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[Raven has been crafting again, and this time she's made enough to share. Or, rather, sell.

Today, she's brought a small table to the Quad, and placed her projects all over it. There's two knitted hats, because the middle of summer is the perfect time to be selling woolen accessories, but it's mostly jewellery. Most of them are pendants, but there's a couple of rings, earrings and bracelets as well. Each has a little label on them stating the price, which could be anything from 500 gil to 5000.

However, Raven's not always been the best of salespeople, even if that is her job at home. She stands there, silently, all wrapped up in her heavy coat and scarf regardless of the warm weather, watching her fellow cadets. Nobody even gets as much as a smile from her - if anything, she seems to be frowning.
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[Raven has been fairly busy as of late. Now that she's become more familiar with this place, collecting and buying materials for her work has become easier. If she were to be completely honest, she's much more interested in working with accessories and jewellery than she is on weaponry, but weapons are not outside of her range of skills - she was trained by an obsessive but genius blacksmith, after all.

Since Garden is clearly a place where weaponry holds more importance than it does in Sharance, Raven has taken it upon herself to learn how to customise and remodel some of the more commonly used weapons here. The only problem is, she favours a simple one-handed sword, and lacks other weapons to remodel.

So? She has taken her sponsor money and bought a Blaster Edge to play with. Customised with m-stone pieces and firebird feathers (supplied by herself) for what she expects will grant it a small but junction-free fire elemental boost, it's currently taking out a few Grats.

Problem, though: Raven likes monsters.

Sorry... I'm sorry.

[She knows that the monsters of this world aren't like the ones of her world. She knows that they're mindless, aggressive beasts. But even so...

She feels kind of bad.


[It's not very often that Raven takes her other form around here, but today she just feels like flying. While she can't feel the heat, the sun is shining bright and the sky is clear, allowing her to see everything clearly and enjoy the views of the pretty, coastal area.

She doesn't think she'll stray too close to the town, though. The natives probably wouldn't really react favourably to a large multicoloured bird flying about. At least in Garden, she figures, people are used to this sort of thing.

Every so often, she settles down to rest, in random places around the Garden, watching as people go by. As far as she knows, nobody knows it's her, and somehow... it's kind of a relief.

And if people think she's one of their sort of monsters? Well, there's other "animals" around here. All she needs to do is say something and prove she's a cadet, right?


In Balamb Garden, we are taught to augment our defenses through the use of junctioning. However, appropriate use of certain accessories can also aid our defense and general performance in battle. It would free up junction slots. Crafting such accessories is also a relaxing activity.

If you want to learn, I will do demonstrations during the upcoming break. I also have my own work to sell.

Respond here if you're interested.


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[1) Action: Marco can be found wandering about the Garden's open areas, whistling to birds, and perhaps more astonishingly, having them whistle back or come land on his shoulders or pineapple looking head.

2) Later the following BBS post pops up:]

Heading out on the honeymoon soon, before anything else can pop up to drag my new wife or I away. So I need someone to help with a few loose ends while we're gone. Souvenirs &/or babysitting gil can be rewarded upon request. Can SeeDs field out smaller jobs? I should know this by now... well if we can, count this as that, but you'll have to be very trustworthy. Let me know if you're interested!

-- Marco, SeeD Rank

[Option 3, you can get Marco while he's packing.]
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[Raven is not a very talkative person, and she is still rather unfamiliar with computers despite having been in the Garden for months. However, she has had this question nagging in the back of her mind for some time, and she's not sure where else she could ask.

So, here goes!

I have questions.

There are people here who aren't human, dwarf or elf. Then there are those who look human, but turn into something else. Half-Monsters.

Is this common?

Second question. I haven't seen dwarves and elves here yet. Do they exist?

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[Jack hears the announcement, and, having nothing else to do yet, checks out the party.

After briefly popping his head through the doorway though, he quickly realizes that this is not someplace he wants to be. It's far too much like one of his parents' parties. Everyone dressed up, annoyingly small snacks, and worst of all: dancing. Ballroom-type dancing.

He shudders and slips away.

After poking about aimlessly for quite awhile, he finally finds a room that looks to be worth investigating.]

Let's see... This is... Hm. That's an awful lot of books.  Wonder why...

[He puzzles over this for several minutes before facepalming.] Ugh, it's a school! Of course there's a library. Uh, I knew that. [He glances around nervously, but doesn't see anyone. Obviously the stupidity doesn't count then!]

