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[Private message to Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack]

[First things first, Luna's very careful to make sure that things won't be too hectic for her with this little affair, she knows better than to get the ponies involved if it can be helped. Thus she's going to be sending them a private message.]

Dearest subjects,

I need for you to do me a large favor, despite how odd this may seem. I'm doing a bit of an experiment for recruiting more people into drama and it rests with my appearing and acting as I had previously as Nightmare Moon. Thus I need for the both of you to act the parts, give information, whatever needs to be done. But do not, I repeat, do not engage me in a fight.

Please do remember,


[Action: Open to all]

[Standing on a walled off perched Luna can't help her amusement, this is going to be absolutely grand if she can remain in-character for this whole thing. Her appearance is probably familiar to some, though a pair of elongated sharp teeth are placed in her mouth, keeping up the look of some terrifying man-eating creature.

Clearing her throat she moves to the front of the railing, posture standing tall and wings spread out at her sides to make her as imposing as possible. Voice would return to the Royal Canterlot tone, knowing it to be the best way to get her message across.]

Attention, students and faculty! I have come to you today to convey an important message to all of you, one that is of your utmost concern. You may be wondering what that is, what it deals with you, how it will work into your life in these walls. Well, the answer is quite clear. This place is now under my control, the control of what I now dub as a founding member of this planet's Lunar Empire, controlled by the princess of night. You see, here I have nothing stopping me, no pesky Elements of Harmony, no sister of which to compete with. A perfect plan considering that no human on this planet could possibly out do me in any shape or form.

It's quite pathetic, you know, you humans. You think you rule over all simply because you have fingers. You have fingers because you have no clue how to use magic, how to fly, how to communicate with the world at large. It's a pain and a pity at the same time to see how ridiculously inferior you are with your tiny lifespans.

I give you a choice. Either you can be on my side or suffer my wrath.

[A tiny smirk crosses her lips, raising up on her hind legs to smash down on the ground, horn glowing with a nice blue aura. Like that the light bulbs burst, casting darkness and shadow over the area.]

My darlings, you will become used to the darkness. And it's going to do you no good to try to escape, the exists are blocked with magic none of you could know.

You can be on Nightmare Moon's side or you can be a stepping stone to my throne of power.

[She pauses for a brief moment, that smirk ever growing before she performs this little speech, clouding herself in shadow to move to a taller secured perch to watch the mayhem begin beneath.]

((Feel free to try to get at her or whatever you wish, though she's as high up as she can get.))
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[A: Lunchtime!]

[Maria always carries that giant duffel bag around with her in lieu of a backpack, and lunchtime is the best time to see why. At a cafeteria table, she's pulled some of the contents out to sit beside her, and... apparently is trying to read three books as well as eat, all at the same time, while another pair of books and several magazines lie stacked on the table.]

[B: Extra-curriculars!]

[The only real hobby Maria has developed in Garden is Triple Triad, and to all appearances... she might not even enjoy it? Anyone who's played her knows she takes it deadly serious, playing to win. Right now she's sorting through her cards, ordering them by some arcane system only she knows, with all the intensity of a climactic battle.]

[C: The Training Center!]

[One things about Garden's weapon classes: they didn't promote type synergy in the slightest. That is, you could learn to punch, and learn to club someone, but you wouldn't learn how to combine the two into a blended fighting style.]

[This made academic sense; after all, generally SeeDs worked in teams, in which a person using a gun wouldn't need to pull a sword, since they have other fighters to engage in the melee. Still, thanks in no small part to her personal combat idol, she had a distinct interest in seeing if the two styles can be blended.]

[So the evening finds her facing down grats with her gunblades in their mounts and a rifle holster awkwardly affixed to said mount where she can draw it over the shoulder in turn. Watch her for a moment, and you'll see her engage a grat, move to swap the rifle with one of her gunblades and back in the course of the combat, then assess when the battle is over -- adjusting the angle and hang of the holster for a quicker draw.]

[It isn't going very well, but honestly, she hadn't expected it to.]

[D: Dorms!]

[Not long before bed, there's what practically sounds like an avalanche from inside Maria's room, followed by cursing.]
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[Applejack is quite fortunate to be unaffected by all the weird stuff happening around her. Oh, sure, the off-worlders seem to be getting stranger and stranger all the time, but as long as her hair doesn't start moving or changing colour, or she suddenly gets the powers of levitation, it's business as usual.

Today, she's finally managed to get some of her family's promotional leaflets for the orchard, and is taking the liberty of distributing them to the people in Fisherman's Horizon and anyone who seems interested.

Basically? She's walking around, looking for suitable people to hand a leaflet to.
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Special Garden Addition!

