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:33 < it s33ms a lot of people have b33n leaving lately
:33 < or have b33n sent home i guess
:33 < i think equius was
:33 < ive b33n looking fur him fur a couple days
:33 < and trying to get in contact with him but no go
:33 < ampurra and gamz33 too
:33 < the older kananyaa and jade
:33 < none of them showed up to the get together so i went out looking
:33 < to no avail
:33 < if anyone has s33n them or knows where they might be
:33 < or if any of you are reading this
:33 < purrlease let me know?
:33 < especially you equius
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[The game must be broken.

David had known that before. But, this had only made it worse. This has all happened before.

If one were to walk into the infirmary, they'd find David Lalonde finally awake. Wearing that heavy "dark knight"-style ensemble he doesn't bring out much outside of the training center--that's strange. Around him are all manner of flowers and other such passive-aggressive gifts, most of them given by the same sender. Typical.

Just going to oh-so-casually get out of bed and try to find a way out of this room past all the goddamn baskets and balloons, Rose why.

...he might not have noticed you just yet, if you're there. Shadow's still as lively as ever.


[and a fair bit later, on the BBS.]

fear not ladies
or gentlemen i suppose
im not the pickiest sort if im to be entirely honest
which itself feels strange enough of that
the honesty quota has been absolutely fucking surpassed for the month
best to halt production for the time being
in any case your knight has returned
cast from a veritable deathtrap of predestination into a merely immensely irritating hotbed of it

now would anyone care to get me up to speed
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[With only a day to go before classes started, Gavril thought it would be a good idea for the instructors to get together and try to enjoy themselves before the stress of the start of the school year got to all of them. But more than that, it was a chance for them to all get together and get to better know one another, as there weren't many instructor activities where they could come together and mingle without having to chaperone.

Or at least, that was the theory.

Though he had sent PMs to all the instructors inviting them out, he was beginning to wonder if maybe no one would show up, or that only the few people he was friendly with would show up, or any other number of things as the minutes counted down to the time he had given everyone. He'd even gone so far to move the location to a bar in Balamb after learning at least one of the instructors was underage, as he'd managed to convince the owner of this particular bar to allow underaged instructors in tonight, but only if they got their hand stamped to prevent them from obtaining alcohol. Also, by moving it off Garden, it lessened the chances of bumping into any students.

Not one to be a pessimist, though, Gavril quickly pushed such thoughts from his mind and started drinking a little early, nursing a beer while he hoped for a large turnout.]

((OOC: For the sake of my sanity, I'm handwaving the fact that Gavril sent out PMs inviting every instructor to a night out before the new semester starts. Feel free to mingle with one another and otherwise do what you like! Though Gavril started it this is very much an open post for everyone to get to know each other better, and relax before the start of classes, so tag around! And if your character feels so inclined, drink away. We'll figure out who has to pay the tab in the morning :D

Also, I apologize for any typos there may be as it's 2am, and I will fix it in the morning >>; ))

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[Morning: Front Gate]

[So what has Redglare been doing? Actually, no one knows. As much as she should take interest in the exams earlier, she actually didn't.

At least, because she didn't get to judge them.

Plus, she's been reacquainting herself with everything via smell. Apparently vision isn't something of interest to her. At all.] Silly pink creatures. Seeing seems so boring when you can smell like I do.

[Yeah...she might just be smelling everything and anything. That means people too. If you smell really good, she might lick you. No. She will. It's just one of those mornings.]

[Afternoon: Cafeteria]

[Redglare is sitting in the cafeteria all smug as usual. She's got an unopen soda in front of her, but for some reason she doesn't seem at all interested in it.] Does someone wish to consume this bubbly, strange beverage for me? I only wish for the can.

[You heard her right.]


As I had expected, I have full control of my wonderful senses. But I will not bore you with such details as I know none of you wish to hear about the wonderful things I have smelled.

It seems that my little descendant isn't around anymore? I'm severely disappointed that it seems that not many who care about what I care are around.

It is actually quite dull.

But I am curious. Any of the trolls of the female side of the spectrum interested in a "girl's night out"? I have no idea what that is, but I assume that it is only for those of the female species. However, I would like to offer out to go into the city together and do that thing where you choose clothes and talk a lot about nothing important. Oh, and perhaps eat before returning back to the Garden. It sounds ridiculous and frivolous, but I believe that some certain trolls require to converse more. Or eat more. Or, you know, stop being a bitch at times. But I digress!