[Mystery solved, he's about to continue onwards before pulling up short as he realizes something: books are occasionally useful.]

[He's just going to be sitting cross-legged in the library, surrounded by slowly growing piles of political and cultural studies books.]
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[In the quad, Rinoa sits under her usual tree. It's probably a rather peculiar sight as on one side of her there is Angelo, on the other side there's a young cat, and in her lap there's a little plush lion. Despite all this anyone who knows her will realize that she's absolutely miserable. Though to be fair those who don't know her will too as it's written all over her face. Which is a crime when surrounded by such cute things, but honestly she can't help it.]

I should probably know better by now, right Angelo?

[The poor dog just sighs and rests her head on Rinoa's knee with a long suffering look in her eyes. It always seems to bother Angelo when Rinoa gets all moody like this. Jules, the cat, just seems miffed that her purring isn't enough to cheer Rinoa up, and every now and then her tail lashes out crankily. Not being able to help sucks.]

Don't worry girl, it will be different next time. [She pauses and then adds softly.] If there is a next time.
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[Merlin hadn't visited Balamb Town yet, but it today he'd decided that he was going to walk down and take a look. The town was unlike any place Merlin had ever seen in Albion though, so as he wondered around he felt very much like he'd turned into the village boy who'd stared at everything he saw that he'd been on his first day in Camelot again.

Throughout the day, there were a few places where Merlin could be seen]

1. [On the way to the town, as Merlin walks along the road. If you're on your way to the town too, you might pass him by]

2. [Traffic lights. Merlin's stopped at the corner of an intersection and is now wondering what those flashy light things are for. It's still daylight, so they're obviously not there to help people see...]

3. [A Department Store, where Merlin has found a section full of amazing things: kitchen gadgets. He doesn't know what most of them do, but they're interesting and he's sure that Gwen would like to have some of these.]

4. [A pet store! Which has Merlin looking in the window at a puppy with a rather perplexed expression. Why would you want to keep a dog in a glass box?]
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[There are 3 options and places you might find Marco today.

First, there just happens to be a certain vibrant blue phoenix hanging out in the quad "meditating" and trying to keep calm for the past month. Seems the Commander of Cool for once is having troubles staying composed. It's hard to study for a field test and as excited as he is, he has a lot more laying on the line than he has had for nearly a year and a half. There's a deck of Triple Triad next to him, and far more books than belong anywhere outside of the library, but he seems to be going through them.

Secondly, on the 26th, he's raiding the nurses' office and infirmary to steal needles and tools of sterilization.

Later on, it looks like he's setting up orange ink into very very clean needle tubes... for those who'd know; it looks like he's setting up a miniature tattoo parlor. Now what could that possibly be about?

And then there's this BBS message. Oh. So that that's what it's about.]


When done right, they are a mark of pride, much like a pirate flag. [Oh dear, someone's criminal roots are showing.] They symbolize something important to you, something that even if you magically live another thousand years, you will still want to show off for what it meant to you when you got it, and what it means to you even now. Something you want people to know how strongly the thing it represents affects you.

Something to think about. I've got the ink if you've got the guts.

[Quick... get in on that before the man shuts him down. And on the last day before his exam too, tsk tsk.]
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[It's... odd. You really don't realise just how much you'll miss something until it's gone, and Raven has spent the last month feeling... well, empty. Her monster form, much as she disliked it, left quite a hole when suddenly she couldn't use it anymore. After all, it was part of her.

Now that it was back, she was going to do something she very rarely did: enjoy being half monster.

And so, through the day, a large multicoloured phoenix could be seen flying close to the Garden. Occasionally it would stop to rest, and occasionally it would disappear as Raven returned to her human form as far out of sight as she could, but it remained close to Garden.

She couldn't have done this at home.
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[ Raven only arrived recently, and still doesn't know what to do with herself. Her days thus far have consisted of aimless walking around the Garden, choosing her classes, eating, sleeping, and refusing to interact with anyone around her if she could help it. It's getting a bit... tiring.

The only thing she can really think of to do is to get on with her crafts, but she hasn't found any of the tools or materials she needs for crafting jewellery.

A little shopping in Fisherman's Horizon, however, has at least given Raven the chance to buy yarn and needles. She doesn't really knit a lot, and she'd much rather be crafting rings and pendants, but she still does it every now and then. At the very least, it should help her calm down, though anyone who gets a look at her as she knits on a bench in FH may notice the slight tremor, and the way she gnaws on her lower lip. ]


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