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[Sometime the next day, while the sun is up.

So Ryoji's been at Garden for some time now. Certainly enough time for him to have explored most of the areas and familiarize himself with getting around. However, there's still one area that he's yet to check out. But not for long.

As Ryoji steps through the doors leading into the Training Center, he can't help but look around, letting everything imprint itself before he makes an opinion. So far though, he can't help but think it's a pretty nice place.

So now he's wandering around the Training Center, acting like he's on a casual stroll.

On, and it might be worth it to note that Ryoji is walking around the Training Center without a weapon.]

I gotta say, I'm impressed with everything I've seen of Garden.
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[Grell sat outside on a blanket on the grass, books about all the classes available now and sifting through what he wanted to take. There were a lot of pages dog-eared and bookmarks, marking various spots such as computer science, and looking up info about whips and chains.

Not so surprising.

Currently, Grell was reading over his mock schedule, pretty sure that he wasn't making changes to it.]

Ballroom dancing! [Sighs happily at how it was required.] I hope we get to show off these skills.
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[ to those who are semi-awake, one might hear a voice shouting, then a little metal thing comes around the corner, into the quad. the Doctor--er, John Smith, as you may know him--is following it, ranting and raving. ]

No, no, no! Bad cat, bad cat! Oh, this is the last time I engineer a robotic cat, absolutely the last time, oh, well, alright, maybe the second to last time.

[ once he finally catches up with it, he places a foot upon it and sighs, pulling a hand down his face. ]

Blimey. Rewiring, then. Yes, time for that.


Jul. 10th, 2010 06:46 pm
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[Wow, the food doesn't look appetising today. Well, of course, it depends on how much you like mushy peas, since there seems to be a lot of that today. And meat loaf too. Who knows?

Then again, after you've been awake for the past....few....many....hours (in which one drifts off and wakes up and drifts off and-- you get the point), a lot of food starts looking unappetising. That may be why one boy is currently nodding off. If you don't wake him up, he might just faceplant into his tray.]

((OOC: ANOTHER CAFETERIA POST GET? Mingle around, you don't need to respond to Leo specifically. Threadjack! Throw food-- at your own risk, of course!))

☆ One ☆

Jul. 9th, 2010 12:06 am
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[He'd come away from the cafeteria with four hamburgers, that had been his first order of business.  Next Sora had found somewhere to eat them, and he'd found the Quad.  One of the meat patties had been taken out  and crumpled up and placed down in reach of an orange tabby cat who ate it up pretty quickly.  He let his eyes drift up to the sky.  The real, blue sky.]

So, whaddya think of this place?  It could be a trick, something to throw us off.  Except...  [Sora paused, letting his eyes drift close.  Feeling the fresh air, the warmth of the sun on his skin.]  It feels so real.

[Nothing more was said as he started in on the first hamburger.]


Jul. 1st, 2010 11:54 pm
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[It's around 2:30pm on Friday. Most people would be heading to one of their last few classes around this time, but not Elliot. Nope. He's taking a little detour today. Instead, he'll be heading toward the pool. It's not that he plans to go swimming, of course - that would be silly. He's just looking for someone, and obviously, this is a very good reason to ditch or at least possibly be late for class.

Elliot isn't aware of how very questionable this behavior likely is, but he doesn't care. He's on a mission, after all. And, as usual, that means he's probably asking for trouble. Oh dear.]
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[Sup Balamb Garden. It's lunchtime, and Nanjou's chillin' in the cafeteria. He's sitting at a table currently by himself. Infront of him is a tray with one of the prized hot dogs on it, but Nanjou seems rather uninterested in it, and eating in general.

Instead, he's more focused on what he's holding in his hands. Those of you who look closely can see that it's a glasses case, and he has it open. Those of you who look very closely can see that inside the case is, surprise, a pair of glasses. But it's not the pair he's wearing. Since he's really focused on staring at these glasses, your character could probably get away with getting close enough without him noticing to see that the glasses are the style that an old man would wear, and that one of the lenses is cracked.

Talk to him?]

(OOC: kwajlkdjslfkjds I hope I did this right. As I mentioned before: SHIVERING WOODLAND CREATURE.
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Wow, I didn't think new students would show up in the middle of everything! I hope you don't have a hard time catching up! I'm Miku Hatsune, and I'm extra good at defense and aerobic fitness if you need some help!

Aah, and I was wondering. . . is there a way to make posts here more recognizable? I don't have trouble with remembering the numbers, but I think pictures would be nice too!
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[And on the stairs leading to the quad sits one (1) boy with really messy hair,hunched over and reading a book. He seems pretty oblivious to the world in general, but occasionally shows some signs of...consciousness by shifting to the side when he hears footsteps.

...try not to trip over him. ♥]

Ah, so they call those "com-pew-ters"...


Jun. 16th, 2010 03:47 am
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[ Oh, the Doctor didn't waste any time once he was settled in.He'd have to explore every inch of this place, and if he didn't achieve all of that today, well, he'd skip some classes. (Except not.) He still couldn't believe that he had to take some classes--did they still lecture? It'd been ages since he'd been in a classroom. In a real, proper classroom, as a student. What was it, ohh... 800 years? About. Yes, about. The last time he had been in a classroom as a teacher, that'd been... with Rose, as his tenth incarnation. Amazing, that was, how time flies. The Doctor walked around the Garden, looking at the faces of students as they passed by.

Yes, yes, he already looked like a professor. He was well aware.

Oh--and he'd have to resort to calling himself John Smith again. Oh, that was annoying. John Smith, John Smith, John Smith--sometimes, he wondered, if he should pick another ambiguous name. Dr. John Smith, maybe he could trade it in. ]

Nooo, what if I forget? That wouldn't do.

[ he muttered to himself, before quickening his steps, hands shoved into his tweed jacket. ]

Well, best to learn the territory before I make any rash decisions--wait. [ was choosing to be a teacher a rash decision? ... probably. ] Probably... too late. Maybe.


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