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[In an effort to stop worrying about her home, Rita is allowing curiosity to take over for the time being. This, right here, is her first exposure to other worlds - a not to be missed opportunity! Brief Rita, however, is brief.]

Okay, so, off-worlders. Energy sources: your world.


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Kaito has levelled up! At punching things. In the face.
   Gained +52 Suave!
   Gained +38 Mental Resilience!
   Gained +24 Defence!
   Gained +35 Attack!
   Learned Ice!
   Learned Using Yourself As A Freezer!
   Gained +2 Skills He Wasn't Designed For!
   Gained +14 Asimov-like Questions About The Nature Of Robot Morality As Regards Physical Trauma In Facial Regions!
   Lost -3 -4 Members of Family! :(

That last one is totally the most important part, by the way. Feel pity for me.
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[ to those who are semi-awake, one might hear a voice shouting, then a little metal thing comes around the corner, into the quad. the Doctor--er, John Smith, as you may know him--is following it, ranting and raving. ]

No, no, no! Bad cat, bad cat! Oh, this is the last time I engineer a robotic cat, absolutely the last time, oh, well, alright, maybe the second to last time.

[ once he finally catches up with it, he places a foot upon it and sighs, pulling a hand down his face. ]

Blimey. Rewiring, then. Yes, time for that.

♪03 (BBS)

Jul. 8th, 2010 06:39 pm
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Hey, what's with the long (seriously, they're getting long with those dark circles) faces? A star needs a bright and cheery fanbase and you're all so--

Not cheery.

[Rin's maybe one of the lucky few that hasn't been having nightmares because she chooses not to dream. Lucky her!]

Pick up the speed! Play a game!


Do I have to write another essay about the lack of energy around here? [She shouldn't even have to sign this note after that.]
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Hey, I was wondering if there were any clubs for tinkering with machines around here. I didn't ask sooner but I guess it's better late than never.

We have what you call "fon machines" back home but they're run a bit differently than the ones around here. I'd sure like to compare my knowledge of them with what you guys have around here.

-- Guy Cecil


Jul. 8th, 2010 09:57 am
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Someone once famously asked if androids dream of electric sheep. Turns out they do even if they are not supposed to and by the way the sheep are missing their faces and want to eat me

soooooooooo how about that handy distracting topic change, huh

[Should you go looking, a robot is tucked away under a desk in the corner of the computer labs, looking a tad harrowed and apparently attempting to conserve power.]
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Wow, I didn't think new students would show up in the middle of everything! I hope you don't have a hard time catching up! I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm extra good at defense and aerobic fitness if you need some help!

Aah, and I was wondering. . . is there a way to make posts here more recognizable? I don't have trouble with remembering the numbers, but I think pictures would be nice too!
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[You're late, running between classes, or it's after everything's shut down for the day and you're just chilling around Garden. Whatever. Regardless, a series of surprisingly heavy footfalls indicate the arrival of someone from around that corner: from whence comes a man muttering to himself, and with only one arm.

It's cool, he's got his other one sticking out of a bag. It and his shoulder are sparking occasionally, a series of small metal pylons and wiring sticking out.]

... so I'm pretty sure swords aren't really my weapon.
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Okay, so, we're all from different places! Which is pretty cool and all if you think about it objectively and ignore the fact we're horribly stuck on a floating island with a tendency to plummet into the ungodly seas and leave us potentially scrabbling at the shore while the icy depths pull us down aaaaaaaaaaa

where was I er

What this means is that everyone's seen and experienced different stuff! For all I know, your home world might be a technological marvel that puts even me to shame! For all you know, my home world might be covered in bees. But we don't know because we all just potter through classes. Show off a little! What's the coolest, neatest story you've got? There's bragging rights in it and a little reminder of home never hurt anyone.
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[It's probably the most activity the pool has seen since classes started, likely because of the upcoming competitive swims for the Swimming 101 classes, or perhaps because of the Garden's currently waterlogged status, making out-of-campus recreational trips impossible. Plus, generally, the pool seemed safer than jumping into a sea populated with who-knows-what creatures - just a little safer, if you didn't count the number of students ignoring pool rules and cannon-balling into the surface. There are students on both the shallow and deep ends, and a few lanes reserved for dedicated swimmers - despite the upsurge in visitors, there's room for all.

Hope ducks just in time to avoid the resulting splash from another student diving into the shallow end with floaties and kicking boards in tow, resurfacing to shake the water out of his hair. Talk about ripe for disaster - he had as many things to watch out for here as he did in Gran Pulse.]

W-watch out!

[ooc; General pool post, for all interested. No obligation to tag Hope; feel free to start your own threads a-la-event-style!]


Jun. 4th, 2010 12:23 pm
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[ there's music coming from one corner of the Quad; it's not so loud that it's overly intrusive, but it is noticeable, to anyone passing by. At the source of the sound sits Luka, legs crossed as she scribbles down a mixture of musical symbols and binary code. While she doesn't have any sort of music player on her person, the sound is definitely coming from her. It's not one set tune or song, and it changes entirely every few seconds, interjected with short bursts of static. All the while, Luka half-hums, half-sings under her breath ]

I wanna rip and release your throat right now, I want to make you all mine... ♪ [ she pauses, and taps her pen against her lower lip, muttering to herself ] I probably ought to stop writing songs like that. [ with a sigh, she changes her tone, continuing to make notes on the sheet of paper set out in front of her ] ♫ Japanese ninja number one, we go creeping into the girls' locker room...


