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[At first, Junpei just figures he's come down with something. It happens, right? After kicking ass all night in Tartarus and then getting up to go to school the next day, it tends to wear a guy out, so the onset of a cold or something of the like isn't strange to him. This feels a little different, but he supposes it was really only a matter of time. Getting dumped into an alternate dimension is bound to expose you to something nasty.

But usually when he's under the weather he just sleeps a lot. And whatever is wrong with him this time, it's robbed him of that. He's spent the past two or three days laying on his bed in his dorm, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. He hasn't eaten the whole time, but finds he's not hungry. This morning he finally decided maybe it was time to go and talk to somebody about it, and was alarmed to see that his skin had taken on a peculiar greenish hue. Oh boy. This can't be good. Well, at least chances are that this school nurse won't make him try any weird potions.

Nothing could have prepared him for the news that he's been stricken with Zombie. ...How the hell does that even work? Unfortunately, it seems the usual means of ridding people of the effects of these strange ailments that seem to be affecting most of the student body at the moment aren't working. So he's advised to just stick it out--the malady won't hurt him, he's told--the effects should wear off on their own eventually.

But now he's left with a simple quandary: he's a zombie. And he's hardly been acting the part. Anyone passing through the lobby today might notice a very ill-looking Junpei shambling about, practicing making groaning noises that may or may not sound rather like 'braaaaains'. Don't worry, though, he's not unreasonable. I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes...]

[sorry i fell off the face, guys. TT^TT work is really lame.]


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There have been a lot of questions asked about our home worlds, like about energy sources, or what others can do to make this world more like home. But there hasn't been a question about loved ones.

So, fellow off-worlders (perhaps natives as well?), who do you miss most at home? Be it family or close friends, or someone you admire.

For myself, it's definitely my mother and father. My mother for her kindness, and snacks (I'm a bit biased when it comes to a mother's cooking), and my father, whom I aspire to be. He was quite the decorated hero of my country.

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[ Garden was huge. That was the first thing he noticed. Big, but easy to navigate, something that could be appreciated. But it wasn't the size that really interested him, but what they did with all that space. The second he heard about the "Training Center" Akihiko knew where he had to go, even if it was only his second night.

The halls were growing quieter as the more studious when to study and the tired went to sleep. But Akihiko? He felt like he was ten years old again. Cracking his knuckles, he walked the route he had memorized earlier; green signs, he noted that. A few people were leaving, but he paid them no mind.

Needless to say, he was expecting something more like a gym, something he was used to, but...the scene looked more like it came straight out of an action movie. Tall, metal gates were only hinting at what it had to keep behind them. He could faintly hear the scuffle of wildlife off in the distance, something that definitely wasn't human.

Was this even a good idea...?

He pushed the button that unlocked the door. A gust of air met him in the face. Akihiko blinked, brows furrowing slightly as he stepped through the gateway.

And was met with a weird...plant-like creature, waving its arms in the air wildly.

He cracked his knuckles again.

Oh hell yeah, this was a good idea. ]

(( OOC; So, open to anyone! He...will want to be running around punching things, so any enemies are open game. ))
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[It's a nice day outside-- and Quistis is a bit tired of being cooped up in her room all day, dealing with paperwork. She's also been holed up to avoid both Squall and Xu, but that's an entirely different matter.

So now, she's sitting outside in the Quad on a bench, in her hand a large stack of her precious Triple Triad cards. She's simply sifting through them, looking at all the cards she'd acquired from her many victorious tournaments and matches; she was the Master King, after all. And she fully intends to gain the title back, sooner or later.

Feel free to poke the ex-instructor; she doesn't bite!]
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[Lost Junpei is lost. The school deal he can handle. The dorms deal he can handle. Even the giant inexplicably floating island-sorta-thing he can handle. But he's not all that great with directions, and he's pretty sure he's been past this corridor about six times already. He doesn't want to ask the creepy guys in robes with turkey platters over their faces--they don't look very hospitable--but he's starting to wonder if he's ever going to find his dorm room. A217... A217...


These books are getting heavy. He really wishes he had his stupid purple backpack right about now.

Hefting the books, Junpei turns down yet ANOTHER corridor, hoping perhaps to find a big helpful YOU ARE HERE sign.]

[Perhaps he'll find [Bad username or site: witchesreign title=you @ livejournal.com] instead? 8D]


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