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[After a few days of being stuck in this world, Joe hadn't found much out other than what was obvious. For the most part, he and Marvelous dug up the same information, which wasn't much to go on anyway. What was clear was that they were in a school, and a military school at that. Authority, structure... neither he nor Marvelous did well with that. It was too boring... lacked excitement. And rules... they were meant to be broken by their standards.

At least the 6am wake-up call didn't bother him.

He was up and ready before the early-morning wake-up call, but he wasn't going to any classes. Of course not. Why would he? It's not like he wanted to be here, anyway. The idea of joining military again made him uncomfortable. The last time...

Well, that was then. He was a pirate now.

And he wasn't about to quit training to stay at the top of his game. So as soon as he was ready that morning, he made his way just at the edge of Fisherman's Horizon to a clearing, one that he hoped would be private. And with Marvelous' sabre. If he needed it back, he'd come find him.

With a clear head, he began to

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OPTION 1: training centre

[ Elika is having fun keeping juuuust out of reach of a t-rexaur's massive teeth, dodging, rolling and flipping out of range, making it turn around and around in an effort to keep up with her. She dashes forward beneath its belly and whirls, vaulting over the sweep of its tail and onto its back. It tries to thrash her off, but she climbs, using its crest as handholds until she stands, balancing on the monster's head. Her fist glows briefly, before she brings it down with a swift crack--right between the exhausted creature's eyes.

Stunned, the beast goes down. Elika easily leaps off and tumbles into a crouch, watching the animal go crashing onto its side. No, it isn't dead, and she isn't going to kill it. Others are welcome to 'finish it off for her', if they so wish. ]

OPTION 2: quad

[ Sunday afternoon and Elika is enjoying the sunshine. Sitting on the steps, she has an acoustic guitar on her lap and is practising, a sheaf of scores lying next to her. She's not the most advanced, but she's far from terrible. She's at that particularly awkward intermediate level where she's good enough that people want to request things, but she isn't confident enough in her technique to try. Come bother her anyway? ]

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[Complete quiet and warmth were the first things that met him when he came to. Opening his eyes was almost too hard a task. He could not remember a time when sleep had been so peaceful. It was sort lived, however. Yuu’s heart skipped a beat when his eyes focused and he didn’t recognize his surroundings.

He was quick to slip out of bed and hide between it and the wall. He took a quick peak over the mattress, hoping no one had seen him. Where was he? None of the Order’s rooms he’s been to had the attributes this one possessed. It didn't help that the last thing he remembered before waking was cold and two figures looming over him. A voice, deep and raspy, was chanting something in the background, but besides that, nothing was clear enough to give him the slightest clue as to what happened.

Yuu waits in his hiding spot for a couple of minutes before he, ever so quietly, made his way to the door… Which had no handles. Before he could question said door, it opened once he approached it enough and, not questioning why, left his room.

His first thought was to find Alma (if he was even there) and get out before they were taken back.

The surroundings that met him were unlike anything he’s seen before. The overall feel, the way it was lit and even the smells were different.

Wherever this place was, it wasn’t the Order.

After a while of hiding from the occasional passer-by and searching, Yuu stopped when he arrived to what looked like a library. A bit overwhelmed by his current situation, alone, tired and hungry, Yuu sat down at a lonely corner, tucked his knees close to his chest, and hid his face in his arms.
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[it has taken kanda several weeks before he was allowed to leave the infirmary. here he was, roaming the corridors of this place called 'garden'; where he would have to attend to, god forbid, classes and study? he wasn't too entirely sure on what was going on—or what had happened which caused him to land himself here to begin with. time compression, the doctor had explained to him, even when he asked more than once with inclusive profanities. just what the fuck was that? all he knew about modification of time was by the power of innocence of that one exorcist whose name he hadn't bothered to learn.

it was hard to understand, how he was at one moment in time and the next he was in an unknown world to him. ...with no sign of anyone recognising what the black order was, or what being an exorcist meant. they claimed he had arrived on his own, but he was certain that could not have been possible. yet, it was. an opportunity for a new beginning? what an absurd, yet sober, idea. the institution that had pushed him to such ends he had faced was not present, nor was the threat of those enemies he risked his life fighting again. he didn't even have his precious weapon in possession. no god, no innocence, no vatican—no war. why did this not bother him? perhaps because his promised was fulfilled, his role over. there was nothing else for him to fight for. he would have been fine dying, as his purpose was no longer tangible.

there are cracks like that of a statue on his skin, showing just over his bandaged limbs. face scratched and bruised, he looked worse when he arrived. his footing is still tricky, having to need to, in a way, learn how to walk on such wounded legs—but by no means does he not walk tall and proud. however, as he tries to explore this place, and make it down a set of stairs, he has the disgrace of slipping on his worn out boots and slamming down on his bottom a few steps before he stops.]

