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Excuse me, but does anyone have any poetry books or poets they would recommend? Now that I have the time, I'd like to indulge in reading. I would also enjoy fiction books, but I do prefer poetry.


[And later in the day, Hotaru can be found in, where else? The library, books spread out on a desk as she flips through the pages.]
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That which was lost has been returned. All is now well.

[And soon after this, if one were to venture into the training center, they would find a young woman in a purple miniskirt with dark red bows on her chest and at her lower back tearing through monsters with a glaive. She wields it as if an expert at using it--something gained from years of practice--and yet she cannot be older than fifteen. Approach her?]
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Okay, um. I think maybe something wasn't right with the medicine I took when I was sick a little while ago? I feel really good right now, actually, but it's only been a few days since I was let out and I've already broken a bunch of doors and some walls. And I'm not usually strong at all or anything...

Also, if anyone sees a burnt tree covered in ice...I think that was my fault too.

So, yeah. I think my medicine might've had something wrong with it.


[Later, Danny is fidgeting pretty seriously outside the building. He didn't want to go back outside, not after he got sick from all the germs out there, but staying inside was more hazardous to everyone else, given how many doors he'd broken. If he stayed inside any longer, he worried that he would bring down the foundations of the building and send the whole thing collapsing.

So now he stands on the grass, wringing his hands and glancing around impatiently.

Except for the bit where he suddenly finds himself floating 15 feet off the ground and rising.]

Oh--oh man! Um! Can--can somebody please help?!

((OOC: I'm still kind of slow, but I wanted to get in on this, so expect lots of backtagging here! Also, for the record, Danny's powerswapped with Superman.))
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Something of mine is missing. I would like to know what has happened and how to have it returned, if this is possible.


Jul. 27th, 2011 10:43 am
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Option 1: Cafeteria

[Lizzie had been working as hard as one could when it came to lessons. The types of lessons she had to do were completely different than the ones she did back at home. But for now she was starting to get a little bit hungry, so with as much work as she could have done was sorted for the moment, she had quietly started to make her way from her room, all the way to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Another thing she really wasn't use to was the food, but she knew that a lady shouldn't complain and instead eat what she is given.

Getting her food, she eventually found a seat and sat down and as politely as one could started to eat.]

Option 2: Library

[Lizzie can be found in the library, reading on certain subjects she had for her classes, she glanced down at the books, so much to cover and she didn't even understand how. Watch as she turns the page, glancing at the pages, but nothing seemingly coming to mind. She is stuck on the subject as she looks around for anyone that might be able to help her.]
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[Hotaru had arrived only a little while ago. However, she had been through plenty of strange things in her life--being a cyborg, rebirth, holding a second personality, the Dead Moon Circus, et cetera. So this? This isn't so completely out there that she panics. She takes it all in stride. And in fact, currently, she seems rather calm, hands resting on the directory and the twelve-year-old looks over it and memorizes it. Hotaru's eyes are wide with fascination as she takes note of just how big the Garden is.

She also takes note of the library. She'll definitely be perusing those books.]


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