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[When you are in a remote and icy environment, tend to be in your own company most of the time, and haven't learned how to fight yet, it is advisable to not approach random monsters in the middle of blinking nowhere.

Granted, three hundred yards from the Garden isn't quite the middle of nowhere, but it still gives a certain pegasus absolutely no excuse to wander out, flutter on over to a SNOW LION, flip upside down and go:


Wow, you're real fluffy...


Feb. 9th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Such depressing news that we have gotten recently and so soon after that mission.

Maybe we should take some time to focus on some more enjoyable things. Classes are starting up again. Is anyone else excited? Is there a class you are excited for?

And what about the dance? What will it be like? I've never been to one before.

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I certainly hope I won't have to continue fighting after suffering a concussion. Nasty things they are. I wouldn't recommend them.

Oh, and I DO expect an answer, because I refuse to go back to battle after this. Only a few people are aware of how much it pains me to make such a statement.

-Grell [She's in no mood for her usual heart after her name]


[Grell will be sitting in the cafeteria, a bit in a daze while she tries to sip her beloved orange juice. There is a bandage on the side of her head as she leans her chin into her hand, playing with the straw to her glass. She yawns, because wow, medication is pretty strong in this one.]
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[Somewhere, in the Quad, sitting on a worryingly dark looking cloud, there is a pegasus pony with a laptop, staring at the screen with intense concentration as she carefully picks out her letters and promptly slams her hoof into them.]

ghji im derpy,. hjavent useds oine of tyghese bnefore.,
ikm new111
nmicve to ,eet evertyponmy1

[Considering she types like that, one might wonder how in the world she even managed to log in. She seems happy with it, though, and submits her BBS post.

Well, that was a job well done! Pleased with her work, the pegasus shifts position and sits her rear down on the cloud... giving anybody who happened to be underneath a short, cold shower.

...was that a yelp?

Oops, my bad!

[She looks over the side of her cloud to check whether she had managed to drench someone or not. If she has... well, it probably won't be the only time she manages it.]


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