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I apologize if I have scared anyone since the attack. I have not quite been myself. I am still dealing with a few problems in regards to that, so if I am acting stranger than my usual self, please do not approach me. If you must, please do not come too close. I can't be sure if I will try to hurt people or not. I will still try to teach, as advanced programming doesn't require close contact.

- Instructor Ardos
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Hello, students. I am here to advertise both that I am here to aid students with computers and anything involved therein and my own class. I would quite like to see you in advanced programming! It's a good skill to have!

Private Message to Rin

How are you faring?
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(Hope you don't mind more ponies, garden dwellers; there's one more making her way through the garden with an air of familiarity as if she traveled through the corridors many times before. Having just come back from a long mission meant she should probably reintroduce herself to everyone in garden.)

Hey there, everyone! It's Daring Do, your instructor in survival skills and first aid. I've been away on a mission for a while and it feels good to be back in Garden. I'm pretty sure there's some new faces I haven't met yet, but it's never too late for meetups and all that.

Anyway, since classes aren't going to be in session for a while, that gives me enough time to figure out a nice welcome back lesson plan for you. You probably won't have too much to worry about as long as you're up to date with your studies. Can't have any of my students slacking off now!

And even if you're not one of my students, I still look forward to meeting you all, so if you want to talk or meet up or anything like that, I'll be around the garden. Not too much to worry about since I just finished up a mission, but I won't be too hard to find; promise.
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You know the nice thing about justice is that it's universal. Whether people believe in following it out an internal guiding principle, for the sake of society, or the belief in a divine or spiritual intervention, whatever the world, cultural, or legal background, it's commonly considered a good principle.

Obviously I try to focus my classes on the justice systems of this world, or things all worlds seem to have in common, but I'm curious for anyone who knows of specific differences; something that is considered a justice or moral law where they're from but not here or other worlds. The same can go for anyone from this world too of course.

Likewise, I'm curious how all the different worlds enforce their legal systems. Even though each place seems to have some sort of basic governing law, each place also seems to need to enforce it. Maybe no matter what the universe, some people can't be trusted to follow it on their own.

- Instructor Lt. Furor

[He will also be seen playing catch/fetch with a bouncy ball later. Feel free to notice the sheer absurdity of an instructor dog playing catch. But in true puppy fashion, he'll just make you play with him.]
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[The weather is wonderful, the people are relaxing, and best of all? NO CLASSES! Spending a whole three weeks at Obel Lake is different than all the other trips, but that doesn't mean the fun will be any different!

Well, with the addition of ponies, this break will only be a little different. Any good horseshoe jokes about?]

(ooc:This is just a mingle post for the Obel Lake trip. Feel free to hop in and stir up some CR!)


Sep. 4th, 2012 08:54 pm
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[It had taken some time, but after enough tinkering and watching others, Rin has finally figured out how this technology works. Which is a step in the right direction, right?]

Ugh. How do you people stand this place? It is just absolutely disgusting inside out, no one seems to take any kind of manners about this place and no one seems to believe you if you tell them you deserve some form of respect. I was AM still a princess, the next in line to become ruler of the Yellow Country and yet no one around here believes a word of it! I do not appreciate being talked down to as if I am some kind of child who has not a clue as to how the world works, I have studied and I have seen things that many have not seem. I am a capable ruler and am a capable member of the royal family, I do not appreciate being treated in any different manner!

And this... this gallivanting about the place is absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for, if one is here to learn, then they should do everything in their ability to get out of here as soon as possible with all the information necessary. Instead people are leeching off the system like common beggars and making the rest of us seem just as bad. Disgusting. Absolutely and undeniably disgusting.


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