Hello students and staff!
      This is the resident gardener, Iroh here. I went on a small trip while I was gone and found a very special plant which I brought back to the Garden. There will now be a special addition to the QUAD AREA garden! It's a medicinal garden, very precious. So there are a few rules you will have to follow while you visit it.
    • No garbage thrown into where the plant grows. There will be nearby bins for that.
    • No liquids besides water.
    • No running through it! It is very fickle!
    • Curfew and other Garden rules still apply.
So please, no throwing hot dog wrappers in it! But it is shaded and would be very nice for a picnic or maybe a pot of tea. Hope you enjoy it!

Do you have any questions? Please put them here! I will do my best to answer them for you. :-)

> attachment: /images/garden.jpg
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[ -BBS- ]

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cold? It seems the sea air and I don't exactly see eye to eye.

There is far too much water around for my liking.

[ -Action- ]

[ Meanwhile, she's in the cafeteria with a shawl around her shoulder and a box of tissues. Her majesty is definitely not as glamorous as she usually carries herself as. One textbook is in hand and she's gone and flipped through it almost carelessly as she settles herself in one table.

But the sniffling. And the puffy eyes.

And the occasional uncontrollable gout of flame after a single sneeze.

Yeah. Not safe. ]


Aug. 29th, 2011 03:34 pm
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[So Marvelous was never the most discreet person in the world because he really just doesn't care. But, as of yet, no one has really seen his power or witnessed a transformation from him because he simply doesn't care to inform people of them.

But since he showed up, there might have been a time where people have noticed a shadow flying over head that looked like a person in red with wings

or did it look more like this?

Maybe while walking down the streets of Fisherman's Horizon, down in an alley or another street you might have caught a glimpse of something that kinda looked like this in the corner of your eye

Or was it this?

However today no one will be seeing these random caped crusaders in red spandex

Because Marvelous, despite the fact that he's not a student, is in the cafeteria and on his third serving of lunch.]


Aug. 25th, 2011 01:18 pm
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I have a couple of questions I want to ask. Firstly is it normal here for things to seem off, or something you can't explain to yourself let alone others? Secondly, is it odd for my hair colour to change all by itself?

I'm just curious if I'm not the only one this has happened to.
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[Goose has been in some odd sorts as of late.

He was grumpy. He was finding himself losing his luster. Here he is, an ace pilot in his prime, and he's suddenly finding himself unable to understand basic concepts in his new training. Even the basics of flight and aerial combat were things he couldn't possibly retain in his poor mind.

That wasn't the weirdest of it, though. It is certainly the worst of it, but not the weirdest.

Said weirdest part was, well...

Let's just say that anyone who passes him by may notice his hair moving at his will, grabbing at things and pressing buttons and doing everything his hands should be doing. At times, Goose gets bewildered or just plain facepalms at the possibilities his now prehensile hair can reach.

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[ To say that Luna is taking being thrown into an alternate dimension rather well is an understatement. At first it was a little alarming to find herself waking up to an enrollment of an entirely different education program after just leaving Hogwarts, to say the least. But after reading the letter sent by the Headmaster explaining the time compression - of course, it had to be time compression - Luna's thoughts were placed on the 'at ease' spectrum of panic.

Currently, she can be found wandering around in the quad area of the Gardens, Headmaster Cid's letter placed firmly in her hands and a quizzical if not vacant aspect to her stare. Anyone passing her will receive the following inquery: ]

Excuse me, but do you perhaps know where I might find some seeds?
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[Shadow is walking around Garden, trying to lose track of the kittens that are constantly following him at his feet. They were Maria's, and with her gone, he doesn't want to keep them. At all. The kittens feel otherwise.

So much scowling going on.

The kittens sometimes get distracted and trip over their own paws, but do a damn good job of keeping up.]
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[Here's Shadow, staring out the window in the hallways. Or it seems that he is, but he's actually looking at his reflection in the glass, still so confused. Just yesterday he was just slightly over three feet tall and a hedgehog, and now a serious growth spur occured.

Oh, right. Also human

A gloved hand goes through his hair. Hair. And these new clothes. he supposed to do with clothes? Humans and their need to cover up.

It's obviously still him, if anyone knows him and bothers to look at the signs.]


(ooc: Shadow is a victim of Time Compression, and is now human.)
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[Garden's favorite group of vicious girls are at it again. This time, they're sitting at a table near the lunch line in the cafeteria, and they're not at all trying to be discrete with what they're saying; in fact, their "whispers" are quite staged as they lean in close to speak with one another:]

Just when I thought they'd be gone for good, they keep coming back!