May. 29th, 2010 02:43 pm
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[anyone who's stopped by at the library right now will be greeted with the sight of a small-statured teenage boy sitting in front of the computer, with his arms folded over his chest, a grouchy expression on his face, and several cables extending from the back of his neck and reaching into the computer's USB ports. he speaks aloud, voice monotone with an underlying sense of irritation, and the computer records his words while transcribing them onto the screen.

anyone checking the BBS will see the following post:]

Okay, so let me make sure I've got this straight. Because this world is glitching up or something, we're stuck here, and instead of making it up to us, those guys are forcing us to go to school? Seriously? That's so stupid. School is for kids who don't already have a future of fame and richness ahead of them. I'm not even a kid.

Rin, Luka, Bakaito, Meiko, Miku -- come on, I know you guys are here. Don't be lazy, I could really use a better welcoming committee than that Cid guy. It took me like an hour just to find this library, I'm not even going to bother with my dorm room -- doesn't this place have a map? Just hurry up.
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Alright, since people keep looking at us funny when we use the computers, here's a handy explanation as to why some people in Garden like sticking cables in their ear. (Don't try that at home, kids! We're professionals!)

ROBOTS! This cut is OOC, to save the front page. Also, the post is unsigned. )
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Retarded sensationalist crap.

[ The tall blond throws the issue over the cafeteria table, after having yanked it from a Cadet's hand. He shoved some people out of the way, making a mental note to add Delacreaux to the List - a growing one. He hoped the new Disciplinary Committee members were taking himself as an example. No more smiley, good doers. The Disciplinary Committee had a reputation to maintain. ]
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[ Miku's had no problem integrating with the BBS system. It's so fortunate that there's a port in these computers that's just her size!

Anyone around in the library may or may not be weirded out by the cable protruding from her ear. ]

Balamb Garden is the best school I've ever been to!

Even if I'd gone to other schools, this one would still be the best.

Do you like it here too?
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[After taking Luka's advice, Rin has written a short essay and then... posted it. With the translators help, of course. Forgive how it's badly written, for the English class is clearly not finished and she doesn't understand run on sentences and the like. At 16:30 anyone is free to see Rin hovering over her translator's shoulder in the Library, half-whispering the words so that it'll be written just right.]

TITLE: Discrimination of the Junior Cadets in this Garden.

I do believe, fellow Cadets, that there is a serious problem at hand! Those of us considered under age are also seen as unable to complete duties that the older Cadets are handed so easily. This, I believe, is unfair! So I have written an essay. An essay about equality between all students, young or old! About giving us the chances that the others are given and we are not. Like flying the Garden! And other things. Don't let us forget the Disciplinary Committee and its leader. That guy. You know the one I'm talking about. Tall, blond, rude, smells bad.

So we'll start easy. Clubs and Committees. Older students have not been given a second look when joining any of these, and are handed the responsibilities without question. If a younger student were to ask for the same privileges, would they be given the chance? I think not! They would be judged, and all immediately assume that because we're young and/or small, we can't do the job! But this is absolutely incorrect! I know I could do just what the older students do, and I bet twice as better because I'm smaller and lighter. The more difficult things like going in high places or small spaces, could the older students do this? No, but I could! Ask the younger students to help! You don't know what we're capable of without letting us try!

Imagine trying to hang up special lights for the Garden Festival, but you choose an older student to climb up the ladder. Then they fall! They fall, they break a leg, and they blame you. This would be terrible. But what if you chose me, or another young student? Why, we would have it done as quick as butter, and if we got hurt we would heal quickly because we're kids, and that's just what we do. That Disciplinary Committee can't be taken seriously with all sour faced adults! Nobody will trust them without a cute face around to look at. Take this into consideration!

So rethink your choice when choosing one of the other simply because of age.

However, when it comes to piloting the Garden, I understand that you need someone with experience. What if I told you I have spent a lot of time playing video games in which I pilot a plane? That's experience! And who ever learns it right off the bat? I think, if you start a piloting class, you could have plenty of pilots available in order to give the others rest. One person doing the flying all the time has to be tiring, and without anybody to take up the slack it's just troublesome and it'll definitely get old. Not to mention, I personally would love to be given at least one day to fly the Garden. And it's for a good cause, I promise! It may fly, but I've driven the Road Roller for years and years, and I know how to flatten people just right! I could do it with this Garden, and it would be twice as effective.

Haven't you ever thought, "gosh, that person is so annoying, I wish I could just flatten them without getting in trouble"? Well you can! I'll do the damage, and you won't get your hands dirty. The other Gardens will be jealous that you have the gusto to use this Garden in such a way. If this idea is not approved of, than I only ask that I get one day to command the controls. You see, when the day comes, there is one particular person that must be punished. Punished because I know, we all know, that he will arrive in greed, alone and without the rest of our family! So, this must be done.

Don't you see? The young have amazing ideas! Don't just leave us on the side until we get old and boring like everybody else! Let us do our best!


[And she's fairly proud of herself, even though she probably should have just written it down and sent it to the Headmaster rather than publicly posting it. Really, she doesn't mean any harm.]

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[Souji only thinks to check his watch when it's fifteen minutes past curfew. He thinks that they ought to have made an announcement, but he vaguely remembers one, somewhere between the chapter on income distribution and the chapter on the exchange rate. Still, first impressions are important, and being caught out after curfew would be bad for his reputation, especially among the staff and older students; he quickly shut his book, frowning at the loud clap echoing in such a quiet library. Without catching the attention of the librarian, he shoves his textbooks and notebooks into his schoolbag and hurries out of the library.

The problem, now, is that he hasn't familiarized him with the layout of the Garden yet. Were the dorms towards the right or the left? He looks around for a moment before heading to the left, walking with quick steps and turning his head at the building's noises - it's more unnerving now that the building's deserted, reminding him of the places he had gone inside the TV World, and so he walks as quickly as he can without breaking out into a run. It's best to make haste anyway, right?]


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