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[If you look around the Garden, you may spot one particular open area occupied by

F O O D!

F E S T I V I T I E S!

G A M E S!

and most importantly: F U N!

The first ever Field Day at the Garden is in celebration of not only the mid-terms ending, but also a sort of independence day for each person; SeeD and cadet alike! The Cooking Club was serving up dishes from a variety of recommendations, ranging from T-Rexaur meat to pizza.

Other students have set up a place for mini-competitions like arm wrestling or card games. Hope you're not a sore loser! Play at your own risk! There are still some empty tables left!

The ever diligent Garden Festival Committee, along with some 'special helpers' arrived early to set things up, keeping in mind that chairs aren't the only way to lounge! There's enough space for blankets too! It's a beautiful day, so enjoy it under blue skies!]

(ooc: This is your field day post, ladies and gentlemen! Have fun with it! Those who volunteered to help are welcome to handwave that their character had done so! Feel free to make threads labeled for different impromptu activities or club areas! The bonfire at the end can still happen~. ♥ ]
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F A N T A S T I C ♥ A N N O U N C E M E N T

GOOD MORNING, BBS! SELPHIE TILMITT HERE! I have amazing news! News that you're all going to be V E R Y excited about! Exams are a complete ULTRA BUMMER, so it's time we all did something to make recovering from them A W E S O M E. Thanks to Mister Remy leBeau, I've come up with a SUPER MEGA FUN PLAN. Most of the credit goes to him though! SO YOU BETTER THANK HIM!

We're going to have a C E L E B R A T I O N! Brought to you by the Garden Festival Committee! It will be in the theme of INDEPENDENCE! This means that there's going to be a lot of food, fun, and games, all outside! In order to pull this off the GFC will be spending our time setting up games and acquiring the needed things for seating!

But we can't do this alone! OFFICIALLY! We're requesting the COOKING CLUB'S help! We'll need your talent to make a huge to do like this go off without a hitch! If we're cooking for the W H O L E Garden, we're going to need a lot of preparation! Any suggestions on what to serve would be great, and of course we wouldn't dream of asking anyone but you guys to help! Sorry, Zell! JUST hot dogs won't do for this celebration!

ALSO! ANYONE WHO'S INTERESTED is welcome to suggest games and activities! We at the GFC have some ideas, but this is a celebration for the ♥GARDEN♥ So you guys should have some input too! This post is for suggestions and questions! Let's GET THIS DONE guys! You cadets deserve something fun after such a hard exam session!

♥ ♥B O O Y A K A♥ ♥
Selphie Tilmitt
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[Remy was lucky enough to actually get a hotdog today. He'd pulled it off before and they weren't half bad, but Abel has one of those very tasty T-Rexar steaks he'd cooked after their foray in the Training Center.  It's making Remy's mouth water, which would explain why he pulls out a deck of cards from the pocket of his trench coat (he always seems to have one on him, but this is Gambit we're talking about) and slaps the as yet unopened pack down on the table in front of him.]

D'accord, mon frere.  That sho' looks mighty tasty.  Three hands. Best two outta three. De game's Blackjack. House wins, we trade lunches. If de table goes to de player, we keep how we are and we like it.  Those sound like fair odd to you?

[OOC: If your characters are interested in cards (not just poker. Remy hasn't heard Triple Triad yet), feel free to poke them!  Remy makes a lot of his money hustling cards.  Also, my dear, sweet Disciplinary Committee, if you want to punish him, GO AHEAD! (Not sure if gambling is against Garden Policy or not, but leBeau doesn't care.]
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[It was lunchtime, finally. Remy thought he'd been clever, signing up for this school in this new world.  If he was going to be stuck here, he thought, having every resource possible at his disposal would be a great idea, right?  He'd only been to four classes so far, though, and he was convinced he'd underestimated, well, everything.  His notes were spread across the square table in front of him in a haphazard fashion.  Notes of Garden Code, notes on regiment formation, notes on this, notes on that.  His red and black gaze swept across the scattering of papers before him, seeing, but not really comprehending.  What had he gotten himself wrapped up in again?  He heaved a tired sigh and rubbed his hands across his face, then running his fingers through his hair, and licked his lips.  He was Remy leBeau. He could break into anyone's house, steal all their valuables, and escape without a trace.  He could handle a little schooling.  This was nothing.  He wished he believed himself.

He took a sip from the fountain drink that had accompanied his lunch (he hadn't been lucky enough to score one of the Garden's famous hot dogs and had sufficed with a chicken sandwich) and picked up the notes from his first class, Garden Code or whatever it was.  He read it for all of five seconds before putting it down and heaving a loud sigh.]

Nom de Dieu, this place gonna be the death of you, leBeau.

