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okay i know i talked to people about this before but this time FOR REAL.

who's up for a trip to the beach in balamb town this weekend? sunday afternoon so people don't have classes and stuff?

we can go fishing, swim, all that stuff. it'll be awesome. plus my brain is gonna ooze out my ears if i spend another weekend on homework, and i can't be the only one, right? right?

just reply here or catch me in class or something!

- lea

[Despite the cheery tone of his bbs message, anybody who's out by the front gates this afternoon might spot Lea sitting on a bench near the fountains, hugging his knees and staring at the water. He almost looks lonely.]
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[Waking up in a strange, new world is nothing new to Riku. After all, it happened when the islands disappeared into darkness. However, he didn't end up enrolled in a military academy back then. So, needless to say, this whole situation is different and a little overwhelming.

Time compression, Sorceresses... it's all a bunch of strange jargon to him. Still, if he's going to be stuck for a while, he might as well get used to it.

Which is exactly why he's planning on exploring every nook and cranny to get a feel for his surroundings. First stop? The cafeteria, to grab something to eat. While there, he'll probably find a quiet spot to sit on his own. No need to draw attention to himself, after all.

But once that's over with, he'll head on down to the Training Center. There, he'll showcase some of his sweet moves, including elemental magic, Keyblade techniques, tossing it at enemies like a boomerang or ramming straight into them, adding in a flurry of rapid combos... just to name a few of his techniques. He'll keep at it for a good while, noticeably keeping to himself. Obviously, someone should pester him before he overworks himself. KH folk might notice he's wielding Oathkeeper.

But after a while, he'll go ahead and park it in the library at one of the computers. By then he's blown off some steam and types up this message...]

You know, maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I've been pulled from one world to the next for a while now. Just wasn't expecting to wind up on my own again.

Or to end up back in school. So... anything I should know before classes start? Looks like I got pulled in here at the last minute. Might as well get an idea of what I'm getting into.

[ooc: Feel free to bump into Riku at any time, really. I tread to leave some options open!]
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[Neku is... not exactly sure what to make of all this.]

[He had been so happy to be back to his life, to be away from all the crazy and killing. Maybe it was because of the exhaustion, or from just coming out of the three longest weeks in human history. But those few days had felt like a snap second, and this new development was absolutely not a welcome one. Maybe a few months ago Neku would have whined endlessly about his sudden transfer to 'Garden' or whatever this place was called... but right now his focus was on getting home.]

[If he knew where the 'scientists who are taking care of it' resided, he would probably have badgered them at least once. Fortunately for the scientists, he doesn't know where they are, so he instead focuses his attention on the minor problem of figuring out what the hell he's going to do with himself. If this SeeD thing really is for real, he's going to end up being a mercenary... Neku hadn't really paid much thought to erasing the Noise, back in the Reapers' Game. Maybe killing people was just the same? He didn't know. Though, admittedly, it was very hard for him to conceive the idea of killing other people; having been dead three weeks himself and fighting tooth and nail to return to life, doing that to other people was definitely a subject that wasn't sitting well with him anymore.]

[Another change from a few months ago. Before the Game, he might have accepted this with open arms. Now, however? Jury's still out.]

[Currently, Neku is wandering the Quad with a course catalog in his hands, looking as much like a freshman as it is physically possible to get. Since he came, Neku's been actually thinking about what he wants to do here. He... kind of has experience with all of the fighting forces, blades and firearms and whatnot. But still, killing people isn't on his top ten list of things to do when he grows up. 'Para-magic' maybe? Magic has to be similar to the pins he's familiar with, and at least he's not directly hurting people there.]

[...You know what, he's just going to roll up the catalog, shove it in his pocket, and look around the Quad. There has to be something to do here that he can use to get his mind off of this.]

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[One moment he and Isa'd just been thrown out of King Ansem's castle; the next, he was here, and Lea had barely had time to look around before he'd been caught up in a whirlwind of explanations and ended up -- well, here.

Garden something? Seed something? His head had been spinning by the second sentence, but he definitely caught the bit where they told him there was no way to get home.

After that it had mostly been nodding and smiling and waiting until they let him out to explore the 'garden' he'd be stuck in. He doesn't know what to think about any of this: being here, being stuck, and worst of all, having left Isa behind.

Isa is going to kill him. When he gets back, which he is definitely going to figure out how to do. They've got plans, after all.

He's just got to figure this place out first. And find someone to explain it in smaller paragraphs that make more freaking sense.

