE DAY! Pinkie Pie finally celebrates HERSELF! On her trusty pogo stick, she bounces around Garden with Gummy in her hair (hanging on for dear life), throwing confetti in her wake and shouting:]


[She hands a cupcake to each person she sees. It's a bribe! Pinkie doesn't care how shameless it is, only if people will eat it happily and come to her party!]

(ooc: Please turn down her invite, folks! Nicely or however your character wishes! There is a good reason! (totally playing off this episode in the link, thanks to a helpful friend!)
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[Scene 1 / action / backdated to Jan 1st]

[Nepeta was currently in the cafeteria, but pretty much all the food on her tray was untouched. Like many others, Nepeta had received a strange item in her dorm. It was a photograph. Nothing unusual, and yet so very, very unusual due to what it contained. It was a picture of her, Equius, and Vriska. Familiar faces, yet so very unfamiliar.

For starters, she had gills. Gills, belonged only to sea dwellers. She had been staring at herself for quite some time now. It was not the only shocking thing, because it wasn't simply a matter of her being a sea dweller, but if the color of her symbol on the clothing she wore was any indication...

It was Tyrian. Vriska, was yellow. And Equius, oh boy. He might just have a hernia if he ever saw this picture because he was red. Bright red. It was a little shocking to see him wearing it--how had he not been culled? She wondered what Karkat would make of this too. They were all older, roughly two sweeps it looked, and yet even though he was so low on the hemospectrum, he looked happier than she had ever seen him. The picture in full: she was walking a bit ahead of them. Her clothes were fairly simple, colorful much like Feferis, but unlike her she did not wear as much jewelery. She had a thoughtful expression on her face and seemed to have been speaking, pointing off to something that could not be seen.

Behind her walked Equius and Vriska. The both of them were wearing uniforms of some sort, and while their symbols were still present, in their breast pocket was her own. Strangest of all, perhaps, was that they were holding hands and sharing a secretive look.

Nepeta knew that Equius and Vriska got along pretty well, having grown up together but she never would have thought of them being in a quadrant together. Yet there was just something so natural and blissful about the way they looked that she couldn't help but wonder. That wasn't the only thing, written on the back of the picture in her own handwriting was a letter]

Letter behind cut )

[The quirk was different, and the color of course, but it was definitely her handwriting.]

Scene 2 / video / today

[The feed turns on to show a rather excited looking Nepeta sporting a blue hat. It was her trademark hat--the one she always use to wear back home. She had always adored that hat and felt it to be something akin to a security blanket. She had given it to Equius before the whole incident with Gamzee had gone down, and she had been brought here so she had been without it for so long.]

Look! I woke up today and my hat was here. I don't know how--it was left back home when I was brought here but now it's back! [She giggles, and tugs it down so that it covers her eyes]

Did anyone else get anything?
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[This place doesn't make any sense, as far as Arthur is concerned. And while interrogating what faculty he could taught him a little more about this whole school thing, it took a great deal of calm on his part not to draw his sword on them as his kidnappers. The fact that they were so congenial about the whole thing is the main reason he hasn't threatened anyone. Yet.

It wasn't until after a humbling talk with the headmaster that he calmed down and really began to look at his situation. After which he began wandering Balamb Garden, feeling unusually lost in more ways than one. A king without his kingdom, his people, was nothing more than a man. The only consolation he had was Excalibur, sheathed at his side. A small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless.

So that leaves one (1) King of Camelot, in full chainmail, a bright red cape, and a crown, wandering around exploring the place. And occasionally asking questions, because displacement aside, he's not exactly up to date on the modern technology.]
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[There is a sudden and loud CRASH resounding from the library. Books lie strewn across the floor and papers float harmlessly through the air back down to the ground. One of the book shelves had fallen forward and took a few others down with it, leaving a chaotic trail of literature destruction in its paths.