[OOC: /is nervous. I hope I did this right. Anyway, anyone ever is free to bug him in the Cafeteria at lunch. He'll probably welcome the distraction XD]
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[Now that the club has been established, Aerith worked tirelessly to post up as many fliers as possible about the brand new Cooking Club. If this club was going to work, then she would have to work hard to lure in as many members as possible. That's why if any of you cadets are walking along the halls of the quad today, you may see a dozen stylish, pink and white fliers on the walls begging for your participation.

They look a little something like this:

The Amazing Flier! )

[Quite proud of her work upon the fliers, Aerith hurried to the cafeteria with Abel in tow to start baking for what she expected would be thousands of guests! (More like twelve guests in reality...)

Oh, I really hope they come!

[Aerith whined as she stared at the plain white & black clock upon the wall.]

Who could deny a sweet tooth anyways?

[ooc: this is another mingle comment spam! have your characters show up at the cafeteria~]


Jun. 9th, 2010 03:20 am
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[There is a boy wandering the first floor hallways of the Garden, and he doesn't look pleased. Well, he's not just "wandering", exactly. More like stomping angrily. It could just be restlessness - he's new, and he certainly doesn't like the situation he's in, and he's ready to take it out on anyone or anything he comes across.

But stomping down the halls like this means Elliot isn't really paying too much attention to where he's going. He might bump into you (yes, you) on your way somewhere if you're not careful. Or maybe you can catch him before he collides with someone? Either way, this can't be healthy, and he must be stopped.]
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Okay, so, we're all from different places! Which is pretty cool and all if you think about it objectively and ignore the fact we're horribly stuck on a floating island with a tendency to plummet into the ungodly seas and leave us potentially scrabbling at the shore while the icy depths pull us down aaaaaaaaaaa

where was I er

What this means is that everyone's seen and experienced different stuff! For all I know, your home world might be a technological marvel that puts even me to shame! For all you know, my home world might be covered in bees. But we don't know because we all just potter through classes. Show off a little! What's the coolest, neatest story you've got? There's bragging rights in it and a little reminder of home never hurt anyone.
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[It's probably the most activity the pool has seen since classes started, likely because of the upcoming competitive swims for the Swimming 101 classes, or perhaps because of the Garden's currently waterlogged status, making out-of-campus recreational trips impossible. Plus, generally, the pool seemed safer than jumping into a sea populated with who-knows-what creatures - just a little safer, if you didn't count the number of students ignoring pool rules and cannon-balling into the surface. There are students on both the shallow and deep ends, and a few lanes reserved for dedicated swimmers - despite the upsurge in visitors, there's room for all.

Hope ducks just in time to avoid the resulting splash from another student diving into the shallow end with floaties and kicking boards in tow, resurfacing to shake the water out of his hair. Talk about ripe for disaster - he had as many things to watch out for here as he did in Gran Pulse.]

W-watch out!

[ooc; General pool post, for all interested. No obligation to tag Hope; feel free to start your own threads a-la-event-style!]
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[A lot of young faces around. Auron is used to that, but not so much the setting of a school.

As he passes, a few students stop to stare at him. Whether it's a new guy thing or just an old guy thing he isn't sure, but he's betting on both.

A huge blade balanced against his shoulder, he heads for the Training Center. Just because he isn't a student doesn't mean he's here to rot. That fate, funny enough, was left back at home.]
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[Dressed in the standard black SeeD uniform with her usual silver-framed glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose, Quistis heads towards the library where she's scheduled to meet with the cadet she'll be tutoring. There's a large tote bag hanging from her shoulder filled with several textbooks, a couple of journals filled with her own notes, some writing utensils and a stack of blank index cards-- her usual studying kit.

Upon entering the library, she notices the rather empty state of the studying area-- she had arrived a bit earlier than the scheduled time, just so she could get situated before the cadet arrives. She figures it'll be easier for them to spot her out with her SeeD uniform which sets her apart from the students. So after unloading her bag and setting up the table in an orderly fashion, Quistis takes a seat facing the entrance of the library, her hands folded in her lap as she patiently awaits for the arrival of the cadet.]

[OOC: For those who have sessions scheduled with Quistis, feel free to tag in with your own subthread. People are also free to bump into Quistis in the library if you wish to have them meet her.]


May. 27th, 2010 06:20 pm
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[balthier has been out of the school for a while; the town of balamb caught his interest and the tales of the harbour made him check it out. needless to say, the port was a huge disappointment. no airships.

in the hope of running into fran more people from his own world he has decided to return. and no, he didn't bring any souvenirs. you can catch him talking to himself at the front gate.]

Still in one piece? It's starting to seem like the training here isn't as tough as one might imagine.

o2. bbs.