So this afternoon there's a skinny teenager with spiky red hair sticking his nose in absolutely everywhere that isn't locked: the lobby, library, cafeteria, dorms, quad.... If you happen to be there, he may pounce!]
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[If you were to enter the lunchroom , you would see the regular crowds and such. People eating. People talking. Yadda Yadda. However , you may notice that the social butterfly named Selphie Tilmitt is at a table...alone. Not that she seems to mind. On the contrary , Selphie is grinning like there is no tomorrow while she chews on the end of a blue glitter glue pen. There are stacks and piles of paper and blank posters covering that table. It is very obvious that Miss Tilmitt is up to something.

If you happen to approach her, she will nearly climb on the table , hiding her papers. She isn't ready for anyone to know.
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[ Heading down the hall is a very confused and displeased looking teenage boy. He's dressed in normal street wear, has a cat hanging lazily on his head, and sword bag slung over his shoulder. Don't mind the fact that he seems to be talking to no one. ]

What the hell-I'm supposed to be going out to battle, not school!

[ Rin's got his letter of welcome out, and for the last few minutes he's been wandering around the grounds giving it the dead eye. Not even ten minutes before he'd found himself here he was on his way out to fight an incredibly strong demon with his classmates. He couldn't have taken a wrong turn... Did someone hit him upside the head when he wasn't looking and knock him in this dream world? That would be beyond ridiculous. He's had enough of space compression magic to fill a life time. ]

If I'm going to be stuck here [Dream world or not. ] The least they could have done was given me a map so I knew where this Fisherman place is...
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[When the feed sputters to life, it's to a very fine shot of the lower half of Axel's face. Somebody clearly has no idea what they're doing with technology.]

--is, stupid piece o- [Oop. It's flashing. He stops speaking abruptly, lips spreading into a triumphant grin.]

Soooo, Balamb Garden. The name's Axel- you might want to write that down somewhere. Now, I've got a very pressing question for you all concerning this military deal- where's option B?

[Yeah, he's serious. Well, probably, it's hard to tell.]
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[Applejack is quite fortunate to be unaffected by all the weird stuff happening around her. Oh, sure, the off-worlders seem to be getting stranger and stranger all the time, but as long as her hair doesn't start moving or changing colour, or she suddenly gets the powers of levitation, it's business as usual.

Today, she's finally managed to get some of her family's promotional leaflets for the orchard, and is taking the liberty of distributing them to the people in Fisherman's Horizon and anyone who seems interested.

Basically? She's walking around, looking for suitable people to hand a leaflet to.
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[What an... interesting ordeal the past few days have been.]

[It had pretty much taken Data Riku this long to just wrap his head around the general concepts of 'school', 'eating', and other such minuteae. Physical bodies were quite the unexpected trouble. But fortunately Dataku was a smart bugger, so he had been able to figure it out eventually, though not without his fair share of humiliation.]

[Humiliation such as what had just happened a few minutes ago.]

[By virtue of the data within him that concerned Sora's bank account, Dataku had thought that he was set as far as munny was concerned. But no. He had all the money he needed... except it was now a foreign currency that he had no idea what to do with. So buying one of these 'sandwich' things had suddenly become much harder, and he had needed the girl running the counter to help him sort it out. Embarrassment ahoy.]

[So here he was now, sitting on a bench with a barely-touched sandiwch next to him, puzzling over a number of assorted colored coins. This 'gil' was so ridiculous. The 50-gil coins were the green ones, right? Or were they silver?]

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[He doesn't seem very comfortable. In fact, he seems anything but comfortable. But he has to do this.]

Greetings, fellow students and instructors. I have... A confession to make.

[Here goes. This may not be received well.]

My name is not Sora. I myself was actually lacking a name, so I took the name of someone I share a close relationship with. Recently, a friend of his gave me my own name.

[...This is very uncomfortable. He doesn't like to admit his lies, his shortcomings, his lack of a true identity.]

I am now named Ardos. It's a pleasure to meet you once again.

003 *BBS*

Aug. 16th, 2011 11:46 am
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Can any of you awesome people cover for me? I got nearly killed in the Training Center this morning and I don't feel like going to the infirmary. I'm gonna be stuck in my room for a while. I ain't feeling so hot after that that big whack I got.

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[ Making their way from the Garden Lobby to the Fisherman's Horizon inn are a boy and a girl, each with a course catalog tucked under their arms and matching confused faces. Their bodies are turned into each other slightly, enough to let onlookers know that they're friends. The girl's eyes keep darting about, whether in amazement or sheer surprise is difficult to tell. The boy looks warier, shoulders hunched, stooping like a silver gargoyle over his companion. At some points, the girl rushes into the fancy shops, leaving the boy alone on the street, his eyes snagging on every pooled shadow.

They're probably going to get epically lost. Help them out?

ooc: Feel free to tag either one or both of them--no guarantee Bun and I will be on at the same time, sadly. ]


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