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[By this point, Sophie has realised that going home isn't gonna be something that'll happen any time soon, and frankly it makes her really rather uncomfortable. She doesn't dislike this world or anything, and she likes being able to learn stuff like this - it's her second week of classes, and she loves them! - but...]


I overheard somewhere that sometimes people disappear, and I was wondering where they went. Do they go home? I don't hate it here, but I don't know how long it'll be, and I don't want to go home after everyone grows old and dies. I want to be with them.


[A little later, as though to take her mind off Asbel dying without her - it was painful enough to think of outliving him - Sophie can be found by a flowerbed in the Quad, kneeling on the ground and... planting something?

Yes. Planting something.

Specifically, her favourite flower - sopherias. She still had a few seeds on her from home - she could share that little part of her world with everyone here, couldn't she? Maybe she could even show them all a blossomgale!
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Attn.: All

Upgrades, items, new equipment, repairs and maintainence available to all Garden cadets, staff and SeeD at discounted prices.

Gunblade Specialization with over 20 years experience, if we don't have it we'll find it at no additional cost.

Custom work available, contact via Private Message or in person for orders.

Permanent location within Balamb Garden to be determined, temporary location in Quad.

St. James Arms
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I heard that there was a potion that turned all the animal-people into human shape for a little while. Is there one that does it the other way around? Only I was wondering what it would be like to be a pony, like Twilight Sparkle.

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[There's a small pigtailed girl sitting on a bench, poking at the laptop Garden had provided her with. She had a vague induction as to what it was, but really it was kind of a mystery. Someone had told her that there was something called a "BBS" on here and that it was easy to meet other off-worlders on it.

So far she'd learned that if you moved the arrow around and pushed a button it did something. There were some interesting things to read about, like the Garden's rules and notices... but she couldn't seem to find this BBS. Not just that, but when she pressed the keys to write, no letters showed up anywhere.

As time goes on, she grows increasingly perplexed, her frown deepening.

She was going to work out this laptop thing!

Maybe if I talk to it...?

Show me the BBS!





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