May. 27th, 2010 12:06 pm
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I know everyone's busy being huffy about the newsletter, but it's not all bad...

Chocobo races, down in Balamb Town. I dunno about everyone else, but I'm starting to feel cramped in here. It's a good excuse to get outta the Garden, and a bunch of you still need to learn what chocobos are, right?

... and about that job at the stables. It should be possible to work and study, shouldn't it?

— Cloud.
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Retarded sensationalist crap.

[ The tall blond throws the issue over the cafeteria table, after having yanked it from a Cadet's hand. He shoved some people out of the way, making a mental note to add Delacreaux to the List - a growing one. He hoped the new Disciplinary Committee members were taking himself as an example. No more smiley, good doers. The Disciplinary Committee had a reputation to maintain. ]
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The newsletter is really unprofessional - at least the 'Around Garden: What's New?' section.

I understand that it's important to let people know what's going on in Balamb Garden, and the Newsletter is a good way to do that, but I don't think something that's supposed to be an official thing - and thus affiliated with SeeD - should be in the business of rumor-mongering. Political news about things that are happening in Galbadia and Esthar are important to us as SeeDs, and it's good to hear things about the off-worlders and things like that. But the only one of those that comes off as being written with any sort of journalistic integrity or even standards is the one written by miss Helena Oster.

However, my biggest problem comes from miss Chessy Delacreaux's article - if you can call it that. All it is is gossip and tidbits that makes SeeD look more like ... some sort of club rather than a mercenary organization. We're all training to be professionals here; why does it need to be written in an OFFICIAL PUBLICATION that Souji was out with some guy? Who cares? Why does it matter? Why is there news in the newsletter about a post on the BBS? That's not news.

And I really don't care what miss Chessy Delacreux's favorite sponsorship is. That, too, isn't news. If we want some sort of paper to spread all sorts of rumors around Balamb Garden, fine. I'll think it's dumb, but that's the place of whoever wants it. But an official newsletter isn't the place to talk about things that may or may not have happened that aren't even newsworthy anyway.

And stop using so many exclamation points. It's tacky, especially in an official Balamb Garden publication.
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Hello, everyone.

My name is Celty and I am new to this school as of only a few days ago. Also a few days ago I noticed a bulletin board with club notices. While I am interested in some of the clubs listed there, I am more interested in a club not found on the list.

I am not sure if the bulletin board was just missing a flyer, or maybe it is because of the world we live in and what we are trained to do here, but I am looking for some kind of cooking club.

I am not a very good cook, not at all, so it is my hope that someone else here might already have one started, or might want to create one...

Please, let me know if you know anything or have any plans.


Thank you very much.

Japanese and Gaelic Versions )

002 - BBS

May. 23rd, 2010 11:18 pm
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Pro-tip for anyone taking the Cadet missions: just because someone took a card through bullying doesn't it necessarily mean that said person sucks at card games.

Another tip for people new at Triple Triad: invoking the Random Rule may result in you getting decked, so don't do that unless you're good at dodging. On another note, don't deck people who are good at dodging when you're holding a card the other person wants.

On card-related news, I'm willing to offer notes on the class of your choice (that I'm also taking) in exchange for a Tonberry card.
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As we're rolling into the fourth week of the semester, the course load within classes may be growing heavier now that the introductory period has passed. With that thought in mind, I'd like to offer my help to any cadets who may be struggling with their classes-- as a SeeD, I've taken all the required courses as well as a few extra electives. While I'm most comfortable with the Introduction to Para-Magics & Guardian Forces course as well as the Advanced Para-Magic courses, I'm sure I'd be of some assistance in other classes as well-- if not, I'll direct you towards someone who possesses the knowledge to help.

If anyone is interested in tutoring sessions, please leave a note here with the course you'd like help with. I'm willing to do both one-on-one sessions or group sessions depending on which method of learning is most efficient for you.


Quistis Trepe
SeeD Rank A
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Looking for a sparring partner? A chance to practice fighting people rather than monsters in the training center? Maybe a few pointers for self defense techniques that aren't being taught in class? Look no further!

Fight Club is here!

Thanks to the Headmaster, there's going to be an area in the training center cleared away and sectioned off for Fight Club meetings.

We still need a SeeD who's willing to supervise and keep the creatures in the training center from disrupting the matches, so anyone who's interested, please let me know here. Also, um, Commander Leonhart? If you've got any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

As head of Fight Club, I'll also be the referee so that things don't get out of hand.

Just to keep it from getting too crowded in there, I'm going to ask that people don't come watch unless they're joining the club and are hoping to learn something.

Well, that's it for now! If you've got any questions, ask them here or come find me around the Garden.


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