Seriously! They're worst than bite bugs. Can't they just stay gone?

What's worse is I think that there are more of them than ever. They just keep multiplying and multiplying!
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[With all these people disappearing and then reappearing, one of the native girls is getting really quite confused... but, y'know, at least she's stayed in one place! Applejack should feel grateful, but it's putting a right old delay on classes starting up again. This hard worker can't stand so much free time!

Honestly. She'd try to put up a stall somewhere and try and drum up some business, but either the delivery's been held up or Time Compression sent her apples into the future.

So, right now? She's training in the training centre. Or, more specifically, she's giving her dog Winona a work out.

All right, you bring 'em all back here now!

[So yeah. She's herding grats.]
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[Grell is finally out of her coma, and extremely tired! Sleeping Beauty slept too long it seems! She looks quite groggy, and feels lethargic, but her makeup is perfect. The weather is nice, but this red reaper has no care for it.

There's a random bench she finds and takes a seat. It isn't the quad, thankfully. No one should see her in such a poor state!]

Wondrous Sun, my skin is too delicate to appreciate your rays. [Sighs softly, closing her eyes.] I'd rather be heated up by passion!

[Opens them and looks down to her right hand, where her ring is still missing. It wasn't anywhere near her in the infirmary.]

Where could it be? [Pauses, looking around.] Where could he be?

[So here she waits.]

(ooc: I gave her a canon update. It's on her journal, but note that it's super, duper, long to read. >.>;)
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[Maria manages to make it past the front gate, the checkpoint, and into the Garden proper --]

[And then it's too much. Her bag drops from her hands with a thump as she just stares upwards, left and right and all around, at everything.]

I'm finally here!

[Wedding vows have been spoken with less rapture; worlds have been saved and villains cast down with less satisfaction.]
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[This was all rather... sudden. Exciting. Exhilirating. In a lot of ways Ariel was still very much worried, there had been things going on and this was all just so confusing and- Eric. But she was here and that was that. The letter had been nice enough at least. Even if she didn't entirely understand it. Time compression? Sorceress?

Well it'd become clearer. The important thing was figuring this all out! So to that end she was wandering around, peeking through doorways, windows, hanging over railings, pressing buttons- if there was a thing to be done she wanted to do it!]

This place doesn't look like a garden...

((ooc: Ariel is all over. Yes she may even walk into your character's dorm room like a tourist. Have fun with that fff ♥))
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[Sazh is currently making his way through the lobby when his little chocobo jumps out of his hair and lands in his hand. He stops and looks at the little bird.]

You feel like looking at the scenery, don't you? Can't blame you. It's a nice day out. [Sazh pauses in thought.] You know, now that I think about it, you haven't grown much. [The chocobo tilts its head at Sazh's observation and, before Sazh can react, it lifts itself out of Sazh's hand and flies out of reach.]

Hey now! Where do you think you're going? [The chocobo ignores anything Sazh does to get its attention and instead flies toward anyone close by.]
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[Those about on the Quad today will notice a rather unusual sight. For Angelo, Rinoa's faithful dog companion is trotting around the courtyard rather primly with a certain ball of yellow fluff perched cheerfully on her back. That's right Angelo is taking Rinoa's chicobo for a ride, which means that Rinoa has to be nearby.

Sure enough, there is Rinoa sitting underneath a tree with an open notepad balanced on her knees and a teddy bear on the book next to her. The teddybear will be familiar to some people as it's the same one she got on Valentine's day. What it is that she's working on so intently is up for anyone to guess though. Hearing Angelo pad up on quiet paws, she looks up and smile at her companions before Angelo trots off for another lap of the Quad.]

Be careful with Maria, Angelo! [She calls after her pet, glad to see that her dog has taken to the intrusion of the Chicobo in their lives all too well. Who knew the two would end up being such good friends?

Feel free to stop the dog or maybe pester Rinoa about what she's writing and rewriting so intently. The choice is yours.]
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Are there any green thumbs among us? I had some leftover plant seeds and was wondering if anyone'd be interested in starting a small herb garden around here. Alternatively, does such a club already exist? If so, I'd like to help out in any way.

I especially want Charley as our mascot. He got new food the other day and is healthier than before! It reminds me of the time he got rambunctious after we - meaning Wright, my law partner back home, and I - tried to put him on a new diet. It didn't exactly work, so I'm glad to see that he's still fine even in a new world.

On a final note, did everyone have a good Valentine's Day? I know I did. Thanks to those that gave me chocolate; it certainly made my day. ♥ It looks like everyone had fun at the dance too, so I'm glad to see that was successful.


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