Somewhere in the middle of all this is Vriska, undoubtedly the culprit of such a mess. She just stands there and runs a hand through her hair as a tic under her eye forms. Maybe it would be best if she just left before anyone could (accurately) pin this on her...]
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Oh maaaaaaaan, Leijon!
What happened???????
You left in such a hurry I couldn't ask if everything was alright or not!
Did something upseeeeeeet you~?
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[ if there's some people in the Training Center, there is a very high chance that running into ( 1 ) John Egbert will occur. however, this also means that there is also a chance of running into one of these giant lizards as well. yes, John has been told about the usage of his windy powers. but this is John. he's a derp and will end up using them anyway.

using them to ride one of those T-Rexaurs. or just fly around it to agitate it even more. the kid is the MASTER PRANKSTER. what better prank is there at the moment than being faster than the monster trying to chomp him into bits? besides! it's a freaking dinosaur! how impossibly cool is that!? ]

so this place has got to be one of the coolest places ever!!!!!!!!
bet you can't guess what i spent my day doing.
hehehe. :)
the hardest part, though, is trying to figure out what to name him.
er, well, i think he's a him, but i'm not sure that it's okay to just check a dinosaur out like that.
talk about rude!!
i happen to be a very culturally sensitive young man and lifting the skirts on poor dinosaurs just seems very wrong.
poor guy. i think i wore him out. :(

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*If you are anywhere in the Training Center today, there's a good chance you'll run into a short little black carapace amusing himself by beating the shit out of some monsters with a crowbar.

He isn't in a bad mood exactly, just frustrated and dealing with it in the only way he knows how. He could probably just use someone to talk to, actually. Or someone to spar with.*

002 [bbs]

Sep. 27th, 2011 11:29 pm
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so recently i recievved a uh
wwhats the earth name for it
oh right
i recievved a kitten
youvve probably seen him runnin around a little bit or somethin but uh yeah
hes fitted wwith a collar a bell an a tag
youd knoww him if youd seen him an i mean hes not that fuckin hard to spot believve me
i might be wwantin a little bit a advvice since ivve nevver really taken care a somethin like this before an evven if i do knoww i havve a great handle on keepin him all happy an content
wwell i wwouldnt mind someone givvin me a small tip or somethin
just wwanted to say it wwhile i remembered

[Also attached is an image of said kitten.]

[ BBS ]

Sep. 25th, 2011 05:54 am
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D --> I have noticed humans with bits of metal and stone dangling from their hearing sponges
D --> What are these things, and what are their purpose
D --> Are they as purely decorative as they seem
D --> And if so, where can I procure some
D --> I am a wild rebel and I cannot be tamed
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[[Tavros hasn't been doing much as of late. He attended to regular cadet activities, messed around on his husktop, or spent his time doing one of his other many ridiculous hobbies. Or think about things. That's always a good one.

Of course, that's what he was up to at this particular moment in time: daydreaming in his room about varying subjects and idly wasting his precious time. He didn't really expect to be bothered by anyone for any reason.]]
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[Morning| Hotel Room]

[If you happen to be in the hotel hallways, you might have heard a pretty terrible shriek that morning.

You see, as of late, Redglare seems to be finding it difficult to do certain things. Namely, smell and taste. She can still do those, but it's like her entire life devoted to getting around has slowly been disappearing. Everything smelled so normal. Colors didn't taste much like they did before. She had, of course, thoroughly tested this by licking the red cans she collected. They just tasted like...well cans. The red on them did nothing to change that.

In return, she seemed to have progressively acquired the ability to see. Of course that freaked her out a bit. Seriously, one does not suddenly have the ability to see again.

But if you happen to come into her room after her shriek, you might be surprised to see that the legislacerator gone instructor is just staring at her arm. As though this is the most fascinating thing she has ever seen.

Actually, considering she's been blind, this might be true.]

Such a peculiar thing vision is! [What she doesn't realize is that X-ray vision isn't standard.]

[Afternoon| Cafeteria]

[She's just staring at her food. This is weird for her. She's never had a huge problem figuring out what to eat. If they generally were a nice color, it would taste good. But now...]

I do not understand how trivial human food can get. [That is a fruit salad Redglare.]

[[OOC: For the Superpowers event, Redglare lost her smelling/tasting text/colors and gained X-ray vision, which also gave her...normal vision. Needless to say, SHE IS GOING TO ABUSE AND ENJOY THIS SKILL.]]
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cut for bright red courier )


[ In the early hours of the morning or the wandering hours of sunset, you may meet a strange pair of grey-skinned, horned adults meandering through the quad and other open areas of Garden. One is cloaked in grey, pushing the other (clad in the nondescript garb of an infirmary patient) along in a wheelchair. Both have deeply scarred forearms; the one in the wheelchair has light scars around his cheeks and eyes as well.

The troll in grey smiles absently at those who they pass (or who pass by them), but he's obviously focused on the person he's attending, occasionally leaning forward to speak softly in his ear about something or another. You'll have to speak to them directly and maybe tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. ]


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