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[Military was something Goose was unsurprisingly used to, although of this sort, he'd basically consider it brand-new territory.

He had to admit, though, that this was just the kind of new adventure that he needed. This was unfamiliar, different, and most importantly, a thrill. He found himself in this new area where his life would make a drastic change. Goose was far from the type of person to object to change.

One thing that hadn't changed so much, however, was the food. He found himself in a strange sense of familiarity as he munched happily on a hot dog, rather than busying himself was something to help him get more settled in. He has top responsibility priorities, you see.

And so there he was, partaking in a nice little meal.

... Need I also mention that he's not sitting on a chair, but rather, on the table itself? Should he even be doing that? Honestly put, he didn't even care. He found the table a little more comfortable, and it was better to be a little different than to stick with the norm. He preferred to stand out, if his wild hairdo was any indication of that.
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[Kazuma is currently sitting in the caf, scowling at his lunch even as he eats it. Not that there's anything wrong with the food (that's actually pretty good, in his opinion), he's just contemplating the series of events that ended with him being transplanted here, and if Time Compression had an ass, he'd definitely be kicking it right about now.

As it is, however, he's not quite sure what to make of this bunch that call themselves mercenaries, but act more like regular military. True, he's not seen--or even heard about--any kidnapping, or torture, or brain-washing, but then he just got here, after all. He's still fairly suspicious and for the time being is adopting a 'wait and see' attitude.]

Tch. This's so messed up...
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[In the entrance to the Training center stands a SeeD with a clipboard and a whistle. Once she sees that the participants have gathered, she begins to speak.]

Welcome to the last event of the Sponsorship Games! Today's event is our most anticipated one; the Capture the Flag game, which will take place within the Training Center. Here is how the game will work.

Participants have been divided into two teams, and each team will receive three flags; one which will be located at each teams' forts, and the other two placed within areas near the fort at random posts. The mission of the game is to capture all three flags of the opposing team within getting caught and tagged. Once a player has been physically tagged by someone else from the other team, then the tagged player will be taken out of the game. In this game, anything goes! That means para-magic will be allowed, but there will be no knock-outs or else the team will be disqualified. However, tagging must only be done physically.

The monsters in the TC have not been cleared out, so there are additional obstacles to overcome in combination with trying to get pass the other team to obtain their flags. Once the opposite team's tag has been taken to the fort, the obtainer of the flag then must also return back to their team's own fort with the flag without getting caught. Getting tagged with the team flag will return the flag back to the other team's fort.

The team with the most flags in an hours' time will be the victor of the game!

The teams have been divided as follows:

Team 1:

Team 2

Once I blow the whistle, everyone will be given five minutes to take their places. The whistle which follows will indicate the start of the game. Remember, you have one hour to try and obtain as many flags as possible. Good luck!

[The SeeD blows the whistle, and the doors to the Training Center open up to indicate the start of the event.]

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[A SeeD stands in the middle of the Quad, holding a clipboard as he addresses all the attendees of the event.]

Welcome to the first event of the Sponsorship Games, the 'Dares Challenge'! This challenge will test how far you will go to help your team succeed in the Sponsorship games. Here is how it will work;

Each member of a team has been randomly assigned a number. Depending on whether the Dare is an individual or team-centric challenge, a number from each team will be selected for these players to complete the assigned dare. The dare must be completed in order to win points for their team; failure to complete the dare will result in no points being awarded for the player's team.

Every dare can win a team a maximum of ten points; points will be distributed according to how well the Dare was carried out. This can depend on how creative the dare was done, if only part of it was completed, how well it was completed and other criteria.

The first team who manages to complete all their dares will be the the winners of the challenge.

Two hours will be given to all participants to fulfill their dares. Good luck to everyone!

[A whistle is blown, before the SeeD begins to recite the numbers and dares.]



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