—fucking hell..

[a hiss in annoyance, and he's up on his feet. or trying to. he's a bit of an invalid, help! ;A; or mock him, whatever works.]

[ooc: hey guys! sorry for idling out for a long time, but things got busy on my end. it's calmed down enormously so i will try my best to have things run smoothly. ♥ i figured a few weeks away might just prove the right excuse to have had kanda under dr kadowaki's care until he was good to go and explore on his own. sorry for the trouble. /)__(\]
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[After arriving the way he did, it was hard believing he was in anything but a perfect shape. It had taken him a good hour before he convinced Doctor Kado--whatever there was nothing wrong with him. That was, of course, after a forceful, general medical examination.

Once out, Kanda looked down at the paperwork in his hands with disinterest and something akin to annoyance. He wasn't the type to enjoy reading over things that weren't necessary, like what classes he needed to take and curfew. What the hell? To top that off, he was supposed to wear a fugly excuse for a uniform.

He was not about to blend in this place. He refused, to this point, believe that he was going to stay here for a long period of time.

Kanda made way to his dormitory with thoughts of what happened last back there, in his mind.

That's of course, until he encountered a not-so-automatic door. Fuck this stupid place and its stupid technology.
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[ Deciding whether to explore the training area first, the library or settle himself into the cafeteria was surprisingly turning out to be a difficult task. Of course, discovering a method home was probably the most important issue but he's learned that everything would sort itself in due time. Besides, he's been told enough times to just observe.

...not that being surrounded by so many female cadets didn't give him enough visual distractions already. Perhaps spending the hour socializing would be best. Besides, that question about cabbages is still fresh on his mind. ]


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[Luki's moving around the Garden quickly, with an uncharacteristically serious and urgent look on her face. Based on the way she's meticulously checking under tables, around corners, behind shrubbery and so on, it's evident that she's looking for someone or something. The worried expression on her face is a good sign that whoever or whatever she's looking for is very important to her.]

Noki? I wanna stop playing hide and seek now, okay? Let's go play something else. It's not fun anymore.

[She looks around]

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[It's been a while since Yuu has had a bath. With the roughhousing, falling in the ocean, falling in t-rexaur dung, the usual kid stuff, it's no mystery as to why the boy smells so bad. It'd take up until a teacher pointed out his foul odor and ordered him to clean up. Although, it would have been an amazing feat to be the first SeeD who fought solely by smell.]

[So there he is in the men's locker room, soaking under one of the many open showers. The water is so disgusting, you'd swear the tiles were cream yellow. He's really just standing there, skin tinged pink from the boiling hot water. His hair is a mass of moppy-blackness, flopped over his scowly face. No scrubbing, no soap, he doesn't know what to do with soap. You can see he is faintly confused as to how to get this dirt off, rubbing it isn't very successful as of yet.]
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[there is the sound of soggy bare feet running down sleek halls, the boy who owns those feet skidding towards the edge every now and again. he has managed to fall off onto the water pool surrounding the circular walking area inside the garden when the place shook with its landing.]

So co-co-cold. [alma hugged himself as his light sprinting fell back into an easier walking pace.] What just happened- Yuuuuu! [and the calling begins:]

Has anyone seen Yuu?

[pitter patter he goes, down the hall. soaking wet, he will start sneezing in a bit.]
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[Squall had been in his office on the third floor the moment Garden crash-landed along the surface of the water. The odd thing here and there had fallen off his desk and shelves, himself jolted in his chair. Once everything seemed to calm, only then did he abandon his paperwork to leave the office and begin to make his way from one end of the floor to the next, checking to see how everyone was.

His next concern were the cadets and faculty on the other levels. He quickly checked on the classrooms annnnd then was walking briskly back to the elevator, down to the main level. Which seemed to be in a bit of a worse state.

Overhead, Cid's voice comes onto the intercom and Squall listens with half a ear, heading down the stairs away from the elevator, already on the move to help.

{{ooc; feel free to bump into him, drag him off to help others, cry on him, cling to him all scared-like. whatever you'd like :} }}


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