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The following people will be auctioned off this weekend at the GFC sponsored Date Auction!

David LalondeDick GraysonSoraSokkaNepeta
Jade StriderGooseDamian WayneCocona Maria C.
Rose LalondeVanille DiaSeifer AlmasyShadow 
Matthew WilliamsSquallTim DrakeGrell Sutcliff 
RikkuSerahRose TylerEquius Zaahak 

Decisions are final. Should you decide to withdraw, you will need to apologize to those poor orphans you couldn't help raise money for to make their lives a little more brighter! I'm sure a trip to Centra could be arranged for one to do so in person! Letter writing is a coward's way out! Maybe even volunteering your time there is possible too...

The dates must take place before the month is out! [Because there are plots next month...] So don't leave it til the last minute!

I am still looking for an apprentice to take on the GFC position! For those interested, please contact me.

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[ To say that Luna is taking being thrown into an alternate dimension rather well is an understatement. At first it was a little alarming to find herself waking up to an enrollment of an entirely different education program after just leaving Hogwarts, to say the least. But after reading the letter sent by the Headmaster explaining the time compression - of course, it had to be time compression - Luna's thoughts were placed on the 'at ease' spectrum of panic.

Currently, she can be found wandering around in the quad area of the Gardens, Headmaster Cid's letter placed firmly in her hands and a quizzical if not vacant aspect to her stare. Anyone passing her will receive the following inquery: ]

Excuse me, but do you perhaps know where I might find some seeds?
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 [Oh hey, look! It's your friendly neighbourhood John Egbert, sitting in the quad with a large instrument of the woodwind persuasion sitting in his lap. Said owner is twisting two parts of the clarinet together in both hands experimentally, before raising the instrument to his lips in order to test.

He blows a very mangled C into the peaceful, afternoon silence of the courts and snorts with laughter, lowering it once more and continuing to methodically tune.

It really sucks when you travel through some weird inter-dimension summoning thing and it throws your clarinet outta wack!]
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[There is a young boy, no older than nine or ten with dark hair and a scar running over the bridge of his nose sitting at an empty table. Before him are plates of varying foods and it all looks very delicious. In Alma's hands is a giant bottle of mayonnaise, ready to be dealt upon the poor food.

He stares down at the plates of food, standing on the chair, with a hungry and excited look in his eyes. His first target? Is a slice of cheesecake that looks fine and dandy without anything else added to it. Not that Alma seems to care. On goes the mayo~!]

[ooc; OHGAWSH i'm sorry this intro post took so late! I went on hiatus for a bit, but I'm back now~ Alma's been around for a little bit before this post so feel free to have noticed this small boy wandering around? He has a terrible love for mayo, as disgusting as it may seem.]
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[Complete quiet and warmth were the first things that met him when he came to. Opening his eyes was almost too hard a task. He could not remember a time when sleep had been so peaceful. It was sort lived, however. Yuu’s heart skipped a beat when his eyes focused and he didn’t recognize his surroundings.

He was quick to slip out of bed and hide between it and the wall. He took a quick peak over the mattress, hoping no one had seen him. Where was he? None of the Order’s rooms he’s been to had the attributes this one possessed. It didn't help that the last thing he remembered before waking was cold and two figures looming over him. A voice, deep and raspy, was chanting something in the background, but besides that, nothing was clear enough to give him the slightest clue as to what happened.

Yuu waits in his hiding spot for a couple of minutes before he, ever so quietly, made his way to the door… Which had no handles. Before he could question said door, it opened once he approached it enough and, not questioning why, left his room.

His first thought was to find Alma (if he was even there) and get out before they were taken back.

The surroundings that met him were unlike anything he’s seen before. The overall feel, the way it was lit and even the smells were different.

Wherever this place was, it wasn’t the Order.

After a while of hiding from the occasional passer-by and searching, Yuu stopped when he arrived to what looked like a library. A bit overwhelmed by his current situation, alone, tired and hungry, Yuu sat down at a lonely corner, tucked his knees close to his chest, and hid his face in his arms.
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[there is the sound of soggy bare feet running down sleek halls, the boy who owns those feet skidding towards the edge every now and again. he has managed to fall off onto the water pool surrounding the circular walking area inside the garden when the place shook with its landing.]

So co-co-cold. [alma hugged himself as his light sprinting fell back into an easier walking pace.] What just happened- Yuuuuu! [and the calling begins:]

Has anyone seen Yuu?

[pitter patter he goes, down the hall. soaking wet, he will start sneezing in a bit.]


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