Do please reply to me. I would love to know if we can have a night out.

-Instructor Redglare
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[Morning| Hotel Room]

[If you happen to be in the hotel hallways, you might have heard a pretty terrible shriek that morning.

You see, as of late, Redglare seems to be finding it difficult to do certain things. Namely, smell and taste. She can still do those, but it's like her entire life devoted to getting around has slowly been disappearing. Everything smelled so normal. Colors didn't taste much like they did before. She had, of course, thoroughly tested this by licking the red cans she collected. They just tasted like...well cans. The red on them did nothing to change that.

In return, she seemed to have progressively acquired the ability to see. Of course that freaked her out a bit. Seriously, one does not suddenly have the ability to see again.

But if you happen to come into her room after her shriek, you might be surprised to see that the legislacerator gone instructor is just staring at her arm. As though this is the most fascinating thing she has ever seen.

Actually, considering she's been blind, this might be true.]

Such a peculiar thing vision is! [What she doesn't realize is that X-ray vision isn't standard.]

[Afternoon| Cafeteria]

[She's just staring at her food. This is weird for her. She's never had a huge problem figuring out what to eat. If they generally were a nice color, it would taste good. But now...]

I do not understand how trivial human food can get. [That is a fruit salad Redglare.]

[[OOC: For the Superpowers event, Redglare lost her smelling/tasting text/colors and gained X-ray vision, which also gave her...normal vision. Needless to say, SHE IS GOING TO ABUSE AND ENJOY THIS SKILL.]]
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cut for bright red courier )


[ In the early hours of the morning or the wandering hours of sunset, you may meet a strange pair of grey-skinned, horned adults meandering through the quad and other open areas of Garden. One is cloaked in grey, pushing the other (clad in the nondescript garb of an infirmary patient) along in a wheelchair. Both have deeply scarred forearms; the one in the wheelchair has light scars around his cheeks and eyes as well.

The troll in grey smiles absently at those who they pass (or who pass by them), but he's obviously focused on the person he's attending, occasionally leaning forward to speak softly in his ear about something or another. You'll have to speak to them directly and maybe tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. ]
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Hello students and fellow instructors. I would introduce myself fully, but I believe it's unprofessional to have my students call me by my first name, so you can call me Instructor or Ms. Wayne. Manners and everything, you know? I'll be taking over half of the Criminal Justice classes. I have a large amount of experience in my field, and I hope I can help all of my students come to a better understanding of the subject.

If any of you need anything, anything at all, feel free to let me know, or seek me out outside of class. I'm here to help.

- Instructor Wayne

[You can catch her that day, moving her things into the inn. She hasn't packed lightly at all, but she seems more than capable of carrying all her heavy bags around on her own. Still, it couldn't be polite to leave her to move all of those on her own, could it?

Or you can find the young woman in the lobby shortly before dinner time, looking out of place in her neatly pressed dress and high heels. She's casting the room a nostalgic look, but staying out of the way for the most part. It's been a long time since she was here.]
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[So whoever thought they were classy when they arrived at the Garden thought they were classy obviously hasn't arrived back on a dragon.

Actually, that probably scared the heck out of anyone who's never seen Redglare and her Lusus Pyralsprite. But she knows how to make an entrance as the large dragon flies her close enough to make a safe leap down onto level ground, staff in hand. The dragon soon disappears as she lands.]

It smells like the ocean now that we're near Fisherman's Horizon. It's kind of annoying really to smell all this fish. Hmph.

But I smell a lot of new things around here too, how delightful.

[He boots click against the ground as she makes her way around the Garden.

You'll probably catch her at the Front Gate[Morning], Quad[Afternoon], or the Library[Evening] throughout the day.]


Greetings students. I am Instructor Redglare. I will not tolerate any silly nicknames or anything that may potentially be impolite.

I suppose not all of you were here when I was around, but that is none of my concern. I will be instructing International Law and Criminal Justice as no one else is worthy of teaching such classes. I've spent most of my life to learn everything I know about these subjects. I take law very seriously and if you are enrolled in my classes, I will see to it that you treat them with the utmost respect that it deserves.

That being said, I take rules just as seriously and I will not hesitate to punish those who break them, so I better not catch any of you childish antics and rule breaking around here.

Make a disability jab at me and you'll be at the receiving end of my staff. Goody day.

-Instructor Neophyte Redglare


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